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kbhasin 09-30-2013 12:53 PM

If i wanted to watch say a sporting event off my Set Top Box (video only) while listening off another source (apple tv, or iphone)... are there any soundbars that would support this?


I used to have in-ceiling speakers and my receiver did the HDMI switching, and my receiver could select a video signal and separate audio signal allowing me to do this.


I have moved into a condo now, and am debating between the bose 1sr and ysp3300, but the sales guy said neither of them would do this (nor any soundbar for that matter). Is there any way to run the sound bar through my receiver so it can do the video/audio selecting (not to power the speakers!).


Any help would be much appreciated!

Possumgirl 09-30-2013 02:18 PM

I'm unaware of any soundbar that has separate video/audio assignment capability per input. You get to choose one input at a time when using the bar. Soundbars generally don't have outputs either, save for HDMI out to pass a video source to the TV. I don't see any way you could bring the receiver into the mix either.

However, you might be able to accomplish what you want by going old school. Select a soundbar that has the connections you need for music, plus one extra optical connection for the TV. Connect your STB to the TV and turn TV speakers off. When you're watching sports, simply select one of the music inputs on the soundbar. When you want to hear the STB audio, select its input instead.

kbhasin 09-30-2013 09:46 PM

i just hooked up the ysp3300, and it has both analog and optical aux inputs, and if i connect my laptop using the optical aux, it just auto disables any of the HDMI video signals.  May kind of try what you are saying, but what i will need to possibly do is connect an extra set of component video cables from my STB to my TV, and select this input with tv muted, while i listen to music.


I'll post if it works...




Edit: didnt work how i thought it would. Allows watching video over component, but when switching back to HDMI1 on the yahama unit, it doesnt switch the tv from component back to HDMI for video (just audio). Infact it gets the yamaha unit confused between switching to other inputs and you have to restart it for it to send over video over hdmi properly. Dang...

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