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rollnalucky7 03-14-2014 06:50 AM


TV Panasonic 55inch ST30

Soundbar Klipsch Icon SB 1

Devices Roku 3 and HD Directv receiver/ DVR


The Klipsch SB 1 soundbar has two inputs total. One optical input and 1 standard red/white RCA input. Roku 3 and directv receiver devices are both hooked up directly to the TV VIA hdmi. After doing some research on this great forum I now want to verify that I am going to achieve the best possible outcome that this setup will offer.


Receiving the soundbar today and my best option seems to be the following. Leave everything as I have it connected. of course having to add a optical audio cable from the output from the Panasonic TV itself directly to the soundbar. I have read that many people have had many problems doing this. Degrades 5.1 to stereo. Some have no sound at all. Plus many other problems. The TV itself offers ARC. The sound bar itself has no HDMI connections. Only the two connections I listed above.


In a sound bar scenario will downgrading 5.1 to 2.1 make a difference?  Am I making the right choice on how I am connecting the TV sound bar and the devices? Also any helpful pointers are appreciated just to be assured that I do not end up like some people who could not get any sound to work at all.


Purchasing a receiver would not make sense in this situation reason being this is for my family room. My theater already has everything I need. I just want to verify with the knowledgeable people on this forum that I am doing this correctly.


Main uses for this setup: directv, Netflix via Roku 3, Plex via roku 3, wwe network via roku 3.

Roku 3 only offers 1 output being hdmi.


Appreciate the read gentlemen. The help you guys provide will help me enjoy my new toy this Friday night rather than trying 20 different setups and configurations. Wondering if I did this correctly.

The Iron Man 03-14-2014 09:01 PM

The best way to set this up is the way you have it configured already. (HDMI cables all ran to the TV and optical back out to the soundbar) You don't need to worry about passing a 5.1 signal since you have a 2 channel soundbar. Receiving a Dolby digital signal will likely not have any audible difference in sound quality on this soundbar. You shouldn't experience any issues where there is no audio because your connection method. The soundbar will decode Dolby digital but not DTS. I don't believe any TV will output DTS currently so feel good about your connection method.

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