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cptblackeye 09-29-2014 11:21 AM

YSP 1400 vs YAS 103
I am am trying to decide between the 103 and 1400. $150 difference between the two.Has anybody heard both of them together to be able to do a comparison. I live in a small town and when I went to BB they only had the 1400 to listen to.My Samsung Tv died and I replaced it with the LG 42LN5700. The LG has no RCA output jacks so I need to replace my iLive soundbar because it only had RCA inputs. The only things I need to hook up in some fashion is a PS3 and the TV to the soundbar. My priorities are clear dialog, and one remote (the one that came with the tv) for ease of use for the wife and little one. I am not an audiophile. My room is such that on the left of the sofa is a wall with windows and a door. Directly in front of the sofa 12 ft away is the Tv on a wooden buffet table. To the right there is no wall because of open floor plan with dining and kitchen. The ceiling is vaulted. I tried the Sony Ct260H but it did not play well with the LG through the HDMI ARC connection. Sound was good. but had other issues (refurb unit). I like the Yamaha's due to past experience with Yamaha gear and that these units have a learning function to use my current remote. Not really looking for that immersive surround sound, just simplicity with clear dialog. Thanks

Dohickus 10-09-2014 09:24 PM

I approached my purchase same as you not necessarily looking for that immersive surround sound experience but after being disappointed with the 103, I didn't see how you can separate the two, which is why we started looking at the 1400.

Originally My wife and I purchased the 103 then after a week we exchanged it for the 1400. We bought it thru Amazon in late August at that time the price difference was/is currently $100 and that's about where the similarities end.

We purchased the soundbar to go with our Samsung TV, Directv Genie 44 and Sony Bdp-5200 bluray player., in our 12x12 bedroom. We found the 103 a disappointment when compared to the Zepplin Air it replaced. For both soundbars the individual remote controls handle the volume seamlessly. (Samsung's native TV sound is disabled in the firmware. The only issue I've has with remotes is off/on and input changing on occasion. If the remote doesn't turn the sound off it will turn off automatically).

The underlying technology they each employ is completely different, the YSP line uses Sound projection acoustics that can be tweaked, while the YAS utilizes a speaker in a box. We using it in a 12x12 bedroom and find the 1400 vastly improved over the 103 in every respect. I'm deaf on one side and we chose the yamaha line primarily for clear voice function. In this regard the 1400 is noticeably more successful more then the 103. Television and DVD movie music / surround sound is much livelier and both my wife and I consider the 100 dollars very well spent. Between the clear voice and the univolume we rarely adjust the 1400 unless we change the source, and not always then

For the room you describe would urge you to read reviews for the 1400, some people with open rooms have been disappointed. If it was me, if I didn't choose the 1400 I would look further into the YSP line or better. My opinion is the YAS-103 is nothing more then a loudspeaker with a couple of features, whereas the 1400 is entry level theater sound sound system with some extra bonus features, ie clear voice.I haven't yet had the 1400 cranked all the way up - my wife complains about the floor vibrating.

The ios/android apps do a wonderful of full control over either bar, in fact I got a Directv android app that's totally seamless.

I tried to post a manual for you but the board wouldn't let me. The manual is available online however.

Zcars 10-10-2014 08:21 AM

Just another thought, OP. If you were happy with your original soundbar, just get a $20 digital analog converter to allow you to connect via RCA to your new TV. If you want to upgrade, I agree that the YAS (I have the 101) is just better than the tv speakers but is by no means a HT solution. It does the job in my 12x14 bedroom but I wasn't looking to spend a lot. If you can, go for the YSP.

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