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Question TV, soundbar and PS4 optimal setup

Hello everyone!

As per title, I want to make sure I'm getting the most out of my soundbar, meaning that everything is set up correctly. I have searched the web extensively looking for answers but I'm afraid that due to my setup there are things that are still unclear to me, so I'm here asking for help.

Let's start off by explaining my current setup: I have a Thomson Android TV connected to the soundbar via HDMI-ARC and a PS4 connected to the TV via HDMI. Note that the soundbar only has one HDMI port and an optical port as well. It is the Sony HT-CT291. You can see the specs here* From what I gather, it's a 2.1 channel soundbar that supports LPCM 2.1 through HDMI and Dolby Digital (I don't understand whether Dolby Digital is also supported through optical).

Now when it comes to my TV, to my understanding, there's only one setting I can change that could affect the sound of the soundbar: in the advanced setting under "Digital audio out" I can only choose between PCM and Auto. I have looked in the manual of the TV but it doesn't say what Auto refers to. Now, I have tried both settings and from what I can tell, with "Auto" on, the sound is a lot louder, crisper and fuller but slightly delayed both on digital TV channels and on my PS4. When using "PCM" instead, the sound is not as crisp, besides being a lot lower but there's no delay.

As for the PS4, it is set up as follows:

Primary Output Port: DIGITAL OUT OPTICAL
Audio Format Priority: Linear PCM

The reason why it is set to DIGITAL OPTICAL, although it is connected via HDMI, is to force 2.0 channel audio. This is what I read in a Naughty Dog article here. Extract from the article (in case you don't want to read all of it):

If you need to force the PS4 System to output 2.0 channel audio on the primary output port, either because of HDMI channel misrepresentation issues or because you simply know you are listening on 2 speakers and want to ensure the PS4 System stays in 2.0 channel mode, then do the following:
Boot up the PS4 System and access the Settings menu
Select 'Sound and Screen', 'Audio Output Settings', 'Primary Output Port'
Select 'DIGITAL OUT (OPTICAL)'. Note that you should select this regardless of whether or not you are intending to use HDMI; in this case, the PS4 System will output audio to both optical and HDMI ports simultaneously
Make sure that the first three checkboxes are NOT checked (Dolby Digital 5.1ch, DTS 5.1ch, AAC). This will force the PS4 System to only output 2.0 channel audio regardless of the HDMI configuration
Select 'OK' to apply
Select 'Audio Format (Priority)'
Check 'Linear PCM'

With the setup described above, digital audio out set to Auto (on TV), DIGITAL OUT OPTICAL and Linear PCM on the PS4, there is a slight delay in the audio when playing video games. However, when setting the TV to PCM, the audio delay disappears on the PS4 but the audio is not as full and crisp and it is relatively low as opposed to the TV "Auto" setting.

To sum it all up, I'm a bit confused as to what settings I should pick. "Auto" on the TV seems to give the best sound quality on the PS4 but adds delay, "PCM" (on the tv) on the contrary, slightly degrades sound quality but removes the delay.

The PS4 has alternative audio settings as well. Besides the fact that I could pick HDMI over DIGITAL OUT OPTICAL in the primary output port (not sure if it would make sense considering the article above), there are 3 different audio format priorities:
- Linear PCM (my current setting)
- Bitstream (Dolby)
- Bitstream (DTS) (I don't think my soundbar supports it)

Sorry for the long post, I tried to be as clear as possible but not being an audio expert I might have said something wrong or sounded a bit confused.

How do you think I should set things up for the best sound quality without delay? I could also opt for using an optical cable, in case it could improve things. I'm open to all suggestions, thanks. I'm mostly interested in getting the best sound out of my PS4.

Unfortunately I can't post links cause I need to have at least 5 posts.

*Soundbar specs


A / V SYNC - No
LPCM (2CH / 5.1CH / 7.1CH) THRU HDMI - Yes / No / No

Audio Formats

DOLBY - Dolby Digital, Dolby Dual Mono

Let me know if you need further details, thanks again.
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