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garybergmann 10-12-1999 01:39 PM

I've read that, for a ceiling mounted projector, you probably want to go with a lower gain, around 1.3 to 1.5 or so (unless view angle is less than 15 degrees or something like that). I've also heard that the M2500 works well with ceiling or floor mount although it's got a gain of 2.5 or 2.1.

Or does it come down to personal preference (once you get past the obvious)?

If this has not been covered to death, I appologize for the noise if it has been, can anyone comment.

Too many choices and too much time to find more...



Mark Rejhon 10-12-1999 02:37 PM

It's often personal preference.

ISF techs argue that 1.3 to 1.5 gain is better for color accuracy, but unless your screen is very small, or you have a 9 inch CRT projector in a very dark room, you have an 80% or 90% chance of greatly preferring the extra brightness and contrast (despite the slight hotspotting) that a high quality non-sparkly 2.1 to 2.5 gain screen offers, like the Draper M2500. If you just have a 7" or 8" CRT projector and a room with white walls, then an M2500 screen will often stand out as being greatly preferable. Even if you have a dark room and a 9" CRT projector, you may still even prefer the M2500.

If you are going to sit under the projector, your viewing angle is probably 15 degrees or less - which is good enough for a Draper M2500.

The M2500 also allows someone to almost double screen surface area and still get the same brightness per square feet as a 1.0 to 1.3 gain screen.

If you're not sure what you prefer - try out a few screens out (expensive), get some screen samples from the manufacturers (Draper, Stewart).

David Bott, of the home theater pictured at www.avsforum.com , tried out four different screens before settling on the Draper M2500.

Mark Rejhon

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Tom Morrow 10-24-1999 10:53 PM

I've got a ceiling mounted projector and a Draper M2500, and it works great. In my room with white walls the real advantage of the Draper is that it rejects ambient light. The unilluminated white walls next to the projector are significantly, brighter than shadows in the M2500 screen, because of the directivity of the screen!

I sometimes watch TV with one sixty watt light on. Couldn't do that with a low gain screen!

You can email me at: tmorrow at us dot oracle dot com

DoyleS 10-25-1999 10:03 AM

I am in the process of shifting from a "flea Market" screen that was used to size my system to Tab Tensioned $$$ screen. The Draper looks very attractive but in talking to the local setup guys they push Stewart because of the color accuracy. They say that Stewarts White is perfectly white and when they use the Philips Color Analyzer, they only get a single digit shift when measuring directly into the projector or reading a reflected value from the screen. They have recommended staying below 1.8 for gain. So, do any of you have relative readings on the Draper. Is the color shift significant. I realize that it is all relative and even now I have some Red in my whites because of the reflections in the room or poor projector setup by me. Second question is regarding viewing angle. If the couch is 9 feet back from a 7 foot wide screen and people sit up to 3 feet off of the center. Is the viewing angle the arctangent of 3/9 or does the width of the screen figure into it also. Obviously the angle from the person sitting on the left to farthest right point of the screen is almost twice what it is referenced to the centers.



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