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WantsBetterChoices 11-25-2017 06:36 AM

Incredibly frustrated trying to find a 4K HDR gaming TV with smooth motion. Advice?
Apparently some gamers care about native 120hz... I'm not even bothered about that, just want 60hz, and yet I still can't find anything. My budget is preferably $1,000 or less for a 55 inch screen, which is why it's so frustrating that even the $1,500 options dont seem to fit my criteria.

I am looking for a 4K HDR 60hz TV to play PS4 and PC games on, and watch sports and movies. My only requirements are low input lag, fluid motion, HDR, and a clear functioning picture without blurry artifacts appearing during motion, or lines going across the screen. I have spent 20 hours over the last two days researching in anticipation for black friday, gotten very little sleep, and here is my issue...

1. The TCL P607 has good input lag, but rtings scored it very low for flicker, and apparently it has very bad color uniformity. I'm not even asking for super accurate colors, but for different parts of the screen to be noticeably different colors seems like a lot to put up with if you're paying for a new TV. "Dirty screen effect" is apparently another issue. People buy 4K TVs for a clear picture, not a dirty one.

2. The Sony x900e was my best bet, but the input lag is over 30ms. Dealbreaker.

3. The Samsung KS8000 has 21ms input lag in 4K HDR 60HZ Gaming Mode, which I could live with, but in 4K HDR 60HZ 4:4:4 mode, it jumps to 37ms, worse than the x900e. Am I mistaken in my understanding that PCs have to use 4:4:4, so I would be getting the 37ms input lag when PC gaming, not the advertised 21ms? Or is that not important? Even if it isn't, one user told me he thinks the KS8000 switches to 4:4:4 automatically when you plug the PC into it. Unless that can be overriden its a moot point. But if it can, and 4:4:4 doesnt affect PC Gaming image quality outside of text, then maybe this (or the TCL... how noticeable is flicker? How bad is the DSE and color uniformity really?) is my best bet.

4. Once I realized all those have what appear to me to be dealbreaking issues, I started looking for deals close to $1,000 on the LG B7 and Sony X930e. I read the B7 can have image burn-in issues, which is especially bad for gaming, or someone who has the TV on 10+ hours most days like me, but I told myself I would be super careful with it if I bought it. Then I read it also has curved screens. And that it has no BFI, so the sample-and-hold effect means that despite having incredible pixel response times, watching blurays has insane juttering unless you use the soap opera effect and watch with interpolation, and even 60fps sources like games and cable sports have bad motion blur. I also read that to achieve 21ms input lag in gaming mode, the LG colors go super dull and the picture looks dull.

5. The Sony X930e has 24ms input lag, which is still a little bit high. And unlike the 900e, it's not a full array backlit display, so it could have blooming and light bleed etc. And it's the same price as the LG B7 on amazon right now which is supposedly a much better TV with (slightly) better input lag.

What else is there? Other things I would like is deep blacks, clear beautiful picture, etc, but I would settle for just low input lag, clear smooth motion, and no lines across the TV or juttering, and uniform color.

I guess my only other questions are:

- How much worse is the TCL's picture quality than the Sony x900e (for reference), really? And does bad flickering mean there are always lines crawling up and down the screen, or is that overblown? Can it actually provide a steady clear picture without lines and artifacts all over the screen like you often see in lower priced models, or no?

- Does PC Gaming have to use the 4:4:4 mode with 37ms input lag on the Samsung KS8000, or can it use the normal 21ms gaming mode? If it can, how much does picture clarity suffer?

- Is there actually any way to watch at least 60fps content (gaming, sports, movies on HBO), if not 24fps content, on the LG B7 without either bad motion blur or juttering? Or is what I read about that, and the picture being bad in gaming mode (presumably the only mode with low input lag) true?

- Do you know of any better options?

- Have firmware updates or will firmware updates lower the input lag of any of these TVs, or fix the motion of the LGs, or fix any of these others with any of them?

WantsBetterChoices 11-25-2017 06:39 AM

Oops I now realize this is the wrong section. All I saw were forums for "LCD displays" or "OLED Displays" and this talks about both, so I thought the "Screens" section must be the section that you talk about any of them in general. But now I see that's attached to the oled section. Sorry.

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