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rob47v 08-07-2012 03:03 PM

I'm a bit of a dilemma and hope someone maybe able to shine some light. I've asked some questions but maybe I need to be more specific. Like to up grade to a new projector, have had my Sony hw-10 for the last 3yrs, and I must admit a wonderful machine, but I seeking entry like most into the 3D world. As stated in previous post since there aren't any dealers or showrooms near me with the Benq W7000 I resorted to view the W6000, which I must admit had one pleasant picture, but a bit grainy and not so bright, blacks are ok not as inky as I like them to be but there again neither is my Sony just acceptable. Everyone from what I read say that DLP's are the way to go since they don't ((ghost)), you all know crosstalk. Got to see the Epson 3010 at my local Fry's, not setup wright of course and the 2D pic was slightly washed out, colors not vibrent as it should be or at lest I think that they should be. Also I noticed some crosstalk a fair amount . Then there is the 5010 it was bright colors dynamic and the blacks well they reach out to you, awesome. 3D was also bright and dynamic do to the contrast I think , but there was little to no crosstalk. I contacted Epson and they said that neither the 3010 nor the 5010 should crosstalk. that it might require a front emitter for better glasses link, but that under no circumstances, should there be any crosstalk. For those here with these projectors or those that have dealt with these issues please shine in. Would an front emitter do the trick, are there other glasses that would eliminate the issue? As per Epson The 3010 and 5010 are both using the D9 480hz LCD panel which in their tests did not show any crosstalk.

coderguy 08-07-2012 03:42 PM

All LCD's have some crosstalk, but the 5010 has only a very small amount and it is not visible in most viewing. That said, the Benq w7000 DLP is still better for 3D. The thing the Epson 5010 will have over the Benq is the better blacks for the dark movies, but the Benq pretty much wins in every other category except brightness in which they are close somewhat.

You can go in circles all day with this stuff, the thing is to narrow it down to your viewing type. Do you watch mostly movies (and within that realm is it many dark movies), then in that case the 5010 looks like the better deal. For TV and Sports and gaming and 3D and some movies, I'd take the Benq w7000. Also the Benq is a little less expensive, but if you are craving darker blacks, then the 5010 is the ticket. The Benq is sharper.

icecold1936 10-16-2012 08:36 AM


How is the BenQ W7000 Black levels compared to the Epson 3010? Is it the same or better?

helloworld777 01-25-2015 04:29 PM

As for me 5010's contrast is exceptional, i can't watch anything not that has lover than 200000 (manufacturer claimed) contrast and good black levels.

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