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EskimoPie 10-30-2008 10:17 PM

This keyboard was posted over many tech blogs a month or so ago including engadget. It looked so promising that I decided I'd try to save some money and instead of buying the Logitech DiNovo that I was thinking about I'd try this one.

BIG MISTAKE. This thing finally arrived today and let me be the first to tell you, it's a piece of junk. The build quality is pathetic, the RF range is horrible, and the trackball is utter crap.

First with the build quality: the entire keyboard rattles and creaks when you pick it up or move it, the button presses are mushy and cheap feeling... it's really just a cheap piece of chinese hardware

The range is horrible... they don't say what kind of wireless interface it's using other than it's 2.4GHz... I tried plugging the receiver into a USB port on the back of my HTPC so it wouldn't be visible and I got virtually no range. Even plugged into a front USB port, I get iffy performance when sitting on my couch which is maybe 10-12 feet away from the HTPC, loosing connection completely several times.

The trackball is a piece of crap, the ball itself isn't firmly held in place and shifts around in it's hole as you try to roll it... this leads to tracking problems so the cursor doesn't move smoothly... and if you try to move quickly (a 1920 pixel wide screen is a long way to go) it just totally gives up and the cursor doesn't move.

There is a slot on the bottom of the keyboard where you can store the USB receiver, but when you're actually USING the keyboard it's a large gaping hole in the bottom with sharp edges that your figers naturally fall into creating an uncomfortable grip.

The size of the keyboard as a whole is just really awkward... it's way to small to touch type, yet it's too large to use as a thumb board. I find myself using a bastardized form of hunt and peck with several different fingers.

Long story short... it's damn near painful to use this keyboard and now I have $50 right in the trash so my keyboard investment is just that much more than if I'd just gone straight out and bought a DiNovo.

tsb 10-30-2008 10:24 PM

thanks for saving me some money
i was waiting for some reviews before I purchased one

ashvash 03-21-2009 10:40 PM

thanks for the review. will not be getting one

Mr.D 03-22-2009 03:31 AM

I've used a gyration air mouse and wireles keyboard for years. I doubt I'll consider anything else for large screen HTPC duties ( you can comfortalby game on it but I don't recommend going up against real people in multiiplayer with it)

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