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Sandy Bridge ---> Haswell worth it? (kind of a JRiver question)

So I bought JRiver and absolutely love it. Ive currently got it set up for Red October standard (so its using DirectShow filters) but would love to use the HQ option. Ive tested it, and it does alright, but occasionally gets stuttering etc using madvr. I *do* immediately see a picture quality improvement though. As much as Ive read about it, its CPU intensive, and although there is no definitive answer, an i5 seems to be the sweet spot for HQ mode.

That said, Ive got 2 options. find a socket 1155 Ivy bridge i5 and throw it in, or get a new mobo and get a Haswell socket 1150. Ive read Intel has fixed the 23.97 bug with Haswell, and that seems like a worthwhile upgrade just for that reason. But other than that, worthwhile upgrade?

Currently running Sandy bridge i3, Win7 32 bit, and as mentioned using JRiver to manage audio/video.

Thanks for all the replies

edit: might as well state that Im using on board graphics and wish to continue doing so.

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If you are confident that Ivy Bridge i5 is going to keep you happy for a while, no sense in not just doing it. The jump to Haswell will at a minimum cost the price of the motherboard more, and most likely the processor bang for the buck is going to remain about the same.

You might end up at a dead end for future upgrades, but really when dealing with computers we never know what is around the corner. You could buy a Haswell and good socket 1150 MB, and well before you are unhappy with it DDR4 could be cheap, and everyone will be jumping to the 2011v3 sockets. Which would leave you in the same boat.

It's a computer, and it becomes a pay me know vs pay me later issue. And I'm not knocking you, I'm in the current upgrade boat myself, and going through the same thing..... I'm just in much bigger need of the upgrade.
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If you're going to have to put in an entirely new motherboard to switch to Haswell, I would say don't do it. Broadwell's desktop variant is supposed to be out soon and should offer even better performance.
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The performance improvement going to Haswell is < 10%. Also, I feel you've been fooled by marketing gimmicks. Video decoding is lossless. You get exactly the bits that were in the compressed video file. There are some minor optimisations to be made here and there but anything that consumes 100% CPU is broken. Modern CPU usage should never exceed 5% for decoding Blu-ray video even in software. Even after applying questionable post processing filters that subjectively improve the video you should be no where close to 100%. You'll gain absolutely nothing by upgrading your CPU before 8k video.

If there's a bug with hardware video decoding, then disable hardware decoding and use software. Hardware may have bugs (and may not be lossess), but software is flawless.

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Haswell also runs hotter because they moved the voltage regulator onto the CPU die (it used to be on the motherboard before Haswell). It is more efficient because of this, but the extra heat is something to consider.

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Using madvr (red october) is going to be a hefty load on your Intel GPU, but upgrading the processor typically does not help

The exact 23.976 playback effect is likely not what you are seeing, but instead you need to find a renethx thread on max madvr settings for intel igpu. Haswell graphics aren't an upgrade for madvr (IIRC), so the only thing they would fix is the small inordinate number of frames you currently drop each movie (less than 10 frames out of more than 100,000 ~ I'm absolutely convinced that the only people that were truly noticing that were simply watching their video info screen and identifying that it displayed "dropped frames")

Also, while hardware decoding may be explained as "lossless" @madshi , @renethx , and several other highly knowledgable video experts have said the GPU vendors sometimes hide truncation in their hardware circuits and you aren't guaranteed to end up with full bit depth if you stick with hardware decoding. It's of no consequence to software decode anyway, so even in a pentium software decoding can be enabled and minimum fps for smooth playback will still be met
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