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-- HTPC Meta FAQ v0.6m3.txt begin

Please put your HTPC to work - fight cancer. Read this.

         If you have knowledge,
         let others light their candles in it.

              -Margaret Fuller, author (1810-1850)

I need help !! Please contribute a morsel to the HTPC puzzle.

Kudos to jsaliga (WM9 Encoding), JohnAd (Software) & Eiffel (HDTV Card Buyer's Guide).

Found a broken link, error, or informative thread? Please post here . A quick summary (less than a sentence) will help me.

Thank you.



..Mike Smith . Silver Spring, Maryland, USA (ET)

Note: Hyperlinks trail the relevant text and look like this: ««. The character « is a left pointing guillemet (double angle quotation mark). The traditional URL format is to underline text but with consecutive hyperlinks, the URLs become obscured.

Note: This is not an FAQ

It is a meta FAQ, an FAQ for finding other FAQs (i.e., a list of FAQs). It's deliberately and unforgivingly concise. Read the Beginner Info, return here and locate related topics with your browser's find.

Within sections, initial entries bolster later ones; beginners should read sequentially.

Old posts like "jitter" and "bits are bits" reference tenets and fundamental concepts, not technology's bleeding edge. Heed and respect old posts as if they were your elders.

Beginner Info

"Have fun, the learning curve is steep but there is a lot of information here. Read the FAQ, use the search, read for weeks, and you will find all the answers you need." -The Swarm 03-08-02 «« .

• HTPC flowchart diagram «« -muk 09-19-02 «« .    †

The first two are in a state of inactive maintenance and have broken links but remain great references. Who will assume their maintenance? (come on now, the authors already did the hard part) 2003-01-08

Broken links abound in the next two posts. I can't edit them, no need to tell me they contain broken links. 2003-12-11

• Buyer's Guide: HTPC for Newbies -RiverSide 05-15-01 «« start here .    †
• "Best in Class" recommended HTPC components -xcel (Wayne Gerdes) «« .
• Building a stable HTPC -Mark Rejohn 02-25-03 «« read before you build .
• HTPC News -woofer hardware, software reviews «« .    †
• HDTV Card Buyer's Guide -Eiffel 12-31-02 ««
• Building a Home Theater PC, ExtremeTech -Part 1 «« -Part 2 «« -PVR «« .
·· Part 1 caveat «« Paraphrasing Karnis, note some oversights: VIA chipsets aren't HTPC-friendly. Minimum display is 1080i/540p HDTV, not 800x600. CPU performance is a priority if running DScaler «« (which wasn't mentioned). Remote control via Pronto «« or Girder «« . However, better than most attempts at HTPC articles.
• Build with low power/quiet components -xcel 05-19-02 «« .
• dtvMax -Ron Jones: build «« news «« .
• HDTV FAQ: AVScience «« Digital Connection HTPC & HDTV FAQ «« Cliff Notes «« .
• What is an HTPC? -Mark Rejhon «« -jriver «« -Valnar «« .
• Acronym/glossary/defintion/abbreviation: electronics «« .

• Why reference so many old posts?

1. The HTPC Meta FAQ is a one-man show by Mike Smith. Contrary to popular belief, he isn't omnipresent and this document isn't his day job. It works when members post on the feedback thread here . When they don't, it becomes stale.

2. Old posts like "jitter" and "bits are bits" reference tenets and fundamental concepts, not technology's bleeding edge. They remain relevant even though the revelation wasn't today.

3. Knowledge and timber shouldn't be much used till they are seasoned. -Oliver Wendell Holmes, US author & physician (1809-1894), The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table, 1858

• Why so terse? ;) «« .

Additional beginner info

Confused? Ok, some basic knowledge will help.

• How Home Theater Works «« .
• PC as a DVD Player & Video Processor/Scaler, DVD Verdict -Jerome Saliga 03-20-02 «« .
• Progressive vs Interlaced: a guide «« .
• Line doubler, scaler, NTSC resolution «« thread «« . [display video]
• DVD FAQ -Jim Taylor «« .
• HD Scan Rate Chart -John Luff, Broadcast Engineering «« .


• recommended reading -SMR Home Theatre «« .

Intermediate & Advanced Info

Digest Beginner Info, then study these reference posts.

• HTPC FAQ -xcel «« This document's primogenitor, listed for historical reasons. Has broken links; corrections below.

• What are 480p/960i and 540p/1080i? «« (Why 540p Equals 1080i to the electronics in a HDTV set) .
• What are 3:2 and 2:2 pulldown? «« .
• What is jitter? «« Q&A «« .

• ASUS GeForce + D-ILA problem fixed! -dpanko Mark J. Foster 05-05-00 «« ELSA GeForce quality.
• Best sound card to use with Lexicon DC-2? -thager Cliff 06-09-00 «« 11-28-00 «« .
·· Frank was right, bits just ain't bits -Kei Clark 05-04-00 «« .
·· SB S-PDIF is WRONG !!! -Frank Doorhof 03-16-00 «« .
• Display refresh rates for film and video source content «« .
• Software or hardware decoding, which is better? 1: «« 2: «« .
• WinDVD 2000 registry tweaks: Dazzling output with low-end HTPC -Brett 05-24-00 «« .
• DILA users! Perfect 1360x768 (16:9) and 1360x580 (2.35) on an unmodified DILA! -Mark Rejhon 10-01-00 «« (Why we want a D-ILA and how to tweak it).
• My own htpc in the making -Yvonus «« .

Linux HTPC- General

• Linux HTPC -work permit 07-16-02 ««

Video card- General

• What is a transcoder?
HTPC→VGA/RGB→transcoder→component/YPbPr→HDTV «« .
• DIY VGA to component transcoder -Jon Rhees «« -DPW666 11-24-02 «« .
• DIY ATi Radeon YPrPb component output <$5 (preliminary) -dethnite 01-12-03 «« work in progress for Win9x until XP registry keys determined .

• Custom Resolution Guide for HDTV-HTPC -Karnis 12-30-02 «« DC «« .
(16x9 1080i rear projection)
• Custom resolutions on HDTV: intro, glossary -Mark Rejhon 10-14-00 «« .
• D-ILA resolutions via PowerStrip «« Mark Rejhon .
• Resolution and picture quality; Nyquist Sample Theorem «« KBK (Ken Hotte) .
• Video overlay «« Mark Rejhon .

ATi Radeon configuration:

• Radeon Guide -Ron Jones «« .
• Radeon FAQ -Steve Smith «« -Sean Flynn «« offline 2002-04-16 .
• Radeon PCI + Geforce AGP (gaming) in one HTPC «« Karnis (Wayne Harrelson) .
• OEM 7500 and XP -JohnMarcus «« .

• 0 IRE -John Moschella «« -Cliff «« -MikeM ««.


• Mike Parker modified ATi Radeon 7500: 1 «« 2 «« .
• Radeon 7200 filter removal with pics -kal «« BNC output connector «« .
• Radeon 7500 filter removal -KBK «« .
• nVidia GeForce/TNT Image Quality Problems Due to RFI Filtering «« .

ATi Radeon general:

• Radeon LE firmware upgrade -Rage3D «« -AVS «« -files «« .
• «« .
• news: RageUnderground «« ReactorCritical «« .
• Uninstall ATi Drivers Guide «« .

Video card- Tuner & Capture

• TV-Cards: tuner FAQ, 3rd party apps, drivers, links «« TvcardsAl (Alan Collier).
• driver install for Zoltrix Genie TV & ShowShifter -siwilson «« .
• driver bt878 -iuLab tweaked bt878 WDM drivers «« .
• SHS Unofficial WinTV-PVR «« software links «« .

• Holo3Dgraph (H3D) (Immersive) video processor, component & SDI inputs (no tuner) «« Holo3D lite «« .
• XCapture: $39 CX23881 capture card (no tuner) -dschmelzer 10-22-02 «« .

2003-12-10 When AVS archives an active post, links in the post break. As a workaround, I link to the archived post, try to correct broken links, and present the revised post here. This is a slow process.

• KBK modified Zoltrix Genie TV capture card (links in archive are broken) «« Ken Hotte .

Audio card [sound card, audio quality, sound quality SQ]

Before asking "Which audio card is best?" or debating "bits are bits", read and digest:

• Do audio card or DVD player affect Dolby Digital over S/PDIF? -thager Cliff 06-09-00 «« 11-28-00 «« .
• Pro vs. consumer/game (M-Audio, SoundBlaster) -Cliff xcel 12-25-00 «« -JoeFloyd xcel 05-03-01 «« .


• HiFi cards -greenkiwi 05-31-03 «« .    †
• M-Audio Revolution «« feedback -Cliff Watson 01-16-03 «« greggplummer 11-06-02 «« .
• M Audio "Consumer" WDM beta drivers -Cliff Watson «« .
• M-Audio Delta DiO 2496 vs. RME Digi96/8 Pro -thorr 04-21-02 «« M-Audio «« RME «« .
• M-Audio Delta Bass/Speaker Management drivers for Delta 1010 and 1010LT «« . woo-hoo!
• M-Audio Delta 410 vs 1010 -Bill Gaw2 «« .
• M-Audio Delta 410: 1 «« 2 «« 3 «« .
• SHS Unofficial SBLive! WDM Drivers for Windows 98SE-ME-2000-XP «« .
• SoundBlaster Live! pass through -make «« -mkanet «« .
• S/PDIF Reference Chart: audio card, DD/DTS capability & OS. FatChick maintains table (offline 2003-12-11) «« that supercedes David Phlanzer 08-16-01 «« .    †


• HTPC as a high-end CD transport and jukebox: ripping / encoding / storing (audiophile-grade HTPC) -power 02-06-02 «« [technical; long; not for the impatient] .


• Tomi Engdahl's electronics links «« excellent reference for electronics, audio, video, DIY.
• Ars Technica AV FAQ «« .
• DIY Audio wiki «« . [SMD Surface Mount Device rework]
• links «« work permit .

Electrical Noise & Picture Quality [PQ Power Quality]

• Electrical noise
·· intro -KBK «« .
·· Power supply creates video noise -John K «« .
• Power supply PS comparison (ATX) -Jerry Ramian «« .
• Shielding for PCI cards «« -AlanSze 01-21-03 «« .

Noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH)

• Build with low power/quiet components -xcel 05-18-02 «« .
• Build a quiet HTPC -kal 02-24-01 «« -rygy 01-16-03 «« -Hepcat 10-31-01 «« .
• Silent PC meta FAQ -miksmi «« .

Display- General [projector PJ, direct view DV, front projection FP, rear projection RP]

• Intro «« Mark Rejhon; bulb cost «« .
• Buying A Used CRT Projector -Jerome Saliga 04-24-02 «« .
• D-ILA FAQ -Don O'Brien «« .
• D-ILA calibration «« Mark Rejhon .
• Keohi HDTV -Errol «« tips from respected video specialists.
• NEC XG135 calibration «« Mark Rejhon .
• Screen Door Effect on Digital Projectors -milori «« .
• Sony Wega 16x9 (Anamorphic) Vertical Squeeze «« Anthony W. Haukap .

cable, antenna

• Cable -Mark Rejhon «« .
·· RGBHV over shielded Cat 5 -MrWigggles «« .
• Improve reception of Radio Shack double bowtie antenna «« [OTA RS] .

Software- FAQ

JohnAd 01-07-03 :) Thanks, John!

Most of the software that is discussed in the forum falls into one of the following categories. Confusingly some software ships with parts that fall over bands but at least a rough understanding of how things fit together should help.

• Drivers

These are at the lowest level and talk directly to the hardware. Often an old version that ships on the CD with a card will have older drivers. Often getting an updated driver will improve picture quality or fix other problems. Example drivers are Catalyst drivers for ATi cards.

• Decoders

No Microsoft OS ships with the software to play DVDs so you have to add this yourself. Most players except Zoom Player «« ship with one brand of decoder but there is lots of debate about the best one. Currently the reference decoder is made by Sonic «« and ships with TheaterTek «« or as a decoder pack.

• DVD Player Software

This is the software that you run to play a DVD, internally it is using a decoder. TheaterTek «« is probably the easiest to use out of the box. Zoom Player «« is also popular but is more complicated to use.

• External Source Scaling

If you have a suitable TV card then DScaler «« can usually improve the image and is flexible if complicated. High end users can use the Holo3D card «« which combined with an SDI external player is thought by some to give the best image quality.

• Automation

Most people with an HTPC like to be able to control their programs with a remote control, often a Philips Pronto «« or similar. Girder «« can be used to listen to IR hardware and control players.

• Utilities

Under this category are things like PowerStrip «« which allow you to set up exactly the right pixels and scan rate for you display device. This is pretty much required is you are going to watch on a HDTV or a CRT projector.

Software- Operating System

• Which XP version, Home or Pro, for HTPC? -ycery 01-20-03 «« top ««
• Linux HTPC -work permit 07-16-02 ««

Software- Applications

• DScaler: interlaced video to progressive (formerly dTV): «« alt support forum «« .

DScaler is a bit of a misnomer, IMO. DScaler is a "line doubler" or deinterlacer. It takes interlaced input and applies filters to turn it into progressive data. Think of DScaler as a super-high quality TV tuner software. -gofti 11-08-02 ««

• DVD Genie: enable multi-region «« .

• PowerStrip (EnTech Taiwan) «« set pixels & scan rate, helpful for HDTV and CRT projector displays. PowerStrip FAQ «« support forum «« . [Power Strip]

PowerStrip is a tool for creating custom resolutions with your PC. Using this, you can set your PCs video output to match your display device's optimal resolution. Think of PowerStrip as a much-enhanced "Display Settings" control. -gofti 11-08-02 ««

You can use PowerStrip to devise a resolution that matches the "sweet spot" of your RPTV.

For a CRT, if you have too few lines for the beam spot size - then you will have dark lines that make the scan lines very pronounced.

If you have too many lines, then the scan lines can overlap and you get smearing. For every CRT, there is an optimum number of scan lines that will give you the best picture.

With the custom resolutions in PowerStrip, one can customize a resolution that best fits this optimum resolution. The optimum for your CRT may not be one of the "standard" resolutions.

Additionally, you can devise resolutions with refresh rates that are multiples of the framing rate of motion picture cameras. This eliminates "judder" in the picture.

If you have a digital projector, then PowerStrip can match the resolution to the native resolution of the projector.

PowerStrip is a very powerful tool with multiple uses.

-Dr. Gregory Greenman, Morbius 11-20-02 ««

Why do I need DScaler and Powerstrip? -8_ball 11-08-02 «« .

• YxY: aspect ratio control (if not built-in to DVD player) «« .
• 3rd party apps «« -TvcardsAl 11-08-02 «« .

• catalog DVDs «« DVDLobby «« .
• utility, some free «« .
·· BZ hider: hide mouse .
·· Icon Hider: hide icons & taskbar .
• Free killer apps for your HTPC -RayL Jr. 01-21-04 «« .    †

• screen saver: SereneScreen Aquarium -Jim Sachs «« .
• wall paper: WTC tribute «« .

• Calibration
·· Avia «« or Video Essentials? «« comparison «« Anthony W. Haukap's Home Theater Guide «« .
·· Testbeeld «« PC program easier to use than, but not a substitute for, Avia or Video Essentials DVDs .
·· web-based gamma evaluation «« .
·· DislpayMate «« .


• HDTV Sample: WMP 9 compression (720p/1080p) -mkanet 09-17-02 «« .

Software- DVD Player

By most account Ravisent gives you best pic quality using Radeon or Geforce video cards. PowerDVD XP is next. WinDVD is last. WinDVD is most stable however especially for DTS pass through. PowerDVD XP has more features. I have all 3 players and switch between them depending on titles (if one looks bad, I try another player). -Huey 02-26-02 «« .

• WinXP HTPC configuration & tweaks -gnollo «« .

• ATi Player 4.1 registry fix -Bjoern Roy «« Digital Connection «« (MMC 7.1) .
• ATi Player and YxY config files «« Bjoern Roy .
·· precursor: ATi Player wandering video controls -MikeM «« .

• DVD Infomatrix list «« .
• PowerDVD XP -Bill Gaw «« .
• TheaterTek «« .
• Windows Media Player: WM9 Encoding Guide -jsaliga 02-17-03 «« .
• WinDVD hack of 2.8/2.3 -mkanet «« .
• Zoom Player (blight/Inmatrix): Beginner Info -htpcobsession 12-12-01 «« home «« . [ZoomPlayer ZP]

Software- PVR Personal Video Recorder [Tivo VCR]

• PVR comparison -drumrigj 12-06-02 «« -e vey 12-07-02 ««.
·· ATi TV, Creative Digital VCR, Replay TV (SONICblue DVR), ShowShifter 2.0, SnapStream Quartz Beta 3.
• PVR -Lester Jacobs 12-04-01 «« interface «« .
• PVR to DVD «« .
• ExtremeTech PVR article «« .

• HDTV software playback/timeshifting -yunfeng 12-21-02 «« .

• CinePlayer (Sonic) «« .
·· CinePlayer product history: Sonic Solutions acquired CinePlayer from Axeda Systems in 2002-05. Axeda Systems is a merger of Ravisent Technologies and eMation completed 2002-01-14 «« . Formerly CinePlayer DVR Plus (Ravisent Technologies), formerly WinVCR Plus (Cinax Designs) .
• ffdshow «« is a DirectShow decoding filter for decompressing DivX movies.
·· ffdshow is a filter that connects between Sonic Video Decoder and Overlay Mixer, with image postprocessing options (gamma corection, bluring, sharpnes control, noice filter, external subtitles, aspect and crop functions) and in the future it should be able to deinterlace as well. -tj21 10-18-02 «« .
·· ffdshow + sonic 1.5 filters = settings? -kejar31 10-19-02 «« .
• IuVCR «« .
• PowerVCR II (CyberLink) «« .
• SageTV (Frey Technologies) «« .
• ShowShifter (Home Media Networks) «« -e vey 12-07-02 «« -e vey 03-19-01 «« .
·· improve ShowShifter PQ with DScaler .dll files -vey 11-04-02 «« .
• SnapStream Personal Video Station «« .
• WinDVR (InterVideo) «« -mkanet «« .
• Virtual VCR «« .

• MythTV -Isaac Richards «« Linux PVR w/EPG .

Software- User Interface [Windows front end, shell replacement]

How to create an easy to use theater interface for your spouse (HTPC "without" Windows).

• Intro to issue & some ideas «« .
• Digital Theater Pro (DTP) (Binary Metal, Stan Eisenberg -eisenb11) «« updates -eisenb11 12-20-02 «« precursor «« .
• MainLobby (Cinemar, Mario Cascio -mcascio) «« -Tutorial Pronto screens «« -11-27-02 «« -10-24-02 «« .
• Media-BOX donation-ware $10 «« -Kon 04-26-02 «« SourceForge «« .
• myHTPC (Pablo Pissanetzky -pablop) «« free .    †
• Talisman «« Phat Phreddy's theme «« .
• Xlobby, HD DVD launcher -stevenhanna6 11-05-02 «« home «« .

Software- Remote Control & Home Automation [IR receiver emitter]

An IR transceiver is hardware to send/receive IR commands to control screen deployment, sound levels, lights, etc. from HTPC via wireless remote (e.g., Pronto).

• intro «« IR FAQ -Eiffel 09-12-02 «« .
&#8226/ CQC (Dean Roddey) «« is a software based, network distributed control and automation system for the home and home theater. home «« support forum «« .    †
• Girder «« & IRMan help «« .
• HouseBot (scottleonard) «« .
• NetRemote: Pocket PC app functions as wireless remote to control PC via TCP/IP. -WickedEwok 10-24-02 «« home «« .
• Pronto remote «« .ccf for WinDVD, ASUS DVD, and PowerDVD -Mark Rejhon «« .
• Slink-e: IR & Sony S-Link transceiver «« .
• TV remote controller: consumer IR directly from Pocket PC «« .
• UIRT2 IR transceiver: guide -windtrader 07-23-02 «« . home «« .
·· Integrating UIRT2, Girder, NetRemote & MainLobby -netarc 09-03-02 «« .

Software- Repository [file store download drivers]

• driver, software -fatbulldog «« Brian VH .
• driver, software -Namlemez HTPC File Store «« Cal Zemelman .
• Driver Guide «« DriversHQ «« Mister Driver «« .
• firmware, peripheral (CD DVD DAT) -The Firmware Page «« .
• utility, some free «« .

Configuration- Disk

• Hot swap EIDE with Swap Manager «« alt XP caveat -ramick «« .
• Media server 101 JBOD -Rgb 10-16-03 «« .    †
• Media server, RAID pro/con -salsbst 01-18-03 «« -Bob Sorel 05-03-02 «« -lrowland 07-11-02 «« .
• Partitioning 80MB disk: OS, applications, data «« .

Configuration- Network

• Troubleshooting Windows name resolution: 1: «« 2: «« .

Configuration- Windows

• Windows XP Services removal guide -OverclockersClub «« .
• Disable CD autorun -Aaron Oz 10-19-02 «« -WinGuides «« .
Windows automatically starts an application when you insert a CD/DVD; this disables it.

Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

• Building a stable HTPC -Mark Rejohn 02-25-03 «« read before you build .
• PCI Latency (VIA chipsets slow down PCI cards) «« .
• Out of sync audio-video on Shuttle AK32 with VIA KT266 chipset -aquinianako 02-12-03 «« .

Video Capture from Tape (VCR) or DVD Source

For legally purchased VCRs and DVDs, copy to and play back from hard drive. Don't break the law.

• Transfer video tapes (VCR) to VideoCD/SVCD/DVD 1: «« 2: «« .
• DVD ripping 101 -Bob Sorel 07-05-02 «« 102 -Bob Sorel 11-02-03 «« .    †
• VCDhelp «« .
• «« .
• DivX-Digest articles «« DivX «« .

Case (Enclosure), Rack, Cabinet

• HTPC case: only pictures, descriptions, links and contact info «« .
• A-Tech Fabrication (Glenn_L) «« status update -Teeps 10-03-02 «« quiet -haysdb 10-09-03 «« .    †
• Rackmount HTPC case -mshulman 01-20-03 «« .
• SPOT -scottx, Victoria, AU «« home «« .

Theater Construction

• Hushbox how to -Guy Kuo 07-28-00 «« .
• Hushbox BG800 -kal 09-30-01 «« .
• Hang FP with unistrut -kal 11-22-01 «« .


• AVScience archives «« oft-mentioned, occasionally offline, frequently forgotten. Merged into HTPC forum? 2002-04-16
• 3:2 pulldown algorithm «« .
• History of AVS Forum «« .
• History and pioneers of HTPC «« .
• Mark Rejhon Special Guest question & answer 05-14-01 «« home «« .

Language Translation

• Google «« .
• PROMT Russian «« .
• SYSTRAN Chinese German Korean Japanese Portuguese Russian «« .

Broken Link Repository

Reading a post with a broken link? Maybe it's here in this list of reference posts and corrections to their broken links.


• <Post> ««URL                         post you read with the broken link
alias: <BrokenLink> ««URL         broken link in the post, usu. an alias
first: <Original Subject>             original name of broken link's alias
author: <author> <date>.          useful for finding broken links
file: <BrokenLink post#.html>    filename - what's after the last /

• DEFINITIVE GUIDE: Displaying Custom Resolutions on HDTV! «« .
author: Mark Rejhon 10-14-00 04:46 AM

alias: GeForce256 versus G400 review 1 «« .
first: G400/GeForce direct comparison - WOW!
author: hifipj 03-22-00 11:10 PM .
file: 002209.html

alias: GeForce256 versus G400 review 2 «« .
first: GeForce256 and pulsating artifacts in poorly-mastered DVD scenes
author: Mark Rejhon 12-19-99 06:53 PM .
file: 001260.html

alias: 42 feet cable better quality than 6 feet storebought VGA-to-RGBHV cable «« .
first: 42 FEET VGA cable BETTER than my old 6 feet cable!
author: Mark Rejhon 02-17-00 01:40 AM .
file: 001813.html

alias: Why 540p Equals 1080i to the electronics in a HDTV set «« .
first: A Newbies Pre-CEDIA jitters
author: jeffwalter 09-02-00 09:51 PM .
file: 002258.html

Broken Links I need your help finding

If you know the URL of these broken links, please post it here .

Here are two labels for the same post (I don't know the original subject):

file: 004168.html More explanations of 480p-540p-960i-1080i
file: 004168.html What Computer Resolutions Your HDTV Set Supports


Revision History (Change Log)

prior edit:
Update NVH, KBK Zoltrix.
Add ATi Player registry settings.
Add ATX Power Supply comparison by Jerry Ramian.
Add NVH, Tutorial: Fan Speed Control is Cool!
Add Anthony W. Haukap's Home Theater Guide, color calibration sw, Broken Link Repository.

2001-08-03 edit:
Add Video card section. Cleanup format.
Rewrite Broken Link Repository less cryptically (I hope).
Add bulb cost, resolution and picture quality.

2001-08-09 edit:
Add Ars Technica AV FAQ, Radeon FAQ site.

2001-08-17 edit:
Fix xcel's HPTC FAQ broken link (now archived).
Add work permit's links.

2001-09-02 edit:
Update link to xcel's HPTC FAQ (active post, i.e., not archived).
Add Audio card section.
Add NVH, disk DIY aluminum & foam sandwich.
Add KBK, Vertical noise bar mod.
Add ATi 0 IRE.
Add Sony Wega 16x9 (Anamorphic) Vertical Squeeze.
Add WinDVD hack.
Add ATi Player and YxY config files.

2001-10-08 edit:
Add Radeon PCI for DVD + Geforce AGP for gaming in one HTPC.

2001-10-18 edit:
Fix links broken during conversion to new forum software.

2001-12-28 edit:
Add Girder/IRMan help.
Add D-ILA (DILA) Resolutions via PowerStrip. Thanks, Mark Rejhon.
Add Software, DVD Player. Thanks, work permit (Alex).

Add ATi 7500 filter removal.
Add SoundBlaster Live! pass through. Thanks, make.
Add tv-card. Thanks, TvcardsAl (Alan Collier).
Add Disk Partition. Thanks, Rgb & erdc.
Add M-Audio Delta Bass/Speaker Management drivers for Delta 1010 and 1010LT. Thanks, Cliff.
Update S/PDIF Reference Table started by David Phlanzer; now maintained and hosted by FatChick. Thanks, FatChick, err, Eric. :)
Add Video card, Tuner section.
Add M-Audio Delta 410.

Add Digital Theater Interface. Thanks, eisenb11 (Stan Eisenberg).
Add links to vBulletin (new forum software) threads from xcel's HTPC FAQ, which linked to old UBB forum.
Add Progressive vs Interlaced: a guide. Thanks, gnollo.

2002-05-20 edit:

Add Catalog DVDs, Media server, Swap Manager.
Add History of AVS Forum.
Add Uninstall ATi Drivers Guide.
Add Mike Parker modified Radeon 7500.
Add ATi Radeon 7200 filter removal with pics.
Add ATi Radeon 7200 filter removal with pics.
Add Home Theater Construction section, hushbox.

2002-05-22 edit:
Fix broken links.
Add Video Capture from Tape Source (VCR) section.

2002-05-27 edit:
Add Troubleshooting Windows name resolution.
Add CinePlayer DVR (Ravisent), PowerVCR (CyberLink), ShowShifter, SnapStream, Virtual VCR, WinDVR (InterVideo), Virtual VCR.
Add RGBHV over shielded Cat 5.
Add Screen Door Effect on Digital Projectors.
Fix broken links in Broken Link Repository.
Add Media-box.
Add M-Audio Delta DiO 2496 vs. RME Digi96/8 Pro.
Add nVidia GeForce/TNT Image Quality Problems Due to RFI Filtering.
Add Do audio card or DVD player affect Dolby Digital over S/PDIF?.

2002-05-30 edit:

Add HTPC as a high-end CD transport and jukebox. Thanks, Phat Phreddy.
Delete HTPC Zone -paulmona «« user-contributed portal, offline since 2002-04-16.
Add firmware, peripheral (CD DVD DAT).
Add Configuration, Windows section; Windows XP Services removal guide.
Add Radeon LE firmware upgrade.

2002-05-31 edit:

Add Improve reception of Radio Shack double bowtie antenna.
Change section format: hierarchical separator from , to - . E.g., from "Section, Subsection" to "Section- Subsection".
Add Building a Home Theater PC.
Add RageUnderground, ReactorCritical .

2002-06-17 edit:

Add OEM 7500 and XP -JohnMarcus.

2002-07-30 edit:

Add M-Audio Delta 410 vs 1010 -Bill Gaw2.
Update namlemez HTPC File Store URL.

2003-01-07 edit:

Update Custom Resolution Guide for HDTV-HTPC URL.
Add Software- FAQ section by JohnAd. Thanks, John.
Add 3rd party apps. Thanks, work permit.
Add Linux HTPC. Thanks, work permit
Add Disable CD autorun. Thanks, JeffDM.
Removed xcel's Favorites from Links section (broken).

2003-01-09 edit:

Add HD Scan Rate Chart. Thanks, Rfutscher.
Add Books section.
Add PC-HDTV Buyer's Guide. Thanks and BRAVO! to Eiffel, a fellow Marylander.

2003-01-10 edit:
Add PVR threads.
Add M-Audio Revolution.
Add DIY VGA to component transcoder.

2003-01-12 edit:
DIY ATi Radeon YPrPb component output <$5. Thanks, dethnite.

2003-01-14 edit:
Update link: The Firmware Page; HTPC File Store (Cal, sorry I had broken it).

2003-01-15 edit:
Add ExtremeTech Part 2, PVR articles.
Add iuLab tweaked bt878 WDM drivers.
Add HouseBot.
Add M Audio "Consumer" WDM beta drivers -Cliff Watson.
Add HDTV Sample: WMP 9 compression (720p/1080p) -mkanet.
Add Windows Media Player: WM9 Encoder Headaches -jsaliga.
Add Xlobby -stevenhanna6.
Add HDTV software playback/timeshifting -yunfeng.
Add Buying A Used CRT Projector -Jerome Saliga.
Add PC as a DVD Player & Video Processor/Scaler, DVD Verdict -Jerome Saliga.
Add Case (Enclosure), Rack, Cabinet section.
Add Holo3Dgraph (H3D) (Immersive).
Add improve ShowShifter PQ with DScaler .dll files -vey.
Remove "&perpage=999" vB code from links, as AVS disabled it due to server overload.

2003-01-16 edit:
Add ffdshow, MythTV.
Split "Software- Remote Control & Home Automation" into distinct section from "Software- User Interface".
Add CQC, Slink-e.
Add TV remote controller.
Add Electronics acronyms

2003-01-18 edit:

Add HTPC cases: only pictures, descriptions, links and contact info.
Add URLs to JohnAd's Software FAQ.
Change "ZoomPlayer" to "Zoom Player" (spelling per product site) in JohnAd's Software FAQ. Add alternate spelling to primary ZP entry.
Add HPTC case thread. Thanks, work permit.
Update CinePlayer link, add product history.

2003-01-20 edit:

Add DScaler description. Thanks, gofti.
Add PowerStrip description, FAQ, support forum. Thanks, gofti, Morbius.
Add IR FAQ. Thanks, Eiffel.
Add DIY Audio wiki.
Add .
Add Language Translation section.

2003-01-21 edit:
Add Software- Operating System section.
Add Which XP version, Home or Pro, for HTPC? Thanks, Karnis.
Update Digital Theater Interface, now Digital Theater Pro (DTP).
Add Rackmount HTPC case.
Add Shielding for PCI cards.
Add XCapture: $39 CX23881 capture card.

2003-02-17 edit:
Add Holo3D lite.
Add Media server, RAID pro/con -salsbst 01-18-03.
Change WM9 Encoder Headaches (obsolete) to WM9 Encoding Guide, now that jsaliga figured out the process. Thanks, Karnis.

2003-02-19 edit:
Add Diagnostics & Troubleshooting section.
Add Out of sync audio-video -aquinianako. Thanks, Karnis.

2003-03-10 edit:
Add Building a stable HTPC -Mark Rejohn 02-25-03. Thanks, _K_C_.
Add DVD ripping 101 -Bob Sorel 07-05-02. Thanks, ElvisIncognito.

2003-12-11 edit:
Add HTPC News -woofer.
Add Ripping 102 -Bob Sorel 11-02-03.
Add HiFi cards -greenkiwi 05-31-03 in Audio card. Thanks, Phat Phreddy.
Add myHTPC. Thanks, pablop.
Add A-Tech Fabrication HTPC Case: update -Teeps 10-03-02.
Add A-Tech Fabrication HTPC Case: quiet -haysdb 10-09-03.
Add HTPC flowchart diagram -muk 09-19-02.
Change "PC-HDTV Buyer's Guide" to "HDTV Card Buyer's Guide" per thread update.
Fix broken links.

2004-01-30 edit: .    †
Add Free killer apps for your HTPC -RayL Jr. 01-21-04.
Add Media server 101 JBOD -Rgb 10-16-03.
Fix broken links.

Occassionally, I test a newer version in the Post Testing Area. The link and formatting may be broken (it's a work in progress). This is normal; no need to tell me. Here is the (possibly broken) test version .


Join Team AVSforum to     fight cancer .

Please post questions or suggestions here (so long URLs don't corrupt the format). Thanks.

-- HTPC Meta FAQ v0.6m3.txt end shortcut for miksmi

..Mike Smith . HTPC meta FAQ editor 2001-2003
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