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calbear 09-08-2019 11:54 AM

How to transition photo hosting from Photobucket to Google Photos
Hello all,
I've been a long time member, but hadn't been active in about a decade. I had one build thread here that I last posted back in 2010, and recently had been receiving multiple emails a day from Photobucket for the past few months about exceeding my bandwidth. I hadn't received messages from them all this time. I ignored them, as the messages have been the same, but then the most recent one stated that if I didn't upgrade my account to a paid one, all of my pics would become blurred. I found that to be unacceptable (as well as noticing that Photobucket put watermarks on every photo, which the pics did not have in the past) that members would not be able to see clear photos while reading the posts. I was hoping to keep this archived forever for posterity, as well as tips and ideas for other enthusiasts who are building their own theaters, so I decided to migrate all the photos from Photobucket, and host them on Google Photos. Google Photos has no limit on bandwidth, nor limits on the amount of photos uploaded. For those who want to know how this is done, here are the steps:

Go to Photobucket, and click on each photo you have hosted in your thread. In every photo, click download.
Log into Google Photos and create a new album (I titled it "My AVSForum Build Thread") and upload every downloaded photo into the album.
Open up two windows on two computer monitors (not necessary to have two monitors, but easier to do) and have the identical page of my thread on each one.
Click Edit on one of the monitors where you have pictures in one of your posts and locate the photo from your Google Photos album that you see from the other window.
Click the "Share" icon on the upper right hand corner. When the pop-up window appears, click "Create link".
Once the link has been generated, copy this url. You can not use this to embed into your post, as Google Photos does not offer this feature. You will have to use a third party app to convert it to an embedded code.
Go to https://ctrlq.org/google/photos/
Paste your url photo link into the ctrlq.org website. It will generate an embed code, which you can copy and then paste into your edit window on your other monitor. You will delete the "photobucket link" in between the bracketed IMGs eg. [IMG] "photobucket link" [/IMG] and paste the ctrlq.org embed code in between the bracketed IMGs.
Repeat for every photo you have in your thread.
Click Save for that post. Not necessary, but you may want to make a comment under reason for edit.

As you can imagine, this is quite tedious, and depending on how many photos you have, can take many hours. Become proficient in using Command C and Command V to save some time!
I don't think anyone has posted here on AVSForum on how to do this, so I'll probably create a new thread (hopefully it will get stickied) so people can start making the transition.

I hope this helps!

Best regards,

ST Dog 09-09-2019 09:04 AM

You should used code tags around the img tags above.

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