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Taz5king 11-26-2019 03:17 PM

Needing advice to replace projector and receiver
Ok our current projectors bulb is needing replaced and I figured since it’s almost 15 years old it was time to replace the system. Unfortunately the company that installed out theater room is no longer in business and best-buy is basically the main electronics store around. But I figured I use to be knowledgeable about tech and what not. Well guess it’s been awhile. Lol.

Guess I’m really looking for advice on where to start looking to replace projector, and the receiver to start.

Currently we have

Screen: Cineperm projection screen
7’8” x 4’4” roughly viewable

Projector: Sharp DT-300 set up in the rear
about 12’ from the screen.

Receiver: Integra DTR 5.5

This system has worked fine for our needs basically watching Tv off cable box, blue-ray player for movies, and Xbox for kids gaming.

Obviously would like to continue blue-ray, gaming and Tv but would like to add streaming into it all, 3D isn’t needed. 4K would be nice for future but not deal breaker now. The receiver and projector currently does not support hdmi so that’s basically why I’m looking to replace. Thanks for the help

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Mocs123 11-26-2019 05:36 PM


How's this:

JVC NX-5 Projector

Onkyo Rz830 Receiver

Apple TV 4K

Panasonic UB420 UHD Blu-Ray Player

m0j0 11-26-2019 05:41 PM

What is your budget like? A JVC NX7 would be my recommendation if you can afford it. If you are looking for a more budget friendly setup, maybe an Epson 5050UB or BenQ 5550, or something Sony/JVC from the classified section.

Taz5king 11-26-2019 06:25 PM

Thanks for the replies.

I did forget the budget. Budget wise I probably don’t want to go over $5000 for the projector and receiver. We have a Blu-ray player, and already have the 4K Apple TV in another room we don’t use much so will move to the theater room.

Hope I can use the same screen and just hook up new receiver and run cable to new projector and be up and running for most part. I’ll look into the receivers and projectors already mentioned. I don’t have a lot of experience but we can rear mount those projectors correct? I’ve looked at some and they don’t mention that. I just want it to work and last like our last ones. Thanks for the help so far.

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Mocs123 11-26-2019 06:58 PM

Also is the room light controlled? Light or Dark walls/ceilings? % of use between movies, TV watching, and gaming?

I think with your budget you could get a JVC DILA projector like the X790 (1080p with eShift for 4K) or the NX5 (native 4K). JVC Projectors are very well thought of for movies, especially in a light controlled environment. For more TV watching or gaming a DLP projector might be a better choice, though black levels wouldn't be as good for movie watching.

Taz5king 11-26-2019 07:37 PM

Walls are medium to dark brown ceiling is white. The space has windows but no light comes through unless they are opened. So space can be dark and usually is dark or very close to dark when using the theater. I’d say more movies from streaming or movie channels then gaming or Blu-ray will be on the screen. But I could see the kids changing that once it’s up and running again. Lol.

I should be ok with our current screen?

Thanks for the helps. Will look into those projectors tomorrow. Thanks

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Mocs123 11-27-2019 08:02 AM

Your screen should still be fine, though at around 100 diagonal (assuming 16:9) it's somewhat small by today's standards.

If your room is dark and you can afford it, I really like the JVC DILA offerings for their high native contrast ratios. If you room is only semi-dark or you want to watch anything with the lights on I'd go DLP for the additional light output.

For your receiver, what features matter to you? What is your speaker setup? 5.1? 7.1? 8 Ohm speakers? Any thoughts of going Atmos in the future? Any way you look at it, I wouldn't spend a fortune on a receiver as you can get a good performer for not a ton of cash. I mentioned the Onkyo Rz830 previously as I think it's a great value as it can be found for deep discounts (I bought mine new for $500). If you haven't been in the market for 15 years you might not know the current state of things. Onkyo/Integra has bought Pioneer, so now Onkyo/Integra/Pioneer/Pioneer Elite all share a lot of the same architecture and parts. Denon has merged with Marantz so internally Denon and Marantz receivers have virtually the same architecture and parts. Yamaha is still separate.

Onkyo/Pioneer is known to have the most features for the price but is known to run hot and have had HDMI board issues in the past (they extended their warranty for the HDMI board a few years back) They claim the HDMI board issues are fixed, but we may not know that for a year or two. Onkyo offers their own calibration program "AccuEQ" that replaced Audyssy in their units a few years ago. I have run into some people that prefer "AccuEQ" but the general consensus is "Audyssy" is the better calibration program.

Yamaha is thought of by most to be the most reliable, but they don't offer many features for the price. This might not be a huge deal for you as you probably aren't looking for a ton of features. Yamaha offers their own calibration program YPAO (which I've never used so I don't know much about)

Denon/Marantz are probably the middle of the road for features vs price. They do use Audyssey MultEQ calibration software that most people feel is the best of the mojor brand reciever calibration systems (NAD uses DIRAC which is supposed to be the best, but they are more niche)

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