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matemike 09-11-2018 08:58 PM

Cable provider Music Choice channels quality
What's the audio quality of Music Choice channels from my cable provider? (Suddenlink)

I ask because I was switching music audio back and forth between the music channels, a Stevie Ray Vaughn CD playing from my BD player, "This is Queen" on Spotify via bluetooth and even FM radio. If I had to rank the quality of sound the list goes like this:

1. CD
2.3. toss up between bluetooth spotify and FM radio
4. easily last place was the Music Choice channels coming from my cable box via HDMI to my Yamaha AVR

All listening was in 2ch stereo 2.1
Klipsch RP-160M bookshelves and a yamaha 8" sub.

The CD radiated the best sound. The bluetooth Spotify and even the FM radio were clear and dynamic. But the cable music channels just sounded low, flat, puffy, grainy, muddy etc. I mean I can't even find any graininess in the FM station and I though for sure I'd find it there when switching inputs back and forth.

So what's the deal with this cable music? Does it's quality suck as a standard? All I can find on the info page is that the audio is "Unknown Dolby Digital" on my Suddenlink menus. Most of my HT watching is on cable TV and I feel like I'm using the lowest quality source all the time to watch cable TV shows and sports games. Those channels say "Dolby Digital-English". Although the majority of my AVR usage is for music, I want my HT to be good quality too.

Nobr8ks 05-26-2019 04:27 PM

Even though it's an old post I'd like to respond anyway.

Verizon/Frontier customer with 2 Silicondust HDHomerun Prime (Cablecards)

I use both HiFiBerry DAC+ (RCA) and Digi (Toslink/PCM) RaspberryPi hat boards (via GPIO).

Newer & older Yamaha, Integra 7.8 (Circa 2004) receivers with a mix of in-wall/ceiling Yamaha & Polk speakers, including 8" & 10" in-wall subs.

Music Choice Channels sound excellent!!!!

redrovermiami 06-05-2019 12:46 PM

They sound ok...not 5.1 sound though lol

For great sound you need tidal streaming service I think

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