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Toe_Cutter 06-29-2013 06:29 PM

As so often happens, I came here to see if there's a way to enable 24p output on the new Roku 3, and ended up reading quite a few pages of the thread.

For those curious, I only received my Roku 3 this morning, but so far I'm blown away by the PQ of HD source on this tiny little box.

I was using a Mac Mini C2D (with GeForce 320M, 8GB RAM, HDMI and Samsung 830 SSD) with Netflix and Plex because of 24p support for my Epson 5010. However, despite having a Tivo Premiere, and a Pioneer Elite BDP-53FD, I finally broke down and bought a Roku 3 strictly for Netflix and Amazon. The PQ from the Roku 3 is incredible, even though it's performing pulldown and sending 60p to the Epson. Even so, I noticed zero jitter/jumping during panning scenes, and even 1080p/24p 10 Mbps MKVs played through Plex look noticeably better than the Mac Mini's PQ using HDMI. This is even more astonishing when considering the Mac Mini was color-calibrated with a X-Rite i1Display Pro.

For those wondering why I'd purchase a Roku 3 when I already have THREE devices that will play Netflix and Amazon, let me divulge my experiences with each.

TiVo, IMHO, has become a steaming pile to junk. The Netflix app takes forever to load, and frequently locks up mid-film, requiring a jump back to the main menu, and re-opening the app only to find it can't resume where you left off. Also, with many foreign titles, the aspect ratio and/or frame rate is off, and subs are inconsistent. The Amazon app is even worse. There's no search feature, only titles already in your Library can be accessed. Even then, the titles are downloaded to the TiVo, not streamed.

The Pioneer BDP-53FD suffers from a ancient bug where the screen frequently blanks entirely when connected on the same network as.........wait for it: A Pioneer Elite Receiver! Disconnect the VSX-33 from the network and the screen blanking stops. Because of this and other shortcomings, these are my first and last Pioneer Elite products. I'll be going back to an Onkyo/Oppo combo when I rev these miserable excuses for high-end gear (despite their pretty piano black finishes).

Pioneer markets the hell out of their iOS support, but beware: They support a very limited number of devices. I have to use two separate apps to access the receiver and the bluray player using my iPhone. Pioneer's software support is simply insane.

Lastly, the Mac Mini won't play Amazon HD titles due to the lack of HDCP on the HDMI port. Netflix HD streams look noticeably soft on the Mac Mini, and navigation is a pain, even with Netflix Controller installed.

So, I chose the Roku 3 after reading some reviews and am still astonished at how good the PQ is. The images are rich, detailed, and don't require constant fiddling with color controls (gamma and RGBCMY) to get the flesh tones looking anywhere near real. With the Roku, just a few minor adjustments and the image looks great, even though it's 60p with pulldown. I have a 110" screen, so PQ and pulldown issues are woefully obvious, and having watched about 4 hours of streaming movies today, I'm thoroughly impressed with the Roku 3. I was so impressed, I thought perhaps I had left image processing enabled on my Pioneer VSX-33. I checked the video processing menus and all processing is disabled, confirming the Roku 3 was doing all the work.

It's not often that such a cheap device (relative to my other components) impresses so easily. The remote is very slick and responds lightning fast. With no line-of-sight required, the Roku can be easily stashed away behind my component rack, completely out of view.

With Amazon's liberal return policy, I'd encourage anyone on the fence to check one out themselves. It would have saved me alot of futzing around with settings, network cables, etc had I snagged one earlier this year.

Disclaimer: I'm in no way affiliated with Roku or any AV manufacturer. I simply feel that a product that works well should receive the credit it deserves.

Edit: Whoops, I meant to post this in the Roku Owners Thread. Apologies for any perceived breach of protocol.

Nethawk 06-30-2013 07:52 AM


I have a slew of devices that can stream from online sources, and my Panasonic bluray player holds a slight edge on PQ, but none connect as quickly or offer the convenience of the Roku. It's well worth the cost and then some.

Ian_Currie 07-16-2013 01:03 PM

What source are you using with Roku - Plex?

Ian_Currie 07-16-2013 01:08 PM

Originally Posted by Ian_Currie View Post

What source are you using with Roku - Plex?

Nevermind, I see that you're using Amazon and Netflix exclusively.

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