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srfrdan 09-20-2012 02:19 PM

ultimate tv .com no longer works. it did last week:

lgodave 09-21-2012 08:03 AM

Seems to be redirecting to Bing. Well then the next question is if UTV OS 3.8 is still available via the UTV (via code 8675309 or when installing/replacing/repairing a UTV hard drive) dialing out to the MSNTV/WebTV network.

Answer: It is as of this morning. (9-21-2012)

Now where will we ever look to find out if 3.9 is going to come out? smile.gif

I guess they'll just surprise us.

Suppose for those needing info. on UTV's features, OS Updates, and copies of the Setup and User Manuals you'll want to either hang around this forum or pull up one of the Internet Archive Sites to see what ultimatetv.com once said about it.

NR750 01-04-2013 04:29 PM


I just replaced a dead SAT-W60 with a "new" SAT-W60 out of the box. Since this is a new unit, it's at the factory installed software level [ 10245 or 3.1 DTV ]. Does anyone have ideas on how to upgrade the software?


lgodave 01-10-2013 12:54 PM

Well that depends... if you have access to an good old fashioned fairly clean Telephone line (Not VOIP) (If not you maybe Friends,Family or someone in the neighborhood) it's just a matter of plugging into a Telephone Jack and using a UTV Code like 8675309 via the Remote. (For Sony UTV OS 3.1 I think you'd need to enter it by pressing Options 3 times then 8675309 (Options-Options-Options 8675309) if entered properly the front panel will multi-flash colors and on power up should try and connect for a download.)

That'd be the simple option. If you want to upgrade the Hard Drive right away to an E-IDE/PATA 120 or 160GB or bigger (only 137GB used) then when you power up the UTV it'll automatically attempt to dial out for the upgrade. No Codes needed. (MAKE SURE TO REMOVE YOUR ACCESS CARD BEFORE REMOVING THE COVER!)

Not sure if the current OS is still being downloaded via the SAT but if you leave it plugged in for the next few days/weeks it may eventually schedule a download and update itself (Locally it was always around 3AM CT).

Then of course there is the more complex option which would require copying the UTV OS onto the Drive... which you might use if Telephone Service is particularly poor quality or unavailable (Service Constantly disconnects/fails to download... Normally it usually will "resume" or take 1 or 2 extra attempts for a download... but consistently dropped calls/downloads means you may have a lot of noise on the line... Try and bypass/remove as much as possible from the line (Surge Suppressors, Extensions) and Disable Call Waiting etc...)

There are posts on here that discuss what you'll need to transfer the OS to your computer.

Out of curiosity if your UTV is currently in service with 3.1... how's it holding up? I seem to recall the early OSes had some issues with "Spotlight" Local Channels, etc. Any issues you noticed with accessing various channels properly?

lgodave 01-10-2013 01:13 PM

Oh yeah... Almost forgot Welcome to the Forum. If you've got any questions about how to properly upgrade your UTV's Hard Drive and keep it cool. feel free to ask.

The UTV FAQ is a pretty good resource for most things you want to know (or not) about the UTV.

If you don't mind me asking what was "Dead" on the Old UTV? Sometimes they like to play possum and a simple cool down or Swapping a "Missing" Hard Drive can revitalize them (UTV's sometimes can't "see" their Hard Drive which doesn't mean the drive is "Dead" just that you'll need to replace it... it might actually "find it" again later if you "swap" it back in later.)

I had my RCA UTV a couple nights ago go "Black and White" (User Interface and TV Display... Not the TV Itself but what the UTV was displaying) on me. When I rebooted it (UTV Code 12357) I got it back in "Full Color"... but my Tuner (I was using only one) was Dead. (When it was moments earlier in the 90's) Fearing I'd "killed" my Bedroom UTV... I figured I'd unplug it for 15-20 Minutes. After a "Cold" boot it was and has been fine since the last few days.

UTVs are a bit flaky with "bad" power events. It's best to use them with a UPS (Battery Backup) Power Strip to better control it's Power Supply. In my Bedroom UTV's case... it's probably due for a Good Cleaning/Checkup. It gets rather dusty where it is and doesn't have much extra cooling. (Just elevated on Plastic Bottle Caps with it's original fan. The fan might be a bit dust logged...)

guitars911 04-10-2013 07:11 AM

UltimateTV.com is for sale! That's what it now says after trying the address. Someone better snap that up. Or it might be as useful as an old bottle cap? Any who it was a good ride while it lasted. Was / is a fantastic product.

lgodave 04-10-2013 02:57 PM

Anyone want to pool some funds... since Microsoft doesn't seem to want it anymore?

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