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RickRS 06-09-2002 11:30 AM

Mobile, AL / Panama City, FL - HDTV
Starting a new thread for our area, the old one was very long, covering 3+ months.

WSRE having pledge week again. Even with the "not ready for prime-time" programming lineup, I going to pledge this week, for the first time. Main idea is to let WSRE know that HDTV can attract viewers and money. I intend to ask that the pledge be earmarked for HDTV programming and equipment. For me, PBS is currently my biggest source of HDTV. Of course, since I'm not using a dish, there only NBC to compete with in our area

Waiting for word that FOX is ready to go widescreen. Any news?

Cinder 06-09-2002 09:56 PM

Can't wait for fox to go widescreen and wkrg to get their digital feed. Also i wonder if we'll get the 1080i broadcast of enterprise this fall from upn, they are going digital will be interesting if they transmit it...

RickRS 06-12-2002 05:34 AM

Something for Jerryez: There was a thread about PBS and someone posted a link to their local station's HDTV schedule.


It appears to be the national feed schedule and covers the month. Finally, an actual schedule! Note that the times are for New Mexico, seem to be same as Central time. Don't think we'll get any of the earlier shows (before 7 pm). WSRE is now multicasting PBSYou on 23-3 from about 3 pm, when they stop multicast Florida Educational Network programming, up to 7 pm. Appears that's going to be WSRE's game plan, multicast everyday for daytime programming and HDTV in primetime.

jerryez 06-12-2002 06:39 AM

Thanks, a schedule is a schedule. No wonder no one posts the schedule. There seems to be a repeat of the same 1 hour loop over and over. If this is the best our National PBS HD feed can do, how can the government expect local network channels to do better.
I sure wish that WSRE would show Smart Travels in HD. I sent Roland Phillips an email requesting Smart Travels. His answer was that WSRE can only pass thru HD that the network sends to them. They have limited HD capability and no ability to delay HD broadcasts yet.

RickRS 06-12-2002 08:49 AM

I asked Mr. Phillips the same thing, show Smart Travels. WSRE could go to the HDTV feed at 5:30 on Saturday or Sunday to show this, they just have committed to simulicasting the analog channel until 7 pm everyday.

I think KNME-DT is just using the same description for the HD Loop, instead of the actual content. I'm guessing there is actually 3 or 4 hours of demo material, which they mixed up from time to time. Still, we miss Smart Travel, Tracks Ahead, and the Desert Speaks because they are all running before 7 pm. I noticed that both Smart Travel and Tracks Ahead aren't on the National PBS DTV schedule.

The KNME-DT schedule is wrong on Monday. For the last two weeks, Mary Lou's Flip-Flop Shop has shown up at 7 pm on Monday. With a target viewers age of 3-7 I can't sit thro it. Too advance for me

Cinder 06-20-2002 08:48 PM

Anyone have any idea when the dtv channels in our area will start sending out program info to our stb's. Or is it just my zenith 1080 that shows no program info for any of the dtv channels.

Also anyone know the eta on widescreen fox, and digital upn?

RickRS 06-21-2002 05:17 AM

I haven't use my program guide on the Samsung in ages, but it did have WPMI-DT NBC's program and WSRE's analog PBS schedule maybe a month ago. Nothing on WSRE HDTV on 23-1 or its PBSYour on 23-3. Will check again later today.

And on the topic of schedules, last night was the second time I found "The Desert Speaks" on at 7 pm Thursday. Produced by the Arizona State Parks Dept. Very good HD quality. I guess PBS is including this as a regular item at this time.

Cinder 06-21-2002 08:40 AM

Interesting, i have no idea why i can't pick up the schedule for nbc dt. I also don't pick up a shedule for 55 though my replay tv picks one up just fine. Hopefully they get on the ball for the rest of these, from 10-1 to 27-1 its a see of no programming information, i have to look at the corresponding analog channel to see whats going on. Course i can't even receive analog wsre which is strange, since i pull in their dtv stations very strong.

Oh well, ready for some progress like widescreen fox and digital upn and digital (albeit not hdtv) abc to come online.

RickRS 06-22-2002 08:22 AM

Cinder, a more current report. I loaded the guide on my Samsung last night. First time is a long time, the guide takes a solid 2 minutes to load so I don't use it. WPMI-DT schedule is there and WSRE 23-2 has the analog schedule, which of course is wrong because they stop the simulcast at 7 pm and the schedule shows programming continuing. WSRE 23-1 has "HDTV Programming", and WSRE 23-3 has "PBSYou Programming" listed for all time slots. I don't get any signal from WALA-DT or WKRG-DT so no idea if the guide works for them.

Cinder 06-22-2002 10:10 AM

Well thats strange that i can't receive the program info for wpmi dt and wsre dt, will fool around with it for awhile. 2 minutes, ouch, thats a long time.
I reloaded the guide the other day and still have the same info, though 47-1 moved to 15-1 which makes it easier to see the guide info on analog 15.

Anyway ready for some movement in our area for more dtv. Anyone see odyssey 5? Man that blew me away and i was watching the hd signal downconveted to 480i on my 31 inch mits tv. 6 more weeks and i'll have a samsung dlp, can't wait...

ROBERT HUNZEKER 06-22-2002 11:54 PM

Rick, is WSRE now taping shows from the national feed? The Desert speaks doesnt show on the national feed at 7pm Thursday. Check out http://www.knmetv.org/digital/dtv-schedule.php3 for the feed schedule.

Bob H.

RickRS 06-23-2002 09:25 AM

I don't think they're taping, I guessing that PBS national is adding some more repeats into the schedule but have not updating what little info they provide. Two shows that started showing up are "Mary Lou's Flip Flop Shop" at Monday 7 pm and "The Desert Speaks" at Thursday 7 pm. I have a habit of checking WSRE frequently to see if anything besides the demo loop is on.

I'll email Roland Philllips and ask. Going to post on the HDTV Programming area is see if others have noticed this.

jerryez 06-23-2002 10:16 AM

I previously received the following reply from Roland Phillips of WSRE opn their lack of ability to tape delay.:


At the present time, we have limited HD capability at WSRE. We air HD programs when they are sent in HD by the network
simultaneously. We are working on some other limited time delay capability that we hope to put on line soon. Hopefully, in
the not too distant future, we will be able to record and play back HD programs when needed the way we do SD programs now.

Some of the programs that are sent letterbox by the network are not available at the same time in HD.

Hope this helps to explain the lack of programming.

We appreciate the letter. Keep watching.


Roland Phillips
Asst. GM/Dir. of Eng., WSRE-TV"
He also sent the following response when I ask about a programming schedule for the HD channel:

"We are working on it and hope to have something that we can either publish or at least put on the web site next month. We also
hope to have the electronic program guide updated fully by then.
We're trying to get a local traffic manager hired, which will help.

Thanks for the contact.

Best regards,

Roland Phillips
Asst. GM/Dir. of Eng., WSRE-TV"

trich 06-23-2002 01:13 PM

I just got a e-mail from Joe Addalia and Foxs widescreen [16:9] will be up and running in about the next 2 weeks.

trich 06-24-2002 07:34 PM

Well somebody at WPMI did not flip the switch at 9:00pm for Crossing Jordan. I called but nobody answered.

RickRS 06-25-2002 01:43 PM

Thanks for trying, Trich. First time I think this has happen at WPMI. I believe there are some episodes that were not done in HDTV this past season, but this one clearly had the HDTV banner when it started.

RickRS 07-05-2002 11:08 AM

More news for the Ft. Walton Beach area. Panama City has had its second DTV station sign on: WFSG-PBS is live on channel 38.

Trying today, I'm getting some indication of transmission, but I can't lock on to this one. Antenna is reported at 449 feet and a transmitter power of 49.5 kilowatts. The tower is located between Panama City and Freeport.

Will try again tonight and see if conditions are better.

russdog 07-06-2002 04:22 PM

Please forgive if I'm asking something that has been covered before, but I can't find the old thread that's been replaced by this one.

I have just now hooked up external antenna and am trying to get myself up to speed. The only OTA DTV channels that auto-scan found are 15.1 and 9.2.

I am about 12 miles west of Gulf Shores (about half-way to Fort Morgan). What others digital signals should I be able to pick up from here?

thanks for your help,

trich 07-07-2002 07:00 AM

russdog, I live in Magnolia Springs, north of you. Fox [10.1]should be in WS this week.CBS [27.1] will go HD this fall. 15.1 NBC is HD now. Pbs Pensacola [23.1] is up now in HD. ABC will be up next year. Rick or Jerry will tell you more about WEAR. Your antenna should be pointed to the N.NE.Check your PM and I will give you my phone # if you want to talk.

jerryez 07-08-2002 05:56 AM

It must be time to sumarize the local digital channels for the newer people.

WALA/Fox; Digital now, widescreen ???? (ch 9 or 10.1)
WSRE?PBS; Digital now, HD at night 7PM to 10PM (ch 31 or 23.1)
WKRG/CBS: Digital now, HD 2003. (ch 27)
WPMI/NBC: HD now, when network programming available. (47 or 15.1)
WEAR/ABC: Digital Sept 2002, HD June 2003 (ch 17)
WJTC/UPN: Digital late summer 2002 (ch 45)
WPBG/WB: Digital?

Did anybody ever contact anyone at WPBG. I have tried but never got an answer.

russdog, Here is a link to one of those old threads, if you want to catch up on the local HD info.


RickRS 07-08-2002 11:03 AM

Russell, if you haven't found WPMI at channel 47(remapped to 15.1) they may be having problems. I saw the channel locked (meaning the transmitter was on) but no audio/video when I tuned in at 12 noon today.

Cinder 07-09-2002 10:31 PM

I went by the WB's office in Daphne the other day and talked to the receptionist. She was very nice and gave me the name and email address of their engineer who is in charge of their dtv transition (only mentioned digital not hd). She didn't know much of what was going on but was nice.

I've emailed the guy once but received no response. Here is his name and email for anyone who is interested. He is in pascagoula and i take it works for pegasus (not good,not good) from his email address, which makes sense since they own wb 55.

Anyway, here it is:
[email protected]

As an aside, guess fox went from no widescreen to no picture tonight

Also i've talked to cbs' engineer numerous times and he is very confident we'll have some HD before the football season is over... So take that for what its worth...

jerryez 07-10-2002 10:07 AM

Sent WBPG an email. Received the following response (must of caught him at his computer):

"as of present the FCC has not assigned us a Digital channel for
WBPG 55 WB in Gulf Shore. I am not sure when this might happen, so we will continue to broadcast in the analog format until that filing is complete.
Thank you for you inquiry though, I just wish I had better news to give you."

Does not sound good or like thay are in a hurry to get the FCC to assign them a digital number, let alone get the digital signal on the air.

Cinder 07-10-2002 12:08 PM

No that doesn't sound good at all. By the way how do you like your rp 56? I'm getting the samsung 437w dlp in a few weeks and plan on trying out the pany 82 to pair with it, but curiuos how the 56 was in your opinion. I'm going from an excellent interlaced player, toshiba 9000, so want to make sure it has pretty good build quality.

The new samsung 720p/1080i faroudja upconvert dvd players is also interesting...

RickRS 07-10-2002 12:23 PM

For FWB and eastward, word from WFSG-PBS;


WFSG-DT, channel 38, signed on at 8:00 am CST on 06/24/02. The main program channel duplicates the Ch. 56 programming. During the daytime there are three other streams of programming. (Children's shows, educational programming, and governmental and informational programming) During primetime we are broadcasting a single stream of HDTV (when available.) Again, these are the same shows that are on the analog channel but in digital format.

At present, Ft. Walton Beach is on the edge of the projected coverage area of Ch. 38. I would certainly appreciate any information you could give me concerning your ability to receive the signal, such as antenna type, height, and quality of signal.

We are petitioning the FCC to increase our power, hopefully by year's end. If this is granted you should have no problem receiving the signal.

Jim McDaniel
Director of Engineering

That being said, I have had no luck of getting WFSG. They are about 43 miles east of me, with a 449' tower, transmitting at 49.2 kW. STB report a weak signal, but can't lock on.

Jerry, I find nothing on WBPG-55 having a DTV channel assigned on FCC's TV query page or on 100000watts.com

trich 07-11-2002 06:21 PM

Well Joe must have run in to trouble with the switcher he got. He told me over two weeks ago that was all he needed to give us WS [16:9] 480p.

trich 07-11-2002 06:41 PM


Also i've talked to cbs' engineer numerous times and he is very confident we'll have some HD before the football season is over... So take that for what its worth...
Jim Richardson told me last year that we would see SEC football in Nov.2001 .................NOT
Daniel, did you ever get your HDTV?

Cinder 07-11-2002 08:18 PM

I am getting the samsung 437w dlp when it comes out in august, got a sweet deal on it b/c my nephew is a manager at a circuit city, perfect for my setup.

RickRS 07-12-2002 09:50 AM

I got a reply from WEAR about their DTV plans:


WEAR-DT has a DTV construction extension until Nov. 1, 02 at the moment. We will be on ch. 17 but I'm not sure if you'll be able to get us in FWB right away because we won't be at full power. We will not be transmitting high def. because our control room equipment is analog.

Mark Brian
WEAR-TV3 / WFGX-TV35 engineer

I called Mr. Brian and asked about transmitter power level and antenna height (WEAR-DT is approved for construction at 1 Megawatt and 1899 feet). Mr. Brian could provide no answers, stating only that these were corporate decisions and they had provided no information, yet.

jerryez 07-12-2002 12:22 PM


Originally posted by Cinder
By the way how do you like your rp 56? I'm getting the samsung 437w dlp in a few weeks and plan on trying out the pany 82 to pair with it, but curiuos how the 56 was in your opinion. I'm going from an excellent interlaced player, toshiba 9000, so want to make sure it has pretty good build quality.

The new samsung 720p/1080i faroudja upconvert dvd players is also interesting...

Sorry to take so long to answer your question, but I was out of town for a couple of days. I got the rp56 because of the great reviews tht it got in tech magazines. I wanted the progressive scan for my widescreen HD tv. It plays dvds that almost look as good as HD. I am very happy with it, but I think that it has been discontinued. I got mine at Sears on closeout for $161.

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