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Archaea 10-18-2016 06:46 PM

February 2017 - Kansas City Home Theater Crawl
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Calling all respected Audio/Video peers!

February 17, 18, 19, and 20th of 2017, Kansas City Area Home theater enthusiast are organizing a home theater crawl.

I will be updating this first post with more information and a finalized host list as the date approaches.

Post 974 has a link to dominguez1 survey for crawl participants

Survey link

Plan on meeting up with your fellow AVSForum enthusiasts and viewing about 10 Kansas City area home theaters over the course of Friday night, a full day Saturday, with three auxiliary activities planned for Sunday!

Friday night, the 17, we will plan on watching John Wick 2 at the Alamo Draft House

The Alamo Drafthouse is downtown, and within walking distance to Chucks, you can leave your car at the Alamo underground parking garage while we visit with Chuck post movie. (easier parking). See post 820 and 821 (and post #5 for directions)


Those interested/invited, can hang out and visit after the movie. @cvinfig offered to open up his downtown condo space on Friday night for a meet and greet after the John Wick 2 movie. :cool:

Why Attend?
BATHE your eyes and ears in some of the best home theaters in Kansas City, and while here FEAST on some of the best BBQ in the country.

We have 9 local members who expressed interest in hosting a demo stop:

  1. @Archaea - 11 matching Mackie Speakers, 8 subs, Atmos
  2. @carp - JTR 215RT front soundstage, 9 subs, 158" screen
  3. @chirpie - DIY and excellent cosmetics
  4. @ChldsPlay - AVSForum Home Theater of the Month - Professionally built and calibrated space w/ JTR 228HT, Atmos
  5. @cvinfig - 4k projector, Dynaudio speakers, Atmos
  6. @d_c - Extreme bass DIY and gjallarhorn subwoofers built into the ceiling!
  7. @JDontee - rear projection screen projector (like a big plasma!) & DIY
  8. @jedimastergrant - Professionally designed space w/ JTR 212HT front sound stage, 4K projector
  9. @Stoked21 - DIRAC, w/ all JTR 228HT and JTR single 8, 4K projector, Atmos

Other 'maybe' hosts
luke kamp
Randy Bessinger

Logistics: How do I attend this???
Fly into Kansas City International Airport (MCI), rent a car, rent a hotel room (details for the recommended Hotel are in post 303 - https://www.avsforum.com/forum/61-are...l#post48211105) , and join the crawl! Meet many of the most avid home theater enthusiasts on the forum. This event will hopefully be a bit of a who's who gathering for a bunch of the most notorious members on the board.

I look forward to seeing you here!

@Gorilla83 - Flies in Friday at 7:30PM, Flies out Monday at 4PM.
@beastaudio - Flies in Friday at 5:30PM, Flies out Monday at 6:30PM.
@sassuki (wants to be paired with hellerbrewing)
@ZLTFUL + friend ( also wants to be paired with slarity)
@slarity(wants to be paired with zltful)
@hellerbrewing + brother + friend --- (wants to be paired in group with sassuki)
@Mark Seaton
@Jeff Permanian
@Scott Simonian - Flies in Friday at 1:45PM
@Mike Garrett
@Tedd - and friend
@Ricci - and friend
@jeahrens (wants to be paired with Slarity and ZLTFUL)

Locals attending (in addition to the KC Demo Hosts listed a couple paragraphs above):
@Luke Kamp
Jdontee's Friend
@Randy Bessinger


I asked each of the guys to provide a list of their key home theater details.
Here we go alphabetically with some of the theaters you will see.


  • AVR or Pre-Pro - Denon X7200WA
  • Speakers - (11) Mackie C200
  • Speaker Amplifiers - Crown XLS-402 and Crown XLS-202 for front soundstage, AVR powered for other 8 speakers
  • Video Source/Screen - Panasonic PT-AE8000U projector, 144" 2.35:1 Jamestown screen with Seymour XD material. @Mike Garrett has provided a JVC RS600 to demo in this room for the crawl.
  • Subwoofers - (8) Dayton Audio UM18-22 Ultimax in sealed enclosures
  • Subwoofer Amplifiers - (4) iNuke DSP 6000
  • Accoustic Treatments - 3" studio foam on front wall, R30 in rafters, Certainteed Theater Black f acoustic ceiling tiles
  • Transducers - N/A
  • Lighting and/or Control System - N/A
  • HTPC Software - J-River, Kodi
  • Bluray Player - PS4
  • Atmos and/or DTS-X - yes - 7.2.4 configuration
  • Other - N/A

  • AVR or Pre-Pro - Pioneer Elite vsx-53 from the stone ages.
  • Speakers - JTR 215 RT's mains, JTR 212 HTR center, Volt 10 LX's for side surrounds, eD cinema 6's for rear surrounds
  • Speaker Amplifiers - Crown xti 4002 for mains, Yamaha avr with pre outs for center and surrounds
  • Video Source/Screen - Epson 5040 w/ Elite 158" 2:25:1 AT screen with 4K material whatever that means.
  • Subwoofers - 9 SI HT 18 sealed subwoofers. 8 subs up front and 1 nearfield for MLP
  • Subwoofer Amplifiers - Honey Badger cause it doesn't give a sh*t if you beat the hell out of it for 3.5 years in 2 ohms Cerwin Vega CV - 5000 for the front subs, inuke 3000 bridged for the nearfield sub
  • Accoustic Treatments - Front wall 15 inches thick pink fluffy insulation from floor to ceiling between stacks of subwoofers, absorption GIK panels on ceiling, diffusion panels and more absorption panels in the laundry room next door waiting for either someone to buy them or for their idiot owner to figure out where they should go in the room.
  • Transducers - 1 Crowson
  • Lighting and/or Control System - N/A
  • HTPC Software - Minidsp 88A with Dirac and 88BM
  • Bluray Player - run of the mill Sony for 90 bucks
  • Atmos and/or DTS-X - No, that sh*t's overrated and will be here today and gone tomorrow ;) errr… I mean I can't afford it right now
  • Other - carpet is new and makes me feel giddy inside when I rub my toes on it's plushiness. Chairs in front row are Manhattans from Row One and 2 Costco HT chairs that are really nice for being Costco chairs. 2nd row couch may be the most comfortable napping couch ever. In fact I'm dozing off as I type this.

  • AVR or Pre-Pro - Pioneer Elite SC-63
  • Speakers - B&W 600 series / Energy
  • Speaker Amplifiers - AVR powered
  • Video Source/Screen - Sony VPLHW40ES / SMX Screen
  • Subwoofers - SVS PB12-Plus
  • Subwoofer Amplifiers - Bash
  • Accoustic Treatments - Lower half of room treated / primarily absorption
  • Transducers - N/A
  • Lighting and/or Control System - Phillips Hue
  • HTPC Software - Kodi / Mac Mini x2
  • Bluray Player - Samsung
  • Atmos and/or DTS-X - N/A
  • Other - Monoprice whole house 6 zone with control pads

  • AVR or Pre-Pro - Yamaha A3050
  • Speakers - JTR Noesis 228HT (3), Klipsch KPT-8000M (4), Niles DS8HD (4 - Ceiling)
  • Speaker Amplifiers - AVR powers 9 speakers, AudioSource AMP100VS powers 2 ceiling speakers
  • Video Source/Screen - Panasonic PT-AE8000U projector, 130" 2.35:1 Seymour AV with CenterStage XD
  • Subwoofers - JTR Passive Captivator Pro (2)
  • Subwoofer Amplifiers - Crown XLS 5000; Behringer Ultragain Pro mic2200
  • Accoustic Treatments - Kinetics TAD (Front Side Walls - 4), RPG BAD (Middle Side Wals - 4), AcousticsFirst QuadaPyramid (Rear Side Walls - 8), Kinetics Versatune (Rear Wall - 2), Primacoustics Paintables (Ceiling - 12)
  • Transducers - N/A
  • Lighting and/or Control System - Insteon Lights with ISY; Controlled by iRule
  • HTPC Software - N/A
  • Bluray Player - Phillips BDP-7501 (UHD), PS4, Xbox One
  • Atmos and/or DTS-X - yes - 7.1.4 configuration
  • Other - Dune Smart D1 Media Player with four 4TB Hard Drives, Lumagen XS-3D

  • AVR or Pre-Pro - Anthem AVM-60
  • Speakers - Dynaudio Confidence and Contour series
  • Speaker Amplifiers - Parasound Halo A21, Outlaw Audio 7500 , Anthem PVA-5
  • Video Source/Screen - JVC DLA-X750R projector, 120" 1.78:1 Seymour Premier frame with Center Stage XD material
  • Subwoofers - (2) Rythmik Audio F12
  • Subwoofer Amplifiers - N/A
  • Accoustic Treatments - Several panels and bass traps
  • Transducers - N/A
  • Lighting and/or Control System - N/A
  • HTPC Software - N/A
  • Bluray Player - Samsung K8500
  • Atmos and/or DTS-X - yes - 7.1.2 configuration
  • Other - Amazon Fire TV

  • AVR or Pre-Pro - Onkyo 818
  • Speakers - DIY AE TD12m/SDX 15/SEOS LCR, Volt 8 surrounds and front height
  • Speaker Amplifiers - Crown x1000
  • Video Source/Screen - Vizio 60" LED LCD
  • Subwoofers - 2 Gjallarhorn TH/TC Sounds LMS Ultra, dual opposed Stereo Integrity HS24
  • Subwoofer Amplifiers - LG Clone FP14000
  • Accoustic Treatments - 1st reflection absorption
  • Transducers - Suspended floor
  • Lighting and/or Control System - Insteon lighting, iRule automation
  • HTPC Software - jRiver, Spotify
  • Bluray Player - Sony POS
  • Atmos and/or DTS-X - no
  • Other -

  • AVR or Pre-Pro - Onkyo TX-NR1007
  • Speakers - DIYSG Cinema 8, Center - DIYSG Alchemy 8, Sides and Rear Surrounds - BIC America FH8-W
  • Speaker Amplifiers - AVR powered
  • Video Source/Screen - Epson 8350/DIY Screen Rear Projection 110" 16:9 - @desertdome has provided a JVC RS520 to demo in this room for the crawl.
  • Subwoofers - SI HT18 X 2 in sealed boxes, Nearfield Ultimax 12 in custom ottoman between seating rows
  • Subwoofer Amplifiers - Inuke 3000 X 2
  • Accoustic Treatments - DIY Panels and Bass Traps with Roxul
  • Transducers - N/A
  • Lighting and/or Control System - Harmony Hub with dedicated remote and good ole switches with dimmers and a rope light around the riser
  • HTPC Software - Kodi with DSPlayer using MadVR, EqualiserAPO for impulse filters, bass management and channel remapping
  • Bluray Player - PS4, PS3
  • Atmos and/or DTS-X - N/A
  • Other - HDHomerun for OTA recording and playback, Samsung OTA, XBox 360 with HD-DVD, Samsung DVD + VHS (yep), appletv

  • AVR or Pre-Pro - Denon X7200wa, DBX DriveRack PA2 for subwoofer integration
  • Speakers - LCR JTR 212HT, Base Layer- (4) JTR S8 Slanted LP/Height Layer for Immersive Audio (4) JBL SCS 8
  • Speaker Amplifiers - Behringer A500 for (2) overheads not covered by X7200
  • Video Source/Screen - JVC RS520 / 110'' wide 2.35:1 Enlightor 4K with Seymour AV frame and masking panels
  • Subwoofers - (2) JTR Orbit Shifter LF
  • Subwoofer Amplifiers - EuroPower EP4000 for Captivators
  • Accoustic Treatments - Quest PerfSorber on first reflections, Owens Corning 705 for side and rear walls, Owens Corning Select Sound Black (2) 1'' layers separated with 3 mil poly, Riser constructed as bass trap. clips and channels on ceiling, clips and channel on rear wall that is connected to stairwell wall. Existing walls were naturally decoupled from the foundation, and walls that were built used staggered stud approach. All walls attached to ceiling joists using IB3's. Floor: 3/8'' serenity mat and 3/4'' plywood. HVAC - joist mufflers for supplies/return muffler. Zero International Auto door bottoms (best seals)/Zero International door seals/Solid core 1 3/4'' then added layer of 3/4" mdf with green glue between/Double door system as well with another solid core door and DIY seals. Stage is 1 ft tall and 5 ft deep. Sand filled - helps to stop the Orbit Shifters from shaking the screen. Projector mounted on a serenity matt to eliminate shaking.
  • Transducers - N/A
  • Lighting and/or Control System - Insteon Switches/12 cans in soffits inside of shell/rope light around soffit perimeter/4 step lights/4 Sconces.
  • HTPC Software - N/A
  • Bluray Player - Samsung K8500 UHD/Oppo UDP 203
  • Atmos and/or DTS-X - Yes - 7.2.4 configuration
  • Other - Google Fiber TV, Roku Premier Plus, PS4, XB1, WiiU

  • AVR or Pre-Pro - Marantz AV7702mk2
  • Speakers - LCR: JTR 228HT, Surrounds: JTR S8, SB: JTR S8LP, Atmos: JTR Slant S8LP
  • Speaker Amplifiers - Amplifiers Crown XLS1500 x 9, 3 bridged for LCR
  • Video Source/Screen - JVC RS400 4K eShift HDR projecting onto Seymour UF 130"W 2.35, 6 piece frame by Seymour
  • Subwoofers - JTR Cap 1400s x 2, Plus DIY Dayton UM18-22 in sealed enclosure as NF
  • Subwoofer Amplifiers - iNuke3000DSP for NF, plate amps on Caps
  • Accoustic Treatments - GIK ceiling and wall treatments (242, 244, bass traps with range limiters and Tri-Traps) with Certainteed Theater Black F behind screen (thanks Jonathan!!!)
  • Transducers - N/A
  • Lighting and/or Control System - Philips Hue 17 lights, SimpleControl iPad control, Amazon Echo voice control, PLEX SAN system (Synology DS216Play), Logitech Harmony 650
  • HTPC Software - N/A
  • Bluray Player - Samsung UBD-K8500 (UHD HDR), Probably Oppo 4KHDR by Feb.
  • Atmos and/or DTS-X - Yes, 7.2.4 config. Though all are individual channels with Dirac for true 7.3.4 independent EQ
  • Other - 3x miniDSP Dirac DDRC-88A (24 channels with Bass Mgmt), 410 Game Cocktail Table Arcade, Fully Stocked Bar, All rack mounted and expandable to 9.5.6 as is

Archaea 10-18-2016 06:48 PM

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HOTEL Recommendation is in post 303

Crawl Details as of 1-26-2017 --- All available attendance is full at ~50 "nonhost" attendees! 60 if counting the nine hosts! - at this point further participation in the crawl is via approval only.

Standby list:
Is now empty...

As former member/s of the standby list - Pennynike1 has an open slot to attend if they are interested since a couple people dropped out.
  1. @pennynike1

This is the Final Draft Schedule of the 2017 KC Home Theater Crawl. At this time on 1-26-2017, all 9 hosts have approved it. (no easy feat! :p)


And here is a map to show the locations of each host - (and a couple of the best BBQ joints in KC in KC Joes and Q39. :))

Yes there is a bit of retracing in routes, unfortunately, this was a necessary evil to accommodate all the hosts availabilities and three groups. No single host to the next should be more than a 20-30 minute drive.


Here are the details: Pay attention to red font!


  • Anyone interested is meeting for John Wick 2 at the Dolby Prime Cinema at AMC Barrywoods 24 - this is an open invite for all crawl attendees - buy your own AMC movie ticket. I think ticket sales open up two weeks in advance of the show - we'll post in the thread to let you know. We'll seek out a show that starts somewhere around 8 - 8:30PM. (FRIDAY Feb 17 movies are still not posted online as of 2-13 -- Keep an eye on the thread to know more and which theater we will visit friday night!)
    Dolby Prime Cinema is a real treat with tactile transducers in every chair, Dolby Atmos audio, electric reclining leather seats, and state of the art laser projector systems - Hopefully they will show John Wick 2 -- If not we might be going to Alamo Drafthouse downtown KC.
  • There will be a post movie host offering for Group A and Group B in full, but Group C will attend by invite only. If you are in group A and group B please sound off if you WON'T be attending cvinfig's place on Friday night after the movie. Chuck needs to reasonably limit the amount of people he can host (who can blame that?) so this is the one thing group C attendees may potentially miss out on - depending on attendance of the Group A and Group B. Chuck will be providing a few snack foods.


Start time is 9AM. We have 8 theaters to demo on Saturday, with basically four hours of shuffle time allowed - throw in a couple hours for eating - and you have a long, fun day.

Group A is holding over at Doug's for a longer lunch session, so they can mingle a bit with group B and Group C. Rub elbows with everyone if you will.
Everyone should bring $10 for your lunch meal at Dougs (d_c). (this is me making that requirement - not Doug - he'd go into the poorhouse to make food for you before he'd charge you -- that's not the way we'll do it - bring $10. Don't pay - don't eat.)
Doug will be be smoking meat, and have full lunch and something to drink at that price and as ANYONE that knows Doug will attest - you will NOT be disappointed with his meal offering! I think he's crazy for wanting to make food for 50 people. He said he loves the idea and wouldn't miss it. Doug has a big competition smoker and anything he's ever served me has been nothing short of fantastic!
NOTE Group A's schedule is then accelerated a wee bit with a shorter dinner slot to accommodate for their longer lunch slot and still give them an hour at all hosts houses.

Dinner is on your own for all groups. May I recommend some excellent KC BBQ? My personal favorites are Q39, followed by KC Joes, followed by JackStack, followed by Gates. Google KC BBQ to start making your plans. I don't personally care for Arthur Bryant's, but its really legendary around here too (maybe even the most famous?)

Then Derek's (stoked21) is the Post Crawl Party hangout. Group A will finish there, but groups B and C, are more than welcome to return to Derek's at 11PM and visit into the evening with your fellow crawl attendees. This party is BYOB. Derek will be providing snack foods.


Sunday - STILL BEING DETERMINED - At this point you'll have 2 key options for those who stuck around.

Option 1:

Low Key, super informal hangout time to listen to gear, vender gear, DIY gear, projectors perhaps, whatever --- ALL as one group with whoever is still around --- just a chance to talk to your fellow enthusiasts. Host locations TBD --- we'll start at Carps!
Again super informal, just a chance to enjoy hanging out with fellow enthusiasts and chat, visit, hangout. Starting time and more details will be announced in the near future. We will likely be playing this by ear. Start at Carps - where Jeff will audition a JTR Captivator ULF 4000, then we'll likely head to either Chucks or Jonathan's or Randy's (maybe multiple places) - maybe watch a full movie, maybe just listen to gear, maybe do an instant switch blind amp comparison.

At the end of the day, for those able, I suggest we all go out for a drink at a neat underground Irish Pub that was built in 1842, and has live music on the weekend nights. It's really something to experience.


Option 2:
Road trip to Des Moines (3 hours) to visit @dlbeck s home theater. What? Why drive that far? It's worth it, that's why. It's the single best theater I've ever experienced. dlbeck can post details on that sooner or later, I imagine that gathering will be informal and fun --- watch demo clips, watch a full length movie or two, enjoy the day.



On Monday - for those still hanging around we'll visit the free Boulevard Brewery tour at 10:30AM (arrive at 9:30AM to stand in line for ticket) for their one hour tour (first timeslot -- which concludes with four free sample tastings of your choice of beers).

Then time permitting, we can follow that up with hitting three or four of the best BBQ places in KC and grabbing a sandwich at each place to compare. I've done this before with a group of out of town guests and they still talk about it to this day. It was a great time, and I suspect, especially those of you from out of town, you'll really enjoy this option as a great way to cap off the weekend.

This can easily be done in time to get you to the airport Monday afternoon/evening for your travel home.

+ More chance to visit and talk about the weekend!

At this time - these are your groups assignments (subject to minor change and re-balancing if attendees change --- please check on Friday before crawl to ensure your final grouping!


Scrappydue 10-18-2016 07:12 PM

hey now lets keep the pics up to date sir.


and also a full diysoundgroup setup with 893's and volt-6 in the living room


dlbeck 10-18-2016 07:15 PM

Count me in!

cvinfig 10-18-2016 07:39 PM

Friday Night Gathering
Original post:

Yo @Archaea , I just had a thought. I was reluctant to volunteer as a crawl host because my theater only seats four and I'm not that close to any of the other crawl stops. However, I live on the edge of downtown with easy access to every major highway. I live directly above one of the city's iconic jazz clubs, The Phoenix, which has live music every night. Along with the HT, I have a rec room with a pool table and JTR Slant 8s, a living room with a pretty nice A/V setup, and a private rooftop deck with sweet views of the city (weather permitting). Oh, and a mobile dart board / archery target :). Assuming Barrywoods AMC for the movie, I'm thinking maybe Friday-night-after-movie hangout?

PS. The Peanut is within walking distance if anyone wanted to try the best wings in KC ;).

Link to map: https://binged.it/2lwbPRX

Here's an aerial view of the area with red Xs marking out parking lots you definitely shouldn't use. The one circled in yellow should be okay; it's monthly permit-parking but they usually don't care on Friday and Saturday evenings. However, I can't guarantee that so definitely try to find parking on the street first. The parking meters don't need to be fed after 8:00 pm so no worries there. Also, I don't think there are any street signs saying Scamps Alley anymore, I think they're all just W 8th St.


Here's the entryway to our building – the bakery sign in the picture is now white and it's pretty easy to spot on the left side of the street as you go down W 8th St:


The current plan is for my wife to be in the lobby at the time most people are expected to arrive so she'll be able to let you onto the elevators. If she's not there, there's a call box you can use - scroll to the name Figas and I'll be able to buzz you in. Take the elevator to the second floor and follow the four signs pointing the way to unit 200.

Rowan611 10-18-2016 09:01 PM

Trying to make it down for this with Lukeamdman.

Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk

sigma722 10-19-2016 06:34 AM

I'll definitely be attending if I don't host.

You can keep me on the maybe list for hosting. Hopefully in the next 2 months we have a better idea on odds of that working out. Once I get electrical in, it shouldn't be too long before I can get that inspection, and if I pass.... hopefully stuff speeds up.

d_c 10-19-2016 07:07 AM

Thanks for setting this up and offering to buy all the beer Archaea

desertdome 10-19-2016 07:39 AM

At past events, Archaea has taken Omnimic measurements of the frequency response of each room at the listening position. I could do something similar for video with my Colorimetry Research meters. In just a few minutes in the room I could do the following:

Foot Lambert reading from the screen - standard is 14 fL +/- 2 fL
Black level and white level
On/Off contrast
ANSI contrast

I could also do a CEA-2010 burst test of the bass from the subwoofer system. I would need to place my own sealed sub in the corner of the room to get a bassline :D for what the room is doing vs anechoic. Then I can burst test a few frequencies like 10, 16, 20 and 63 Hz. This method uses the entire signal chain so one can see the capabilities of their own system. This could be done with just one or two rooms rather than all of them.

I wouldn't want this to take very much time, like 10 minutes at most, but it would be fun to do something a little different that would add to the value and learning.

sassuki 10-19-2016 07:44 AM

Count me in

Gorilla83 10-19-2016 08:23 AM

Thanks for setting this up, Archaea! Looking forward to see you guys again soon. :)

jedimastergrant 10-19-2016 08:57 AM

2 Attachment(s)
I will be in for attending if I do not host. I want to make sure anyone else who wants to host has a chance since I was a host in 2015.

Also looking forward to John Wick 2 on Friday night!

beastaudio 10-19-2016 09:01 AM

This is probably the best Christmas present I could ever give myself. super excited about all of this!

cvinfig 10-19-2016 10:36 AM


Originally Posted by beastaudio (Post 47584361)
This is probably the best Christmas present I could ever give myself. super excited about all of this!

FYI, since I've seen you posting in the thread, I have an Anthem AVM-60 in the HT (and an AVM-50v in the living room)...

Randy Bessinger 10-19-2016 10:43 AM

I will be attending. Looking forward to it.

NWCgrad 10-19-2016 10:55 AM

This looks like fun! Plus, BBQ at Stackhouse is always a treat. Perhaps I can go AWOL from the Navy when back home for Christmas.:D

beastaudio 10-19-2016 11:41 AM


Originally Posted by cvinfig (Post 47586641)
FYI, since I've seen you posting in the thread, I have an Anthem AVM-60 in the HT (and an AVM-50v in the living room)...

Excellent! The anthems definitely interest me!

eng-399 10-19-2016 11:42 AM

This looks like a great time! That weekend will be so much much fun. Hopefully I'll be able to make it as soon as I know I'll let you guys know maybe someone else from the Chicagoland area will come to.

ZLTFUL 10-19-2016 12:22 PM

Subscribed and most likely in (like 95% in).

desertdome 10-19-2016 12:25 PM


Originally Posted by beastaudio (Post 47588145)
Excellent! The anthems definitely interest me!

Will you stand or sit for the Anthems?

beastaudio 10-19-2016 01:10 PM


Originally Posted by desertdome (Post 47589353)
Will you stand or sit for the Anthems?

I always stand, but it will depend on the horn height.

ChldsPlay 10-19-2016 01:24 PM

Well, crap. I just realized we are going to Florida for a wedding that Friday. John Wick is definitely out for me. I'm not sure if we're flying back Friday night, Saturday, or Sunday.

Nevermind, the wife just said I didn't have to go to the wedding, so maybe I'm good to go. If so, then I should be good for any time on Sat or Sun.

carp 10-19-2016 02:57 PM

Jonathan, I don't know if I need to be a formal tour stop. I'd like to have friends from out of town that haven't been here come over and anyone else that wants to, but I thought we were doing all new rooms this time? All anyone is going to get over here is John Wick on a loop and maybe some Satan music and most have been there done that in my room.

Oh, change your first post, my screen is a wimpy 158", not 176".

carp 10-19-2016 03:18 PM

carp 10-19-2016 04:08 PM

Ok. So I just got a not-so-non-threatening phone call from Jonathan stating that my room will indeed be a part of the normal tour or I would have the choice of fighting him or having Austin rip out the tendons in my arm while screaming short bursts of fury into my face in an arm wrestling match.

So I'm back in!!

Seriously though, I'm completely in for whatever is decided, I just didn't want people from last time thinking, "oh great, I gotta hear that guy's room again..."


NWCgrad 10-19-2016 04:19 PM


Originally Posted by carp (Post 47595057)
Ok. So I just got a not-so-non-threatening phone call from Jonathan stating that my room will indeed be a part of the normal tour or I would have the choice of fighting him or having Austin rip out the tendons in my arm while screaming short bursts of fury into my face in an arm wrestling match.

So I'm back in!!

Seriously though, I'm completely in for whatever is decided, I just didn't want people from last time thinking, "oh great, I gotta hear that guy's room again..."


I can tell you that Austin's time in Qatar did NOT make him smaller! Save your tendons for moving the darn pole.:laugh:

Archaea 10-19-2016 05:12 PM

Here's how I propose handling the host list.

I've 'pollinated' a few different threads with invites. I hope, and expect, we'll have a good amount of visitor participation --- with already a great number of first time visitors.

At this point, as far as I know, everyone in our area who currently has volunteered to host has a slot to host and we still have one host slot unclaimed.

We do already have five new hosts as compared to our 2015 crawl in Jdontee, Stoked21, chirpie, scrappydue, and cvinfig. We have a couple other potential hosts still considering whether they want to demo their room, or if their room will be in a completed state by Feb.

If other willing hosts appear we could make two tracks.
One path will showcase the most frequent KC based avsforum posters rooms, and the second path will be for 2015 KC home theater tour veterans and highlight all new theaters.

FWIW, we are probably going to have to divide the group up into smaller tour groups no matter what --- thus each host may have to host a couple sessions. We'll still have the chance to all be together for the Friday night movie, meals, and hopefully some fun on Saturday night.

It may be that some of the typical KC hosts will not feel the need to attend each other's rooms, since we've been to each others rooms so many times.
I will attempt to schedule with that in mind.

We'll make it work. :cool:

7channelfreak 10-19-2016 05:45 PM

Im going to work on getting there. But I may have to buy a coat for a February up there.

d_c 10-19-2016 07:03 PM


Originally Posted by 7channelfreak (Post 47597137)
Im going to work on getting there. But I may have to buy a coat for a February up there.

We might even hook you up with a sweet ice storm while you are here. They are the best!

BRAD S 10-19-2016 10:17 PM

Jonathan, count me in. Thanks for coordinating the get together!

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