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Originally Posted by mc4saints View Post
how much is this tv worth? Better yet, what can i get for it? No pixels out. Bulb replaced 2 years ago. Does have the faded 1 inch line on left that i haven't fixed yet. Just curious what i should put on the market for.

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Just replaced my DLP chip. It was easy, and am happy to report that not only do I not have the white and black dots anymore, but the black levels are back to brand new. I can't believe how good it looks. I bought my chip from shopjimmy.

Don't be afraid of this fix, it took me under an hour total, going slowly. I removed the projection unit completely from the set to be able to work on it on a table.
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My power supply on the 67" finally bit the dust. I have replaced both the DMD chip and the red chip on this unit at one time or another. The DMD is about a year old. Decided to finally replace this set. Man I loved it. Anyway, I need to get the thing out of the house. Need any parts? I'm just north of Dallas. I'm probably not going to wait long before I get rid of it, but let me know if you need something from it before I throw it away. I'll probably pull the DMD and save it since people are actually needing those the most. Onward and upward.
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Originally Posted by TVAB View Post
I'm posting this to help other with the same problem with their HL61A750 (probably the same for the HL67).

My TV (5 years old) developed a shadow line about 1 inch wide on the left of my TV. I checked the blogs and there was a lot of discussion about replacing the light tunnel etc. But one post noted that the TV just needs an alignment adjustment. So I tried this.

Unplug the TV. Take the bottom back panel off the TV. (see attached picture). Note the power supply in on the left and could still have a charge so be a bit careful. Just to the right of the power supply unit is the light engine chassis. The front of this is the DMD board and just behind that are 2 black knobs that are very hard to see even when viewing from the far left. Some posts I read said they just slipped their hand behind this to turn the horizontal knob (lower of the 2) and one person did this with the TV on. I'm too cautious for that. I couldn't see the knobs or feel them anyway so I undid the two screws holding the light engine chassis in and slid it out a few inches. I could then see the knobs and reach them easily. I turned it a few times about a 1/8th of a turn each time anti-clockwise to get the picture aligned. Each time I slid the chassis back (without the screws) make sure the chassis sits right with the 2 alignment pins that are next to the screw holes. Then plugged it in (without the cover) and checked the picture. The black shadow line is now gone.

Note it is was confusing from the picture to see where the knobs were as they aren't shown, only their relative position behind the DMD board. But it is behind the DMD board (highlighted) and nothing needs to be removed to get to these knobs, just slide out the chassis a few inches. Maybe on the bigger TV's there is more room.
Thanks for this! Mine just started showing the band down the left side and I used your post and photo to resolve the issue

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First of all these TVs do not have a light tunnel per say.
There is no need for one, that went out with bulb TVs.
Just to make life a whole lot easier for you, you can slide the light engine
out as far as you can even if it means re-routing some cables a bit.
After that you turn it on and you can actually look at the lens and see the shadow
on the side or top or bottom. I went into setup and brought up a solid white test pattern.
It is hard to see in pics because it is so bright but you can see it easily as long as you
do not look straight into light beam.
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Well glad to report that this wonderful TV is still going strong. I take care of my things and its still in mint condition but just three weeks ago I started getting a bunch of white dots. I thought “Oh no, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”

But shopjimmy to the rescue. Replaced the DLP chip and the freakin TV looks as good as my brand new Sony XBR, its just a beautiful set and is my go to for watching all my HD sports. Totally underrated set in its time.
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I miss mine, good for you!!

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