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bcrowso 01-26-2012 03:51 PM

Originally Posted by catboot View Post

Did you solve your problem? My HD200x only projects in Black and white. Suspect colour wheel.

Yup- Very easy fix .... back up and running after a half hour. I have put tons of hours on it since using it almost daily with no issue- very cheap fix as long as you are brave enough to dig into the guts of your projector!

kamezzle13 02-13-2013 12:49 PM

I recently moved, and shortly after reinstalling my projector (maybe 20 hours of run time), my projector started flickering colors. I had it happened in the past, but had warranty to cover it. Sucks, I had taken the hd70 apart and did a thorough cleaning job before I remounted it on the ceiling.

It flicked a few times, then boom, color wheel completely shattered!

Bummer! called all the numbers listed in this thread, always for the same answer, that parts for this projector model number aren't manufactured anymore, and I would have to search elsewhere frown.gif

thank goodness for ebay. About double the price that it would have been from infocus, but I have a new color wheel on the way. It was sssssooooo tempting just to use a portion of my tax return for a 1080p upgrade, but this projector has served me very well over the past 5 years. Although I wouldnt mind brighter and clearer, I still get absolute amazement over how vivid and vibrant the picture is. I figure $120 bucks could buy me another year or two before I replace the unit, and in the meantime, the price of the projectors I currently covet will drop at least the cost I spent on the color wheel.

Oh well! Ill post back with my success of reinstallation, with the color wheel mod performed.

chewbacaface 12-06-2013 09:28 AM

I just took mine part last night because it flicker different colors and then eventually end up in black and white. It took about 30mins to get to the actual color wheel and get it out but mine looked pretty good. So, I cleaned it off and cleaned the motor casing a bit. Then I hand spun it a little to make sure the motor bearings felt smooth. Everything seemed fine. I cleaned everything else out as well while I had it apart. After I put it back together I ran it last night for about 6 hours without any issues. Maybe just moving around some of the connections and cleaning it helped out. Who knows? I'm crossing my fingers now that it continues to work.


This thread helped a lot.



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