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theLorax 08-10-2013 04:09 PM

I'm researching to buy my first projector. The BenQ seems to do everything I want and gets some great reviews. Those that have it I'm hoping you might be able to help me with a few questions:

1. I want to ceiling mount the projector 12feet back from the screen. I'm wanting to project 120inch screen and according to the proj calculator I'll need to zoom it at 1.20X. I'm curious if zoom ratio effects anything about picture quality. I have a fan at the ideal distance but could mount it right behind the fan with zoom.

2. When the projector is ceiling mounted how does vertical zoom work. Is the top of the screen level with the bottom of where the projector is mounted from the ceiling? Does it vertical zoom the screen down or up from this distance or both?

3. I'm sure this question is somewhere on this forum I apologize if it has been answered before. Is there a best practice to how you project on the wall? I have 9 foot ceilings and the height of the screen is around 5 foot, so I have a lot to work with on centering it vertically. Should the middle of the screen be eye level, higher, etc?

coderguy 08-11-2013 07:47 AM

You did not specify which Benq, but assuming you are speaking of the Benq w1070:

1) I believe you misread their calc or their Flash app sometimes gets stuck in certain browsers and shows the wrong zoom (maybe), because your Zoom should be about 1.11 at 12 feet back from 120 inch screen.

Zoom can affect the image on some projectors, but to a lesser degree generally on these tighter throw ranges. Most Benq w1070 owners have said they cannot tell any difference depending on the Zoom, though I have played around with the w1070 myself, I did not really have enough time to compare the sharpness at different zooms, but it didn't appear to have much effect. As far as effects to contrast, if you mount it farther back then you will get a tiny tiny boost to contrast (doubt you will be able to tell). On some projectors, the contrast loss is more extreme due to the larger throws and different lens confi.

2) For 120" 16:9 screen, you can mount the projector with the center of the projector's lens 3" to 8.5" above the top of the screen's viewable area. Generally speaking this means the physical bottom of the projector can be pretty close to the top of the screen, or slightly above.

3) Middle of screen can be eye-level, but take into account a few things. Do you watch movies reclined or sitting more upward. If you recline, make sure to keep the screen high enough to not get into the way of your feet. Generally depending on your chairs, this can be anywhere from 2 feet to 3 feet above the floor for the screen. Also where you place the screen is really just personal preference, but I wouldn't put it too high above the ground. I keep my screen just about 24" above the ground if I recall, though I could lower it more to make it so that my eye level is matched to the vertical center (optimal), then it would get in the way of my feet when I recline. Compromises...

Hope this helps...

theLorax 08-11-2013 08:41 AM

Yes that helps a lot and it is the w1070. So is projector central calc more accurate? I was curious why it was different.

Also one thing I forgot to ask is do new projectors normally come out in the Fall? This one looks like it is almost a year old. Curious if the price will drop even more or buy this years model.

coderguy 08-11-2013 09:03 AM

The PJC calculator is usually accurate for throw range, but I do not believe it is always accurate for giving the exact ZOOM number (this doesn't really matter much anyhow), because the Minimum and Max throw distance is all you really need to know. Also, the lumens numbers it uses are often completely wrong (sometimes by an error margin of 100% or more, just depends on the projector). So some of the data they give you is good, and some is not, it's a shot in the dark.

Most new projectors do come out in Fall, but the lower end (sub $1500) are a little more unpredictable and not always released in Fall. I am not sure when the next w1070 replacement comes out, but the w7500 (the Benq w7000 replacement) should be out fairly soon, but this will likely start at over $2000 presumably.

squigly1 08-11-2013 09:57 AM

The model replacing the w1070 is the w1400. There is also a w1500 which adds wireless HDMI and should be currently available, at least it is up here in the Canada. The w1400 is supposed to be released next month.

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