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I just bought a new house with a nice big basement. I am going to build a theater room. Need to get a projector.

My room is going to be about 16x26 and perfect rectangle. 7' ceilings.

I want to get a screen as big as I can. 120-150" or even more.

My audio gear: b&k ref 50s2, b&k av-5000s2, DCM time window 7 main. Dcm tfv-10.0 rear and side rear. Dcm Surroundscape center. PS3 as source and a Sony BDP s500. Thiel smart sub.

I am going to first try doing a screen on the drywall. If that doesn't work, I will buy a legit screen.

There will be zero windows. So it can be super dark. I am not a videophile, but I appreciate a good picture. I have a 60" Panasonic plasma in the living room.

Thinking of a emotiva umc-200 possibly for a new processor. One question, is it worth it? For hdmi and modern formats vs analog out from my sony BDP.

My real question is the projector. I need to grab one. I have 1500 in amazon gift cards to shop with. I don't mind a refurb and want good quality. I also want easy setup since I am doing it myself.

Any suggestions out there for my projector or thoughts on the processor?

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If your intent is to do this as a proper theater with dark walls, ceiling, and carpet, with full light control available, then I would get the JVC RS46, hands down. It has lens shift, which will be good for placement and will help with your 7' ceiling height. It's about $3,000, and produces the best native black levels of any projector I've seen at or under $3,000.

At $1,500 you have a number of choices, but none of which will compete with your Panasonic plasma, and realistically, none of which I would consider excellent in any dedicated home theater space.

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For ease of setup you want horizontal and vertical lens shift.

Here are some of the attributes that separate the projectors in the 3k and under category

First thing is to see if you are sensitive to RBE. If you are, then you need a DLP with a fast color wheel or you need to go with LCD. This will narrow your choices considerably so figure out if you're RBE sensitive.

3D - DLP is basically ghost free, some LCD projectors are close to ghost free, brightness matters here (the brighter the better, the glasses cuts off a lot of brightness)
The JVC LCOS like the one mentioned above are great at 2D, but I hear they aren't as good at 3D material so you have to decide how important 3D is to you. That will narrow your choices considerably.

Motorized lens with memory. This is for CIH setups, the panny 8000 has this ability, it's a popular choice for those that want a CIH setup.

The sony HW50es is a top contender for all around projector. Some say the JVC RS46 beats it by a little bit in terms of 2D but the JVC has more ghosting and doesn't have the brightness of the sony for 3D.

A cheaper projector that is good for all around use (3D, 2D, light gaming) is the epson 5020/5030. It's a bit more than the panny 8000 but less than the JVC/Sony ones.

Popular brands here at avs seem to be:
Sony, JVC, Epson, Benq, optoma

If you're doing a legit dedicated theater, I'd go with a real screen instead of painted on. If you're doing a fixed frame screen, it's not that expensive considering all the other gear and the cost of furniture. Look up jamestown av in your search engine.

Yes a new processor is worth it, if only for the inputs/outputs. Also if you want 3D, it's easier if your receiver can handle it, or else you need 2 hdmi connections from the bluray player. Also if your processor can't do HD audio, it's well worth it.

The projectors I'm currently looking at are the epson 5020/5030 for all around projector (3D, 2D, gaming) at the 2k-2500 price range. Sony HW50ES (I can't afford it, but if I had 3k on a projector...I'd get this one). Projectors in the 1500 price range, although better than my optoma would be too much of a lateral move IMO. I'd rather save the money.

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Considering your budget and the fact that you already have all of that audio gear, I would get one of the budget PJs (Optoma 131, BenQ W1070) and spend the rest of your dough on improving the acoustics of your space (carpet and absorbers everywhere possible). This route will most likely give you the most bang for your available bucks.
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As for the screen, I haven't personally seen a painted on wall one but everything I've heard/read about them is that people are disappointed and eventually switch to a real screen. It's well worth it to look at an acoustically transparent screen so you can hide your l/c/r speakers and have an awesome movie theater like environment. They cost a little more than a fixed frame screen but it's well worth it for that movie theater feel, seymourav makes a great screen. Have fun!
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