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Epson 4010/4050 or Sony295 ES

Hi all.

So I'm looking at:

1. Epson 4050 (same as 4010 but pro model): $2300 and comes with free bulb ($300) and mount ($150). Fake / upscaling 4k with 2400 lumens

2. or Sony’s VPL-VW295ES - Normally $5,000 but contact at sony can get for $2700. TRUE 4k. but only 1500 lumens

So, obviously the real 4k is better, but with no lamp or mount it is $850 more. And only 1500 lumens. Thoughts? Thanks!
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This depends so much on the room environment. Not super up to speed on the Sony but I don't think it has lens memory. If your in a dedicated theater with full light control and dark non reflective surfaces the Sony makes more sense. A 2:35 screen lens memory is almost a requirement but not an absolute necessity. In a poorer room the Epson extra lumens could be a benefit. Screen size and seating distance is also a factor as too small a screen or too far of a seating distance the difference between true 4K and half 4K is irrelevant.
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I agree a lot depends on your theater set-up and also what you are watching. If you can control all your lighting and prefer a native 4K to somewhat future-proof, then the Sony may make sense. With the proper settings and a darker room, the picture will still be fairly bright.

If there is ambient light, windows, etc. then I would lean towards the Epson and additional lumens.

And PP is correct, the 295 does not have lens memory, nor dynamic iris.

All of that being said, the 295 new in the box at a price of $2700 is quite something. If you go that route I want one too! (seriously)
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The Sony is a steal if NIB and would be a prize in any decent home theater space. Blacked out room with a 120" screen would blow most people away and would be my choice.
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Epson 4010/4050 or Sony295 ES

I’m going to add to the chorus: depends greatly on the room. With a proper light controlled room or a smaller screen in even a less than ideal room I’d take the Sony. I’m a fan of their SXRD tech and native 4K is the holy grail of front projection right now. But if this is going in a living space where light control is at a minimum, where ambient light will be a concern, or if you’re trying to push a monster screen— the Epson is a more than worthy consolation prize.

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I currently have a 4010 and at the price mentioned for the 295es I would get the 295es (but then I have a 'proper' room).

Aside from that... based upon what I see for price on the 4050 I would not spend the extra ($600-$700 above the current price of the 4010) unless you have to have the black casing.

Maybe a dealer is giving you a much lower price on the 4050? Based upon the "$850 more" for the 295es... would make the 4050 only $150 more than the current sale price of the 4010 and that's a deal including an extra lamp and mount.

If normal retail on the 4050 then you can get a ready to go Osram equipped lamp for ~ $150 and a solid mount for about the same.

If it's not a proper room then maybe consider the Epson 5050ub at the same (current) price as the 295es price that was mentioned.

Then again there might be some JVC deals close to that 295es price, I would get an x790r/rs540 over the 295es if it were available in the $3K range.

- Jason

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That Sony is a great deal, and way better than the 4050UB. Personally, for $2700, I'd go with the Epson 5050UB, it is fantastic.
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Demonstration on the effect of white walls:
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