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Power Cords & Cables Sonic Changes Obviated by Room Correction and To What Extent?

Interesting exchange from another thread here at the $20k forum:

Originally Posted by Bigus View Post
Amplifier performance has been below our discrimination threshold for a couple of decades.
Originally Posted by Steve Bruzonsky View Post
Gee, I guess I was imagin ing when I initially got two Theta Digital Prometheus monoblocks (NCore/Hypex 1200) early 2014 and quickly noticed how they sounded better than the Theta Citadel 1.5 monoblocks I already had for my front left and right. Sounded so good that I then ordered three more of the Prometheus to replace my other three Theta Enterprise monoblocks!

Sounds like you are saying all amplifiers sound the same if equivalent power. You are certainly entitled to your own opinion of course (and hopefully me mine).

I do agree that amplifiers like people should not discriminate!
Originally Posted by Stereojeff View Post
Your system sounded different when driven by Prometheus because it had very different frequency response. The Citadel 1.5's with no global feedback had a very high output impedance. Thus every speaker they drove had an unintended active equalizer in series with the output. Prometheus has extremely low output impedance and minimum frequency interaction with the load.

From my experience it's also true that N-Core amps, at least as designed by Morris/ATI, sound more dynamic than most other amplifiers.

It's also true that you were the first Theta customer to notice the differences.

Originally Posted by Steve Bruzonsky View Post
In all fairness I received the very first two Prometheus out of the factory - and within a day or two realized how outstanding they sounded, somewhat different and I thought better than the Citadel 1.5s, so I quickly ordered three more to replace my three Enterprises at center and surround!

Regarding what you are saying re frequency response, makes total sense! The improvement I heard was hardly just frequency response, but 3D imaging was more real and more like a live concert in an excellent sonic venue!

These days, if I change out any components, aside from using room correction measurements (Dirac with my prior Theta CBIVA SSP, Optimizer with my current Trinnov Altitude 32), I also use my ears with this test disc with frequency test tones from low to the very highest: https://www.highresaudio.com/en/albu...es-system-test

Interesting is that using that test disc, with my prior Theta CBIVA SSP, I could hear 8 kHz clearly, and 10 kHz maybe 50%, nothing above (last March when I reinserted CB for 10 days or so as my new Trinnov SSP was in for a minor repair and addng channels); whereas with the Trinnov SSP I can hear up to 12 kHz clearly but nothing beyond. I wonder does this also have to do with output impedance?

This gets me questioning the extent to which excellent room correction, such as Trinnov Optimizer, etc, obviates some or all of the differences audiophiles "hear" in changing power cords, interconnects, speaker cables, various tweaks, etc.

Anyone game?

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To whatever degree an otherwise competently designed and implemented speaker cable, interconnect or power amplifier alters the sound in a perceivable way, it is due to frequency response differences. These have always been fairly easily correctable with EQ, but it may be true that it is a relatively recent trend that well heeled audiophiles are accepting of this EQ in the form of advanced room correction - a break from the old "straight wire with gain" school of thought.

For example, any high frequency rolloff of your citadel monoblocks was a linear phenomenon and could be compensated with suitable measurement and eq. Any cable causing high frequency or low frequency rolloff can similarly be compensated.

The caveat of competently designed and implemented is because of course a trash amplifier can be built (and some indeed are sold) with distortion products into the audible range. I consider these broken, since it isn't expensive to move into the range of inaudibility. And of course you can choose an amplifier underpowered for your speakers in your room with your desired listening level, and drive it into clipping or worse. But that isn't competently implemented.
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