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Originally Posted by Steve Bruzonsky View Post
We are getting there - slowly but surely.

My installer Gerry Behm has talked with Gerald LeMay, Quest Acoustical Interiors, and per Gerald's request has been submitting even more additional info and then we will obtain options, recommendations and costs.

Meanwhile, sold my two PS Audio P4 power regenerators, and the ATI 526NC 6 channel amp (that I was originally going to use for a few left over channels, after 2 Trinnov multi-channel amps), so no going back there. Still to go selling my 3 Theta Digital Prometheus monoblocks over on USAudioMart. Already have Trinnov Amplitude 8 and 8m multi-channel amplifiers - getting one more 8.

Upgraded theater system will be 11.12.13 (with the 13 having one Top/VOG channel for each of 2 rows of seating, as I love Auromatic for music, and as I had the extra channel, why not - of course, when Adam setup, he will only use the one channel assigned for each row as he sets up Alt32 memories for music listening in each row).

I am getting a QSC Q-Sys Core 110(f) primarily for bass management. But subs will only use one output from Alt32 into QSC, four outputs from QSC into four sets of 3 21" sealed Seaton subwoofers each. This leaves 3 inputs and 4 outputs of the QSC untouched. Adam says he'll probably use those QSC inputs/outputs for front left and right, possibly front wides or center, as he can do some "funky" stuff with them.

Which begs the question, what "funky" stuff will Adam be doing with the QSCs for non-subwoofer channels? This is new to me! Ash Sharma mentioned long ago how Adam used some of these QSCs with Ash's theater and they just luv them! Is there a benefit to getting more QSCs for other channels - obviously, not for optimization, done by Alt32, but for some other reason?

Also, although my installer has done Crestron, he really likes Savant. Do these remote control systems tie in to the QSC units? Is there a benefit of one vs the other for my theater upgrade and renovation?
My installer has no ego, and I could have Adam do the remote work, or my installer. Initially I was thinking Savant as my understanding is I can use an iPad, get a license for just one room, and keep these costs down. But this is not set in stone. Thoughts, anyone?

Originally Posted by appelz View Post
Couple quick comments on just a few things.

First, I *HATE* the concept of an iPad as the primary control point in a theater. There are no hard buttons, so even to do something as trivial as adjusting volume activates the screen, which you have to look at to find the button. Two things are immediately pulled out of the show or movie, and your eyes now have to readjust.

I'd be surprised if Savant has already written a module/code to integrate with the QSYS platform. Savant is primarily residential, aside from a few high end private cinemas, I doubt there are many QSYS systems in residential systems. There are GPIO's that I've used to integrate with Control4 and other control systems, but you don't get any status feedback using that method.

Sophisticated private cinemas really benefit from a user interface that can be custom designed. You may have anywhere from 3-10 listening/watching modes in the Altitude32, plus options for Auro/DTS/Dolby. Add in possible lighting scenes, HVAC, screen and projector controls and fixed GUI's become tedious to navigate.
Thanks Adam. Frankly, its me, not my installer. My theater upgrade & renovation keeps growing. In the past, I've done inexpensive remote control stuff, like Universal and more recently Logitech Harmony, that I can do myself. And my installer simply recommended Savant knowing I wanted something less expensive as he told me really do I want to continue using all those remotes. HA!

I've been really thinking about this. My theater upgrade & renovation expense keeps on mounting upwards (my fault - need to totally quit AVS Forum. HA!). For one thing, once I got the Alt32, I started using my iPhone X as a remote, and its screen lighting up doesn't really bother me (to each their own). I have an iPad Pro 12.9", too big to use as a remote - but I can get an inexpensive iPad Mini. That will really be fine for me. Though I appreciate the more traditionalist approach with a hard remote. Plus now my Trinnov amps auto turn on and off from standby, Alt32 and Lumagen Radiance Pro and Stewart Vistascope screen and turn on settings can all be programmed, and we are putting in new lighting which also will be on my iPhone/iPad Mini. Will it be as elaborate as what Adam can do at higher cost - NO - but it will be fine for me - at some point one has to set limits on what one can afford to spend. So far I've been doing a terrible job at that! HA! And my installer does both Savant and Crestron and we had yet to make a firm decision which way to go. I've talked to Ash, who has multiple QSC Q-Sys units, etc and Adam did a phenomenal job, nothing but total praise! Like anything else, every extra percent of perfection costs more $$$.

As an aside, the other day I talked to a longtime audio friend, Rob in Newport Beach, who has a Datasat 7.x.4 setup, who raved about how way better the sonics were after Adam did his calibration magic!

Pray for all of our healthcare providers, food manufacturing and delivery workers, all of whom are doing their best at great risk to help us survive the current Covid-19 virus crisis.
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We have several dedicated iPads for control in our home and frankly rarely use them. Everything is now controllable with our iPhones including the theater (which is mostly automated anyway). For the occasional volume control change it is not that bright. SJ
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