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audiovideoholic 01-31-2020 06:01 PM

Help Trinnov Altitude32 Upgrade to 48 vs Dolby Lake LP4D12 vs Lake LM44 vs Four Audio
Hey guys need some help for sub processing and don’t quite understand the technical terms I’m afraid as some people are using processors that state a FR of 20hz-20khz yet run huge sealed sub systems.

I am debating upgrading my Altitude32 to control more zones of subs if that is possible. I consider a zone to be two or more subs that are stacked or directly beside each other away from other subs (only stacked in my residential space). I know the Altitude32 has some limiting factors with subs but I don’t know the details for those factors. I read that the new upgrade may also give more sub options but not sure what that entails.

My main question is-

How do processors actually pass the signals that are below their FR spec?

Like the LM44 states FR of 20hz-20khz yet I’ve seen this placed into a system that focuses on extreme Ultra Low Frequency responses. Does the FR in processing terms simply mean those are the limits available for altering signals or is it like with Amplifiers and the signal actually starts to roll off steeply?

The Four Audio has a FR of 4hz-45khz with a max Frequency Resolution of 3hz.

The LP4D12 has a Digital-Analog FR of 3hz-20khz and an Analog-Digital of 2Hz-20khz.

So how do these numbers represent the sub output signals the amplifiers will receive? How do those signals compare to what amplifiers do with respect to Amplifiers’ FR if that is applicable? And what is the difference between max resolution and frequency response?

What would you all do for processing subs out of today’s options? Lake DLP, LM, QSC, Trinnov, Four Audio HD2, or any others?

My basic layout as of today’s plans for my renovation are-

Front Baffle Wall- Stacks in Both corners and both 1/4 points. Single subs that will make LCRs into 4 ways. So most simple amount of zones in perfect world would be 5 if FRs work out to be the same on L side stack/Right side stack, Left 1/4 point/Right 1/4 point, and LCR.

Side walls will have 1/4 points on one wall and only one 1/4 point on other wall so 2 or 3 zones. These locations may change to modal positions if they model better. Will take measurements once they are built and in the room as the enclosures will be built the exact same regardless of placement for the side wall subs.

Rear wall will have stacks in both corners so either 1 or 2 zones.

So best case scenario 8 zones. Worse case 12 zones but highly doubt the two stacks of 1/4 points on Baffle Wall will need separate processing. But it wouldn’t surprise me if they did need it!

Any and all help doing this both the easiest and best way possible would be greatly appreciated.


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