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rt297 08-26-2001 06:08 PM

I recently pulled my Dad's Dual 701 turntable out of storage. This thing was manufactured in Germany at least 20 years ago, weighs about 28lbs, and is virtually brand new. At the time, Dual was considered one of the premier manufacturers of audio equipment when turntables were the only game in town. I remember seeing one playing upside down from the ceiling in a showroom once. I doubt they are even in business any more, but I was considering integrating it into my system just for kicks and hoped to draw on the wonderful knowledge base on this Forum. If anyone knows anything about this unit, I would appreciate the feedback. How does it stack up to today's gear? The cartridge was made by Ortofon #M20E. I assume it will have to be replaced if such a thing is even possible. How about it? Anyone have any ideas about this?

KLM 08-26-2001 08:05 PM

Hi, sorry to see noone else respond to your thread. I am not familar with the Dual model you have but do know they made some good turntables. I would recommend replacing the cartridge first and then get some high quality lps and enjoy. You can find a replacement cartridge at a number of retailers (needle doctor, audio advisor, etc,) You can also go to the audioasylum.com and ask those who are still into analog what they would recommend.

I too recently got back into lps and let me tell you its all I have been buying lately. Take a good turntable like the dual and some high quality lps (MFSL, Nautilus, Direct to Disc, etc.) and the sound is simply better than cd...maybe even SACD or DVD-A (haven't compared). Make sure to get some good record cleaning fluid and brushes (disc doctor, LAST, etc) or a record cleaning machine (VPI) to remove the pops and background noise-what a difference.

Good luck.

Keith L. Michel
"There can be only one"

EC 08-26-2001 09:29 PM

If you do a search with your search engine - you will get a lot of hits for Dual including this German one ... http://www.dual-turntables.com/


My very first turntable was a Dual 508

The first thing I would do with this table (or any other for that matter) is to give it a tune-up before integrating it into your system. If it is not properly set up it may (will!) slowly destroy your records and cartridge.

This would include:
- making sure that the platter is perfectly level
- properly aligning the cartridge (there are a few tools for this, Mobile Fidelity Geo Disc, Heybrook alignment etc).
- setting the tonearm height
- setting the tracking weight
- setting the antiskating

A bit of tweaking and you'll have a great sounding instrument for next to nothing.

Eric Chong
Thanks for listening

pmf 08-27-2001 06:48 AM

I still have my >15 y/o Dual hooked up to my receiver based system but these days most of my listening is with the Rega. Check out garage-a-record.com, they have a dedicated Dual TT page as well.


Paul Scarpelli 08-27-2001 07:46 AM

Your turntable may or may not have come with the Ortofon cartridge as an integral part of the headset. If so, you may want to just buy a replacement stylus, because the cartridge is matched to the arm. The suspension and damping block of the cartridge has lost it's viscosity after all these years, and needs replacing. It's probably stiffer than Abe Vigoda's hip.

If you choose to replace the cartridge, you need to acquire one with similar mass and compliance, or you risk lowering the cartridge/tonearm resonance to below 7 Hz or so, and tracking will suffer.

Paul Scarpelli
Director of Sales & Marketing, Triad Speakers, Inc.

rt297 08-27-2001 07:09 PM

I would like to thank everyone for their kind input. I never expected this much feedback There certainly are a lot of people out there with a lot of knowledge. I was also suprised to see that Dual is still in business, although I don't know why. You just don't hear about them.
Thank you so much,

How does that vinyl sound on your Diva's? Gifford sure gave a much better review than I expected you think? It seems EVERYONE is won over by the Diva's. They are not just OK, everyone is just WOWED by the whole thing, every detail of the experience.
Thanks again,

pmf 08-27-2001 07:26 PM


I haven't got the chance to properly setup my second music room where the Divas & Maggies are residing. Right now all I have is a CD changer and a multi-channel amp sitting on the floor driving the speakers although I should have a new rack coming in anytime so I can bring some of the equipment upstair to eventually try both of them out on vinyl if I want. I am sure they will both do fine.

I just responded to vp0's post asking for speakers to go with his Integra & Earthquake amp and you can find the link to my equipment list there.

No, I have expected Gifford's post to be positive but didn't expect him to enjoy the entire process as much. My 6.1's took a while to settle down besides the rattling bass driver. Initially besides being a bit harsh and shy on bass, it's image also seemed a bit unstable but after >50 hours break in things settled down to pretty much what Gifford describe except I have been comparing it to the Maggies' soundstage, B&W's detail/image and the Def Tech's bass. A tough work out for those sub $2k speakers I have to admit. https://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif


rt297 08-27-2001 07:42 PM

You guys got too much stuff! I just posted about the break in period. It was identical to what you experienced. I also was a little concerned about the bass, but not now. For me, the bass with music is fantastic. Very fast and tight. Low enough too. For HT you needs a sub period though. That is half the HT experience IMHO. Anyway thanks for the Dual info. See you back at the Diva page.

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