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hollywoodfrodo 02-16-2017 12:38 PM

Bipolar Surround (Side) as part of 5.1.4 Atmos Setup
Hi all - I've read through a # of posts here regarding Bipolar Speakers but can't find enough info to help me decide if they would be good, bad, or neutral for my setup.

I'm moving into a new house and the room that will be set up for surround sound is about 18ft long by about 14ft wide. The TV will be on one long wall, slightly off-centered and we'll have a long a$$ sofa all the way along the length of the other long wall. I'll have two tower speakers, a center channel speaker, and 4 ceiling mounted speakers for atmos.

I am trying to decide what style of speakers would be best for rear surround to go on the L/R sides of the sofa. Keeping in mind the sofa will be against the back wall so the speakers will be more or less in the corners of the room in line with the sofa. I had never seen or considered bipolar speakers until I started researching speakers for the rear surround. It occurred to me that these might be good having one woofer/tweeter set pointing directly towards the sofa (typical surround setup), but a second set that would angle out a bit into the room.

My theory is that this would just help fill out the surround sound and if there were so many people that some were sitting on the floor in front of the sofa, they would benefit from the angled speakers too. (Although generally speaking, everyone would be sitting on the sofa.)

The question is this - is there any benefit at all to having bipolar speakers in such a setup? Is there a possible detriment to using bipolar versus just a standard surround speaker?

Thoughts? Recommendations?


ALtlOff 02-16-2017 01:01 PM

Honestly, if you already had bi-poles, I'd say go ahead and use them, but since you're buying something and you're sitting against the back wail, I'd just go with a properly angled mono-pole, besides the spec for Atmos using all mono-poles, the real benefit to bi-poles is to help fill space behind you, which you really don't have.

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