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imagic 09-11-2019 05:27 PM

KLH Unveils Maxwell Monitor One Concentric-Driver Bookshelf
Turns out that at CEDIA this year KLH has a demo room right across the hallway from the press room where I picked up my badge. Naturally, I snuck into the KLH room as they were setting up, and I spied these new speakers. 2-way, concentric, nice finishes... And yes, I listened. Excellent imaging, highly detailed, plenty of taut bass with modest extension (into the mid-30s Hz). Acoustic recordings sounded clear and uncolored while electronic music had hyper-detail and layering. I'd think adding a sub to these would result in a tremendous 2.1 experience and I also see uses for these as surround speakers in premium systems where in-wall is not an option (for whatever reason).

The new KLH Maxwell Monitor One concentric driver bookshelf speaker

The Maxwell One will come in various finishes

Full Press Release:

KLH Further Flexes its Muscles with the Launch of Maxwell Monitor One In-Room Loudspeakers

Boasting a new industrial design with exotic finishes including high-gloss Figured Koa, Cocobolo and Ferrari red, and utilizing premium components and concentric drivers, these powerful and nuanced $999 per pair 2-way monitors rival competitors similar designs up to twice the price.

Noblesville, IN – September 11, 2019 – KLH, arguably one of the fastest, most successful comebacks of any consumer audio brand as evidenced by the multiple awards and “Recommended Choice” designations its 2-channel and home theater loudspeakers have received these past 12-months since the company’s relaunch, along with the strong retail and distribution partnerships established around the world, is about to upset the apple cart even more with the launch of its Maxwell Monitor One 2-way speakers which rival competitors 2-way and 3-way speakers at twice the price.

The Monitor Ones are compact monitors designed to sit atop a bookshelf or stand mount. A step-up from the brand’s acclaimed Albany 2-way bookshelf, they are as much a visual statement as they are a high-performance package intended to satisfy audiophiles. With this project, KLH’s product development of ex-Klipsch and industry veterans including that of KLH CEO David P. Kelley, CTO Steven Howell and VP of Engineering Kerry Geist, went full bore.

The first thing people will notice is how beautiful the speakers are, boasting a contemporary new industrial design from this recently reinvented and re-energized brand. This includes a machined aluminum CNC baffle, all complemented by exotic and ultra-luxurious high gloss finish options including Figured Koa, Cocobolo and Ferrari red. The finishes are concourse grade, hand-finished, paint, and veneer.

A first for KLH, the Monitor One incorporates a concentric design meaning the tweeter is mounted directly into the center space of the voice coil of the mid/bass driver. This, along with use of premium internal components and fine attention paid to crossover points, top grade parts, and voicing, results in a balanced and nuanced sound with a very wide dispersion, making the entire room the sweet spot. KLH is employing this same approach in its Maxwell In-Ceiling speakers which come to market this month. Both versions utilize a 1-inch silk dome tweeter and 6.5-inch Kevlar/fiberglass laminated cone, with an robust edge wound voice coil.

“The Maxwell Monitor Ones, just like this past year’s awarding-winning line of bookshelf and floor standing speakers, are built upon the same principle that original KLH co-founder Henry Kloss demonstrated time-and-time again, that is to deliver to the masses innovative, great sounding music systems that represent tremendous values,” says Kelley. “The Monitor Ones are passionately designed and manufactured to be the best-looking and best-sounding of their type in the sub-$2,000 price category, a timeless design that will be cherished, and passed on to future generations, much like we continue to see with Henry’s iconic speakers such as the KLH Model Five.”

Maxwell Monitor One Specs

Frequency Response ​​35Hz-20KHz ± 3dB
Sensitivity​​​90dB @ 2.83V @ 1 meter
Power Handling​​, ​recommend 50 Watts, 150 watts Max
Impedance​​ ​8 Ohms
Crossover type and point​18dB @ 2.2KHz
Dimensions​​ ​H 11 3/4” X W 7 7/8” X D 10”
Weight​​​​ 15 lbs

The Maxwell Monitor Ones can handle 150-watts and are backed by a 10-year warranty. MSRP is set at $999 per pair. For information on how to buy visit www.klhaudio.com. For UK visit www.klhaudio.eu.

DS-21 09-11-2019 07:35 PM

"A first for KLH, the Monitor One incorporates a concentric design meaning the tweeter is mounted directly into the center space of the voice coil of the mid/bass driver. This...results in a...sound with a very wide 180-degree dispersion, "

That's such obvious BS. Just look at the damn thing, unless they're only talking about below 300Hz or something irrelevant and stupid like that. It is possible to get 180deg dispersion along one axis from a loudspeaker...but that requires an array (e.g. the $90k B&O) or a very specialized waveguide (e.g. Grimani). A concentric driver won't do it, even a flat one (e.g. Technics) to say nothing of a conical one like this.

It's a pity when a facially interesting product is tainted by marketing hacks who want people to think it breaks the laws of physics.

8KCRT 09-11-2019 09:38 PM

shootout vs HSU CCB-8
For $650 and a little less style, the HSU CCB-8 would be an interesting comparo. It has already received rave reviews from all, so is the perfect baseline for the KLH to compare.

tenthplanet 09-12-2019 09:54 AM

The only fair comparison would be KEF, battle of concentric speakers. This could be interesting. :)

DS-21 09-12-2019 11:49 AM


Originally Posted by tenthplanet (Post 58547530)
The only fair comparison would be KEF, battle of concentric speakers. This could be interesting. :)

Don't forget the dean of concentric speakers, Tannoy. It looks like a lot of their brainpower escaped the Behringer buyout to start a new brand called Fyne.

Elac, too. If any individual is associate with concentric drivers in the modern age, it is Andrew Jones.

tenthplanet 09-13-2019 12:21 AM

Andrew Jones worked at KEF. He learned well. :)

imagic 09-20-2019 06:13 AM

KLH sent an email stating that the 180-degree dispersion wording was erroneous and that it should say 140-degree dispersion. I've decided to take the number out of the wording altogether.

djp2k7 09-20-2019 08:26 AM

35Hz - 3db?! How is that possible from a speaker that size?

BP1Fanatic 09-20-2019 11:13 AM

The enclosure looks deep compared to the height. If they are sealed enclosures, then that explains the 50 wrms rating.

vlad2304 09-27-2019 07:13 AM

It is strange that there is no info about them on KLH site.

mmiles 09-27-2019 07:32 AM

KLH was a great bang for the buck demo at CEDIA. I had some of the guys I know that play in the high dollar sandbox and they were impressed for the cost even with the fit and finish.

IIRC Tannoy has the patent of the DC driver. I think it was first used by the BBC studios.

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