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ChuckTraywick 06-01-2000 06:05 AM

We received the second SW12 and installed it this past weekend. I must say that I am impressed all over again. Or as Yogi would say "this was deja vu all over again" https://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

I do have a couple of questions that I hope those with more experience will help me with.

I hope Steve, Jerry and Mark are on line today.

I have the two SW12's installed outside of the 10T's and wired up with the front left and right channels going to each sub and then using high pass out to the amp.

I also (per Mike Kelly to try) have taken the sub out of the processor to the remaining line in on the left SW12, in turn taken a line out to the right side SW12 into the remaining line in. We repeat this line out of sub signals to the right rear velodyne and out of the velodyne right into the left rear velodyne.

On listening to music we have noticed some distortions. The dealer thinks it is either:
1: A problem in the recording
2: A problem in the CD
3: intentional by the artist.

We played 1812 repeatedly. The SW12's played flawlessly. The dealer said that the final battle scene has notes as low as 18hz. In his mind if the sub was distorting it would have happened uniformally. he also thinks that if there were room modes they would have also been uniform with specific signals. he said the final battle scene has notes from 18 hz up so if that sounded good he did not think the subs were mis adjusted or the room was distorting the signal.

The CD's we noticed this on were all "pop" music. Sara mcLaughan, the fifth track; Lindsy Buckingham's "A cut In Time" the first track and the new Carlos Santana the third track.

The Sara McLaughan track has lots of pedal on the piano, the other two sound like low guitar notes. Again the dealer said the lowest note a bass guitar can play is 42hz.

Since the SW12's are wired in a straight line I have the phase at normal; the slope at 12db, the level at two, the L+R summed toggle on, eq out, low pass at 70 and high pass at 70.

What do you folks think?

BTW, these subs are simply amazing. I have never heard bass like this before. What a joy to hear very deep bass notes while at the same time hearing every nuance of the other notes without the bass "coloring" the other signals.

On movies, more of the same, simple amazing. The opening ten minutes of "The Fifth Element" really stand out. The director uses lots os low notes to give you the feeling of being in space in a very large vessle. When the ship lands and the priest is talking to the professor inside of the building you can clearly hear the bass notes getting louder as the ship nears the ground. All the while the priest and the professor continue to talk and you can clearly hear everything. You can even here the echo in the room they are in while the ship is landing. Amazing.



aerialman 06-01-2000 06:28 AM

what are your settings on the lexicon and did you calibrate each channel to 75db? also, what do the distortions sound like?

- Jerry

ChuckTraywick 06-01-2000 06:47 AM

Per the Lexicon people I have said "YES" to the sub and pick then did no xrossover frequency. I am assuming that all signals then go to the SW12 where 70 and below gets played and above seventy goes to the 10T's?

The sounds are like a woofer when it is overloaded. The sound breaks up a tad. It is very fast when this happens. That is, the signals come togther fast.

On the Sara McLaughan track a couple of times in the song where she hits the pedal hard and keeps it depressed a long time the end of the note sounds a bit boomy. When I get up close to the SW12 and get behind the speaker and put my hand on it I can feel the distortions.

On the Lindsey Buckingham at the beginning of the second track (the first two songs run together) when the bass guitar is playing low there is a quick series of notes that are inserted and it sounds like the sound is breaking up a a tad.

On the Carlos Santana third track it sounds boomy.

The very fact that I can now detect this level of precision is amazing. I know this sounds picky, but my reasoning is that if there is something wrong with the setup then I may be having other induced errors that are less pronounced.

The dealers rationale is that if a given signal is playing properly (i.e. the 1812 overture) then the setup is OK and one should look at the music.

I don't know. Since the 1812 low notes are achived with a combination of precuision instruments and two of the others are electric.

What do you think?

Do you have any of these cd's. How do they sound in your system?


aerialman 06-01-2000 08:54 AM

actually Im wondering how you have your main speakers setup. I cant remember exactly how the lexicon does bass management, but I would set it up with large mains. youll have to ask lexicon how they handle bass management with regard to the subwoofer setup. my gut feeling is to do an experiment. first try it with no subwoofer, then try it with subwoofer set to 40hz, then try 80, what happens?

- Jerry

ChuckTraywick 06-01-2000 09:32 AM

Good idea. Maybe it is getting too much bass signal on some tracks. I'll try that and post the results.


TV 06-02-2000 01:38 AM

I'd unhook one or the other input to the AERIALs. Either use the linelevel or the speaker level. Optimize that first, then begin experimenting with uncommon setup possibilities.


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