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longbow 10-15-2014 06:23 PM

LH Labs Keep Mono Amplifier
I attended RMAF last weekend and had a chance to listen to the soon to be Crowd Funded LH Labs Keep Mono-block amps. LH Labs, a division of Light Harmonic (www.lhlabs.com www.lightharmonic.com) are the makers of the super high end DaVinci Dac and the Geek Out portable Dac/Amp. The Geek Out was their first Crowd funded device and it was a huge hit. I love my Geek Out 1000 (1 Watt of class A in a thumb drive sized USB device). They currently have the Geek Pulse about to ship from their second crowd funding.

The Keep is a Class AB (Deep Biased Class A) Mono block amp. It currently will output 120 watts into 8 ohms. (This may change based on crowd funding feedback). It is an ultra wide bandwidth device. -3dB at 2.5 Hz, 0.5dB at 80kHz.

I had an opportunity to go into a private review session with the Keep Mono prototypes at RMAF last weekend. They were feeding them from a Geek Pulse X DAC with files from a LAN/Wireless network. They played three separate tracks each with a different style and timbre emphasis. I liked what I heard!

Acoustic guitar had a nice attack and fingering on the strings. Decay was very accurate. Another track had cymbals that rang true with appropriate spacial positioning of performers. There was a reasonable sense of 3D front to back.

They hid the guts in a pair of large Pass Labs styled cases. After the demo Gavin Fish and Larry Ho opened one case to reveal components that would fit in a shoe box. One large toroidal power supply and a circuit containing only 30 parts! Nice!

The Keep Mono's will be going live as a new Indiegogo crowd funded device likely prior to Christmas 2014.

I can't wait! :D

mlknez 10-16-2014 11:26 AM

Fellow GeekOut 1000 owner here and soon to be owner of a Geekstream. I would love to see and hear their amps. Were they balanced connections? Any indication of 4Ohm load numbers?

uncola 10-16-2014 06:00 PM

I wonder if the keep is going to be monoblock power amps only, I know they were considering an integrated amp

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