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Amer Khan 01-02-2019 12:51 PM

VERY strange issue with Yamaha RX-A1060
Would be very grateful if someone with more knowledge than us can perhaps point us in the correct direction with this very strange issue.

Had our system set up by a professional 2 years ago. Basically a rack in utility room which feeds two main rooms, including cinema room. All sounded great to begin with but then after a few months this strange issue started appearing. Installation engineer looked at it but at the time could not work out the issue and put it down to our individual perception changing over time. However, recently have come across something by chance, which shows there is a clear strange issue happening:


Cinema room uses Yamaha RX-A1060 and has various inputs, including Sonos and an Apple TV4.

Audio only when using Apple TV in Cinema sounds softer, lacks spatial clarity and surround and muffled compared to originally.

Of course, there could be a multitude of reasons for this but the reason it is strange and we hope a very easy fix is the following observation!


1. From everything switched off, if we use the Sonos app directly to play a music track in cinema room, it sounds wonderful.

2. From everything switched off, if we select Apple TV in Cinema and play an Apple film sounds bad (as already described above, this is the issue). But the strange thing that may help identify why is this: Whilst Apple TV is selected, use the Yamaha RX-A1060 app to manually change the Input to AV3 (this is the Sonos input for cinema room). Then go to Sonos app (just like before) and select the same music track to play in cinema and suddenly it sounds hugely less clear, is more muffled and setting volume on Sonos app to 50% is much (much) lower volume in reality. Overall the sound experienced is very similar to the poor audio quality we get when playing purchased imovies etc through Apple TV.

Anyone able to pinpoint what could be different between scenarios 1 and 2 that is causing the (huge) difference in sound quality? And what setting (or other thing) we need to change?

It used to all be fine and once came back to normal before going bad again. Seems to suggest there may be some automatic software updates (in Apple TV?) causing the issue?

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