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joe12pack 04-04-2019 07:59 PM

Buchardt S400 + Rythmik F25 + PrimaLuna?
I'm somewhat of a noob but I've been rocking with my 25 year old Paradigm Titans since College. One of the speakers is going out so time for a serious upgrade.

I ordered the Buchardt S400 (coming in June as they are sold out) and also have Rythmik F25 Dual 15" subs on the way. I am trying to figure out what preamp/amp I want to pair with it. I currently have a Crown XLS 2002 amp (600+wpc).

From my research the Prima Luna lineup seems amazing. However I am wondering should I get their Integrated Dialogue Premium (25wpc) @$3399 or go with their Preamp Dialogue Premium @ $3199 and pair that with my Crown Amp.

Would a tube pre + Class D Amp work ok? I don't plan to be listening at crazy volumes. Just want good sound. Room is 15'x15' and 14' ceilings.

Alexander Jellison 07-17-2019 07:39 PM

Hey there
Just stumbled on your post. Hope your S400's are treating you well. I've had a pair since February and have tried them with a variety of different electronics since then. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

joe12pack 07-17-2019 09:07 PM


Originally Posted by Alexander Jellison (Post 58309566)
Just stumbled on your post. Hope your S400's are treating you well. I've had a pair since February and have tried them with a variety of different electronics since then. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

I actually haven't received them yet. They offered me another 200 euros to delay my order until September (this is on top of my 200 euro discount when I ordered). At this rate I'll get them for free.

So what do you think of them?

Alexander Jellison 07-17-2019 11:56 PM

Wow! I jumped on their website last week to order the matching stands for the Buchardt's and saw the S400's were on back order until September. I didn't know that was the order that was supposed to ship in June. Sorry to hear that. I had to wait a month or two for mine and it drove me crazy. They're worth the wait though. Just remember that they take a long time to break in (200-300 hours) and they like a lot of power (150+ watts). I'm currently feeding mine 700 watts RMS and they love it. Your crown amp should be a good match for them. The other preamp I had my eye on was the Schiit Freya. I've heard it's pretty good with different tubes. I settled on a studio grade dac as a preamp and it's very natural and neutral sounding, which is what I was going for overall with this system because I use them for music, gaming, movies, and TV. My other setup is the Buchardt S300's and a NAD 150 watt integrated that is only used for music. Overall the S300's are smooth, warm, very musical, and very forgiving of poor recordings. Almost sounds like it's a tube setup because they're so smooth and musical. The S400's have a much more natural overall presentation and are far less forgiving of poor recordings. Might want to try out a couple preamps to find what sound you like. First preamp I tried was harsh sounding with the S400's. I was happy I nailed it on the second try with the Mytek Brooklyn, but if not I was going to try either the Schiit or a PrimaLuna tube preamp. I'd recommend sticking with Class D to power them. It's better to find a high power neutral sounding Class D amp and let the preamp give it the sonic signature that you want. One last thing is the S400's are a little picky about how far away from the back wall they are because of the passive radiators. I've found 12 inches from the back wall is perfect for my room. 13 inches and they amount of bass drops off, and any closer than 12 inches and the resonant frequency gets higher. Spent a lot of hours moving them and critically listening to figure that out. With them the perfect distance from the wall and plenty of power, at most listening levels, they have bass that is flat down to 35hz, and drops off at 30hz. I've owned floorstanders that couldn't even do that. I sit about 3 meters away from them and have them about 3 meters apart and found that I had to toe them in just a little bit to get a proper center image despite the internet telling me to point them straight ahead. Overall though, very impressed with them. They do so many different things right and nothing wrong. Hope you get yours soon. Feel free to ask me anything anytime.

joe12pack 07-18-2019 09:12 AM

ok thanks for sharing your experience with the S400s. Yeah it's painful to wait but I am sure it will be worth it. I'll let you know when I get them. Can you just play music at low volume 24 hours a day to break them in?

BTW I love Alaska. I used to fish with my dad yearly in the Kenai river and also for halibut in prince william sound. My dad lived in Soldotna. He passed away last year so going back won't be the same. :(

He's buried in Ft. Richardson national cemetery which I haven't been to yet but I'll make sure I head out there next time I'm in the last frontier.

Alexander Jellison 07-18-2019 06:18 PM

Sorry to hear about your dad. It's not everyday you talk to someone on the internet that's been up to Alaska. Sure is a small world. I've only been back for 6 months or so. Went back to school for a couple years in the lower 48 and didn't like it much down there and came back. There's just less problems up here.

As far as breaking speakers in at low volumes, it'll help smooth the sound out a little, but most break in is done at medium-high volumes. I usually start out at low-medium volumes for about 20 hours, then start breaking them in louder and louder for another 20 hours. The woofer needs to really get moving to break in the part of the internal structure called the spider. What I'll do after about 50 hours is go on youtube and look up some subwoofer test tracks to get the woofer and passive radiator really flexing. They need pushed pretty hard. Just make sure you have a high powered amp and keep an eye on the woofer to make sure it's not distorting or moving too much. Even just an hour of that will give you a noticeable change in sound from them. After that I just use them at whatever volume I want and just let them do their thing and break in the rest of the way.

If you want to see how much the S400's can actually flex, check out this 30 second promo video Buchardt Audio put out awhile back.
Buchardt Audio S400 black

Paul McGowan 07-28-2019 08:31 AM

Joining the S400 club as well with same discount/waiting structure. At this price these speaks should be a no brainer. I do need an upgrade at my amp. Currently using an old Denon stereo amp. I was thinking maybe a NAD or Cambridge receiver. I really don’t know anything about the world of separates and am curious to dive in. I’ve read a lot about emotive, paradox do and a lot of other brands but don’t really know where to start. Would like the ability to scale in, maybe buy a 3 channel amp plus a good processor that can allow me to scale to a decent home theatre over time.

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