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What was your first audio revelation?

I had a 1991 Honda Crx with a set of Pioneer truck boxes in the back. I was hanging out in town with some friends and had my radio playing as background music while we talked and watched people cruising by.

A guy I knew that also owned a CRX pulled up to talk with us. He had a competition level sound system in his car. He invited me in to give it a listen. I was amazed at the quality of the sounds that were being produced in that tiny cabin. We listened to different types of music for about half an hour. I was very impressed but the thing that stood out more than anything was when I got out of the car I heard the radio in my car still playing and it was HORRIBLE. My ears had experienced a new level of quality and now I then knew what I’d been missing.

That was my revelation and from that point forward I bought the best audio equipment I could afford within reason.
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I would have to say when I switched out my factory car stereo and speakers with mb quart separates and 12 inch subs in the trunk with Rockford fosgate amps. The clarity and tactile bass were like nothing I had experienced before and I would spend hours just sitting in my car listening to music. Then, I got a Bose acoustimass setup in my apartment and that was another revelation at the time. But, from an HT perspective, it was when I heard Jurassic Park on Laserdisc with a 3.1 setup (LCR plus sub) using a Harmon Kardon avr. That is when I realized I could enjoy movie theater quality audio in my home, which was a game changer for me.
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Fujitsu Eclipse "Bottomless" Aluminum Subs and Q

My revelation was also with car audio. After graduating high school in 2002 I outfitted my 1991 Lincoln Town Car (that make and model won Motor Trend car of the year the year previous, but don't get a '91 because the it cheaps out on the secondary fuse box and uses insufferable fusable links instead, get a later year with the real second fuse box). Anyhow, I had 4,000 Watts of bass in the massive trunk. Previously, while still in high school and student body president I at one time transported 8 people in that car. 6 inside and 2 in the trunk. There might have even been a keg in there somewhere (Natural Ice Light, ha ha ha (incontrovertible kid beer))... Anyhow the trunk is huge on those cars.

I had 2 Japanese Fujitsu Aluminum Eclipse 12" and 2 American Kicker Comp 15" subwoofers with Rockford Fosgate Power series amps. I learned a few things setting all of this up. A few of them are don't use a lead acid battery in the trunk for your stereo (luckily we smelled it) it is hazardous in multiple ways, a capacitor makes the bass much better and keeps your lights from dimming and that $100+ set of RCA cables I splurged on at Circuit City with the twisting and the superior shielding and the marketing hype did nothing to alleviate the alternator/grounding wine I thought it would.

The revelation that sticks with me the most is that I bought a 3-way crossover from a local electronics store which had a remote. You know the ones on the wire with the knobs that you place under your dash somewhere within easy reach to turn the bass up and down. Well this one had a couple of extra knobs for "Q". I wasn't specifically looking for that but what it stands for I latter learned is "Quality Factor" and controls how wide of a frequency spectrum you are amplifying. So unlike an ordinary crossover I could choose a bass frequency and then basically direct ALL of my amplification, almost 500 legitimate Watts RMS according to the amps Rockford Fosgate Birth Certificate, into that single frequency alone by focusing the Q. Wow, my stereo bass was taken to a whole new level. My steering wheel would jump up and down vibrating by like several inches. I'm not sure how the steering column didn't snap.

I would love to find another crossover like that, or even just a jpeg of one to keep as a memento but I've been unsuccessful in my cursory searches...

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Friend of a Friends Fujitsu Eclipse Titanium 15" Subwoofer

Fujitsu's Eclipse brand of car audio is no longer imported from Japan do to sales volumes not justifying the market presence but boy did they make some serious gear.

About 15 years ago or so my friend took me his co-workers house to listen to his Subwooofer. Or actually the street in front of his house where is early '90 Honda Accord was parked with rear seat removed and long box almost like a coffin taking up the length of that space from the trunk lip to the front seats. It was his subwooofer enclosure for a Fujitsu Eclipse Titanium 15", their pinnacle model ever offered in the US. I don't remember how many Watts he was running because I was amazed he hooked his amplifiers up directly to the alternator of the car.

The sound was likely noticeable in homes for a 1/4 mile radius from our location in the middle of a residential neighbor hood. I've yet to hear anything like that and subsequently JL Audio anything, absolutely ruled the market with a new 13.5" subwoofer the W7 and top rated amplifiers... Eclipse is now a vintage
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My first amplifier blind test that included amplifiers from $7,000 to $300 (in late 1980's dollars). No one could tell which was which. I never worried about amplifiers again. Saved me a ton of money over the years.
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Shortly after the folks divorce, Dad had to work third shift for a while. I am talking '86/'87. While he was working, we would remove the sliding glass patio doors. Turn the old Zenith(?) console tv around to face outside towards the back patio and yard. Actually draped the curtains around the tv much like a theater. I owned two vcr tapes at the time to play in the "new" vcr. Zeppelin's "The Song Remains the Same" and The Doors "Live at the Hollywood Bowl". We were all just starting to experience "different" things for the first time. Played those two tapes back to back every time. Friends starting bringing lawn chairs over and setting them up. I knew then that this was something very special to have at home. Have been working to upgrade that first system for 30+ years!
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Early 90s, got my first piece of decent gear...a Panasonic, dynamorphous metal, 4-head, hi-fi stereo VCR...$400. Hooked that baby up to my 27”, cheapest model they had at Circuit City, direct view CRT...a crappy old JVC stereo receiver, with a built in, 3-band graphic equalizer...and the 3way Pioneer speakers my dad got at the PX, on his way home from Vietnam. Popped in my VHS copy of Jurassic Park, and the magic began. When I heard the rumble of that first Brachiosaurus hitting the ground, I was hooked!

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When my father brought home KEF 105.2 speakers and a Carver amp set up ("Sonic Holography"). Boggled my mind for years.

Next epiphany was first time hearing Quads - ESL 63s, at a buddy's place who'd caught the audiophile bug. Re-oriented my ideas of sound. (And I ended up buying ESL 63's myself, enjoyed them for a few years, then decided dynamic/box speakers better suited me. But anyone who starts with Quads faces the dilemma of chasing a box speaker that can do what they do, but more. It's a tough challenge).
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My dads reaction when I was about 8yrs old, make or break.
Sometimes my older brother and sister would not come home on the bus from school and I would have free reign to my dads stereo. My dad had a beautiful silver analog receiver with four matching three way 12” woofer speakers double stacked on each side, as tall as me (for an 8 yr old). The neighborhood always knew when I was home. Anyways, as I was cranking the system one day I heard a loud POP and then some smoke out one of the speakers..... oh crap!!! My dad got home and smelled the house of burnt wire and asked me what happened?? I told him, he asked “was it really loud?” I was scared when I answered “ya, really loud”. He laughed and said okay, I’ll just buy a new speaker then. My love for audio was born right there.
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Originally Posted by SmittyJS View Post
My first amplifier blind test that included amplifiers from $7,000 to $300 (in late 1980's dollars). No one could tell which was which. I never worried about amplifiers again. Saved me a ton of money over the years.
^^^ This. Best post I've read all day.
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