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bbechtel16 09-30-2019 11:14 AM

Just repowered RW-12D with Crown XLS 1002 bridged
Interested in feedback on this budget system I've been piecing together over the last decade for I believe under $1k. Also interested in tips on the tuning, crossover, LFE, etc. The system is in my sig. I started with the Onkyo receiver from Circuit City's going out of business sale and a pair of Technics SB-K14 from Craigslist. The amp in the RW-12D has been dead for a while. I paid a highly rated local electronics tech $40 to look at it and, I later found, render it irreparable. I just had an audiophile friend of mine attempt to repair the amp unsuccessfully due to the prior repair attempt damage. So he set it up passive for me and I bridged it to the Crown XLS 1002 I already purchased for said purpose.

Ran Audyssey calibration several times to dial in the gain on the amp. I have the Crown set 2 clicks shy of 3:00 and Audyssey in turn set the sub level at 0. Audyssey has all my speakers set for full range. I read a review of the P363 that recommended crossing at 80hz if you have a sub, especially if you are driving them with a HT receiver with the whole ohm issue on those speakers.

My friend was hoping he could repair the plate amp so I could use the Crown to drive the main channels, although he would have had to modify my receiver to add pre amp outs to do that. I know we could have repaired it with a power supply or a full swap from the Bash analog amp, but the price of those in my opinion was too close to the Crown to bother. I got the Crown for $200 shipped, used through Reverb in excellent condition. I'm pretty stoked about these Crown DriveCore series class D amps. I know they aren't perfect, but it looks like they can't be beat for the money except possibly by Beringer's iNUKE although the brand's reliability seems to be in question. My Onkyo runs hot so taking the load off while improving SQ seems like a no brainer. Not sure how much benefit the center channel would receive from discrete amplification. The mains of course would. If we ever did decide to attempt to add pre amp out I'm not sure if I could buy a larger Crown amp and drive the sub and center with the 2 channels and use the 1002 to drive the mains, or if 3 of the 1002 would work better with the center bridged (overkill). I know you all will say just update my receiver but honestly I probably won't be doing that or buying any more Crown amps any time soon. Unless I break something...

The only other thing I am thinking about is it seems the RW-12D generates some interesting frequency response graphs stock. The "depth" DSP setting seems to bring the bottom end up closer to the top. That's where I used to run it before it died. I'm not sure with the discrete amp with no DSP if I'm going to make it flatter or make it worse? Seems the DSP was designed to cover the shortcomings of the driver? The Crown does have digital crossover band I can control but no EQ. I have the crossover off, letting the Onkyo control what it wants to send.

Thanks for reading my rambling thoughts of the last couple weeks/months/years.

-PS any good iPhone apps (preferably free) to make test tones, measure frequency response/SPL/db? We didn't have iPhones when I first got into this and did all my research!

edit: I don't see my signature for some reason. Here's my setup:
My budget 5.1 system

Onkyo TX-SR606
Infinity Primus P363 left, right, and center
Klipsch RW-12D repowered with Crown XLS 1002 bridged
Technics SB-K14 surrounds
LG 49UF6430 49" 4k LED

bbechtel16 11-30-2019 07:41 PM

Well I can confirm that the driver can handle much more power than the factory plate amp provided, at least briefly. I did find the XLS 1002 clipping momentarily in bridged mode before I turned it down (1100 watts claimed at 4 ohm bridged)

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