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$1000-$5000 284 24.32%
$5000-$10,000 304 26.03%
$10,000-$50,000 450 38.53%
$50,000-$100,000 72 6.16%
Over $100,000 27 2.31%
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My Setup.

60" LG LED - $600 (Staff Discount)
Sony STR-DN 1050 - $450 (Staff Discount)
Fluance XL Bi-Pole speaker - $175
Fluance Xl Centre Channel - $100
Polk PSW10 Sub - $100
Chromecast - $35
Minix Neo X7 HTPC - $150
Sony BluRay - Free
WD 1.5TB Harddrive - $100
Playstation 3 - $350

Future Purchases: - As you can guess.. I'm waiting for stuff to go on sale.
Fluance XL Tower - $500 (So I can get raid of that cheap sub.)
Harmony Ultimate Remote - $350
Ceiling light control with Zwave - $500
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I have two ways of looking at this.. the reason we're building a new house is for me to have a dedicated theater. So if the entire house is allocated to the theater....

But if we just count theater specific construction and equipment costs, I think it'll end up right at 50k or so.
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A tad over $5k for existing equipment only (i.e. not counting cumulative cost of old equipment that have been upgraded/replaced). I only have a living room setup, so no other costs factored in.
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-Samsung HL 61A-750 led dlp = $2200 blue led, new DMD board =$ 300

-Onkyo Tx-nr 3009 = $1500
-Emotiva XPA-1 x 2 = $2000
-Emotiva XPA-3 = $800
-12v trigger module = $40
-Black trim for amps = $60

-Technics SL-1200 = $600
-Mods performed by KAB (cardas tonearm rewire, cardas RCA's) = $300
-Ortofon OM-30 stylus plus cart = $300
-Herbies way excellent Mat = $100
-Graham slee gram amp 2 = $450

-Klipsch RF-83 mains = $3000
-Klipsch RC-62 center = $600
-Klipsch RS-52 surrounds = $900

-TC sounds LMS-ultra 5400 x 2 = $1850
-Qsc Rmx 4050hd amps x2 = $2400
-Mini dsp open drc-an for eq = $300
-Materials for box = $250
-Paint to be determined but probably = $400

-Ps3 250 gig = $300
-extra controller = $60

Power management
-Panamax M5300-PM = $500

-Harmony one = $300
-Ps3 adaptor = $60

-speaker wire, hdmi, rca etc = $1000

- Calibrated Mini dsp U-MIK1 = $100
-Boom mic stand = $40

Diy stand
-MDF = $ 200
-Stainless steel all thread = $150
-Stainless steel nuts and washers = $100
-Paint = $250
-Pay painter (its piano black, so I built it and paid someone to paint it) = $150
-Personal labor = Priceless

Grand total = $21,360.00

Holy Crap!!! I've never added it all up and its kinda shocking! This was over the course of about 5 years to present. There were some items that got a deal on so probably another 3-5k if it were MSRP. Also I have not done any treatments yet but those should be cheap, ill do DIY. This is just for the audio, and video......I don't think furniture should be included.

P.S. The wife knows ive spent a lot on this system, but not this much so I think ill keep it to myself or else.....she might want a new diamond

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I opted for $5000-10,000, but I should have said $10,000-50,000.

If I included the money I've spent on Blu-rays, HD-DVD and DVD's, plus XBOX games, it would EASILY be 10,000-50,000.
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Get the best your current budget will allow and just enjoy your system. As long as you can get immersed in the experience cost is not an issue.
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LG OLED55C7P -- OPPO UDP-203 -- Denon 1613 -- BIC America F12 Sub -- SVS Prime LCR

I find your lack of schadenfreude disturbing.
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For the sake of my sanity, I'm going to assume without tallying up the costs that I'm on the less crazy side of 50k and just leave it at that. Ratio of audio expenditure to video expenditure is at least 30:1, probably more like 40:1. (That's a little skewed because all of my subs and my LCR mains have bespoke cabinetry, but represents well how much I personally value audio vs. how much I personally value video.)

But I will say that, especially in an older home, some costs really creep up on you and slap you in the face. For instance, just wiring my living room this summer was over $4000 from a CEDIA-certified installer. (Audio wiring a little under that, because the cost includes an HDbaseT balun.)The expensive stuff was construction - removing/replacing all the crown molding and the baseboards, cutting a channel in the lath/plaster walls behind the crown molding for the speaker and TV wiring, repainting the room and the ceiling.

The wires themselves - common commodity CL3-rated 14/4 for speakers and ethernet for the TV- were a negligible part of that, even though there's a lot of copper in the room: wiring for current seven main channels and four subwoofers, along with pre-wiring for me to biamp my LCR mains in the future, and for front/rear height speakers, and an 8-channel Mogami CL2X-rated snake to send signal from the miniDSP in the cabinet to the multisub amp in the basement.

Admittedly, my room is complex: main equipment cabinet on the side of the room, subwoofer amp in the basement. But the only cost caused by the complexity was the HDbaseT baluns. Everything else pretty much would've been the same even for 5.1, because the demo/construction costs would've been basically the same.

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PJ- 1350
XPA5- 500
X4100 - 1499
RCL -1550
rears - 300
buttkicker/amp - 450
dual xs30 - 2400
tops - 100
cables - 200
seats - 300
DIY screen - 200

this all in an unfinished basement - so figure another 3-4000 for materials

8400 as of now...with a total of about 12500$
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Are we including gaming systems?

T.V - 1400
Speakers - 640
Receiver - 699
PS4 - 399
PS3 - 399
X-box 360 - 250
Wii - 199

Total - 3,986

Definitely on the low end considering that includes gaming devices.

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Post Escalation is Rapid...

Initially I approached this question with a tinge of incredulity. When I first entered this hobby I did not anticipate the spiralling costs associated with building even a modest theater. I started in 2005 with a $700 floor-model Sony KD-34XS955 Super Fine Pitch tube and a $200 Oppo DV-971H upscaling DVD player. Then I added a refurb Onkyo TX-SR805 for $500 and became hopelessly afflicted...Here is the current system:

Pioneer PRO-101FD monitor $2000 new
Panasonic TC-P60ST60 TV $1000 new

Speakers & Sub:
Thiel CS2.3 front speakers $1500 pair used
Thiel MCS1 center speaker $500 used
HSU ULS-15 subwoofer $850 new
Emotiva ERD-1 rear speakers $300 pair new

Amps & Pre/Pro:
Emotiva XPS-2 amp $800 new
Emotiva XPS-5 amp $700 new
Onkyo PR-SC886 pre/pro $600 refurbished
upgraded to - > Onkyo PR-SC5509 pre/pro $1500 refurbished

Oppo BPD-103D blu-ray $600 new
Oppo BDP-83 blu-ray $500 new
Toshiba HD-A35 HD DVD player $150 used
Toshiba HD-XA2 HD DVD player $200 used
DVDO Edge $250 used
upgraded to -> DVDO iScan Duo video processor $500 used

Monster HTPS 7000 balanced power $700 new
Blue Jeans cabling $250 new
Standout Designs Horizon stand $1500 new
Berkline seating for 4 $750 used

Initial Budget: $10,000
Grand Total: $15,150
Revised Budget: $15,000

Not factored: the multitudes of DVDs, Blu-rays, HD DVDs, SACDs, DVD-As, CDs etc...

Future Upgrades:
More room treatments (have some good ideas)
80" 4K OLED (if it ever materializes)
Linkwitz LX521 speakers (want to build them myself)
Better seating (the one thing the wife is pushing for)
Dolby Atmos pre/pro (maybe, and only if it also includes a good room correction system like Audyssey MultEQ XT32)

"glittering prizes and endless compromises..."

51" Samsung F8500 Plasma & 60" Panasonic ST60 Plasma for Sale

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Originally Posted by thestoneman View Post
I will echo the sentiments of many here regarding who's or my wife? 2 way different answers. All I tell her is how much I saved on the deals that I found!
I always tell my wife that you don't save money in a store, you save money in a bank. But that rule may not apply to home thater gear.
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I am over 5K but less than 10K. 64 inch Sammy Plasma, Oppo 103D, AVR and speakers, power conditioner. Now if you add in my 300 blu ray discs, you can add another 4 to 5K.
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Over 10 grand easy.
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invested? 0
spent? between 5k - 10k

I wish a/v toys would generate money, but unfortunately, for most of us it is quite the OPPOsite hence can't call it an investment.

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Well I DIY all my speakers.. about 2k

DSP, plus amps, plus screen, two projectors, lamps , etc.

Do we add in the cost of all the CD's, DVD's and BD disks ?

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The real trick is to have patience and keep your eyes out for deals/sales/clearance. I upraded my system over the last year from a 50" Panasonic S30 plasma with Cambridge Soundworks Movieworks speakers to my current setup and I feel like I spent way less than I should for all the enjoyment it gives me:

Panasonic 55" VT60 (new, sale)
Onkyo 509 Receiver (new, clearance)
Pioneer FS52 Mains, C22 Center and BS22 rears (new, sale)
Pair of Acoustic Research S108PSB subwoofers (used)
APC H15 Power Conditioner (new, clearance)
Panasonic 3D Bluray player (to replace non-3D Samsung 2500 and lossy-audio-format PS3)
TV Mount/Stand-- forget the name brand but it replaces my OmniMount (new clearance)
LED Backlight/Bias Light, couple of HDMI and coax (subwoofer) cables and a spool of 16awg speaker wire (Amazon)
DIY Acoustic treatments (brother)

Add to this a pair of Ikea Poang chairs and ottomans (the most comfortable chairs on the planet assuming you fit in them) and you have a kick-ass small HT for well less than 3k. Plus-- you get to take the old system and upgrade your den!
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Originally Posted by Tank_PD View Post
That doesn't seem like enough to require a special rider. When I told my insurance about special high cost items they weren't interested in anything under 5-6 figures.
I don't know if it was a special rider or not. All I know is that my homeowner's policy only covered $10K for special electronics -- stuff other than appliances, luminaries, etc. Since I have all the home audio stuff PLUS probably that much again in computers and disk arrays, I stepped up to $60K coverage for computers and big electronics. Had to itemize and take photos everything, including serial numbers. I also have a small collection of firearms and ammunition but those just needed to be cataloged.

Denon AVR X7200WA, Emotiva XPR-5, Emotiva XPA-7, Sony XBR 85" X900F, Oppo UDP-203, Roku Ultra.
DefTech BP7000SC (L/R), CLR3000 (C), SM55 (FH), UIW BPZ/A (SB), UIW 75 (TM).
JBL L7 (Sur), EoSone RSR 350 (RH).
PC 2.1 setup. Emotiva Stealth 6, SVS SB16-Ultra sub, Emotiva DC-1 DAC.
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If I count all my systems and stuff I am not using. (3) 5.1 systems with TV and (1) 3.1 also with TV. Total about 13k. The actual MSRP in about double. Thank God for open box, display models and discountued items. I don't know who much I have spent on cables, etc. I have probably sold or given away another 5-8K building up to what I have now. There's no telling what I could have spent or has if I had my wife's shoe money to work with
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Forgot to include the Bluray's , DVDs, CD's and now vinyl I have purchased.
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Shame you cant redo the vote . I actually didnt convert £7150 to USD and it came to 11750 :O

LG 55LA970W - Oppo 103D - Onkyo TX-NR636 - Kef Q1,5,9C speakers and Rel 150 sub - Sennheiser HD650 Headphones
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$14,000.00 as it sits. This does not count all the speaker, receiver, sub and player upgrades that have gone through to create what I now have.


8.3 Surround, protected by APC H15
Speakers: SpeakerCraft: 8 AIM8 Fives & 2 TIME Fives used as Wides
Woofers: SVS PB13-Ultra (1), HSU MBM-12 MK2 (2)
Sony XBR-75Z9D,. LG OLED55E6P
Oppo UHD-203 player, Denon X7200WA, Harmony 1100, Harmony Elite, 9 Noctua cooling fans
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I'm just over 10k in right now, and I don't even have a home theater yet.

Projector - 2k
Speakers and Subs - $6750
Equipment Rack - $400
Cables - $225
Deposit for Layout and Acoustic Treatment Plan - $1325

The Hodor Theater - Now with Atmos
Projector - JVC D-ILA NX7; Receiver - Yamaha Adventage A3050
LCR speakers - JTR Noesis 228 HT (3); Surr./Back - Klipsch Pro Cinema KPT-8000M (4)
Atmos In-ceiling - Niles DS8HD (4); Subs - Passive JTR Captivator Pro (2)
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Panasonic 60" VT-60: $1,750
Sony BDP-BX510: $80

...I really need some audio equipment but my current apartment has no viable speaker locations. There is no room to the left and right of the television for speakers.
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I have spent too much, but never enough! I'm in about 13k so far. But with Atmos I'll have to reevaluate my system.

My set up: Samsung UN82nu8000 LED TV, Marantz SR7012, Emotiva XPA3, Sony UBP-X800
Roku 4k Premier, Panamax MR4000, 2 Marantz MA-500U, Klipsch KLF10 (L/R),
RC62II (center), R-1650-W (surrounds), RB81II (Rear Surrounds),
Monoprice 6.5" in ceiling speaker (top front/rear), Two Klipsch R-10SW subwoofer
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I can elobarate somewhat, by saying a few things.

I don't have a dedicated space but have been able to take some liberties.
So 6 months into this hobby/obsession I moved around my entire apartment, relocating both my bedroom and office/computer area.

My bedroom is now in the part of the apartment most would use for a sitting area.
Since the old bedroom area was the only place where I could get 5 regular surfaces (the rear wall doesn't exist)
You don't care where you sleep as long as the bed is ok, and when you are enjoying a movie you don't care about feng shui either..

The furnishings are handme downs so no cost there.
My budget is a 60% audio and 40% video, including 50" plasma regular viewing and a motorized screen, sony hw50 front projecting setup.

I have in most cases "gone past the bend".
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Investment in Home Theatre

This is a hard question to answer accurately because I don't remember how much I spent for some of this stuff. I extimate that I have somewhere between 40 to 50 thousand dollars invested in equipment and software that I can currently use probably equally divided between audio and video.

The home theatres (2) are in the basement area which was remodeled in the 1980's for about 100,000 before any equipment or furniture was added. The home theatres are meant to be lived in and for entertaining and are not dedicated entirely to home theatre. There is a wet bar and a wine cellar located in this same area between the two home theatres. I would love to have a dedicated home theatre, but that would not pass the wife acceptance test.

The smaller of the two theatres is 15' X 24' with 8' ceiling and contains:
(1) 65" Panasonic Viejo plasma TV
(2) McIntosh MX-132 preamp
(3) McIntosh MC 6105 Power amp
(4) Snell in wall subwoofer
(5) Apogee hybrid in wall front and center channel speakers
(6) Boston acoustics ceiling mounted rear surround speakers

The larger of the two theatres is 15' X 30' with 10' ceiling and contains:
(1) 133" diagonal DIY screen/with masking for 16X9 or 2.40:1
(2) B stock JVC D-ILA RS40 (from AVS)
(3) ISCO II anamorphic lens
(4) McIntosh MX-132 preamp (a second one for this theatre)
(5) McIntosh MC 7205 power amp
(6) Revel speaker system (front L and R, center channel, subwoofer, and rear L and R surrounds)

All of the equipment is rack mounted in one place to control both theatres. Feeding to both theatres are McIntosh MLD 7020 laser disc player, JVC D-VHS HD tape recorders, Sony Blu-ray changer and Pioneer CD changer, Directv satellite receivers, and OPPO 103D Blu-ray player.

I am 76 years old and have been infected with this crazy hobby since I was about 14 years old. I can't remember all the brands that I purchased over the years, but they started with dynakit, and heathkit and finally hafler amplifier kits and tuners. Electrovoice speakers and DIY enclosures from plans. Over the years there have been so many TVs that I can't remember them all, but I had to have the best Sony's at the time. Then there were Fisher stereo tuners and the biggest FM yagi antennas stacked with rotators to get the good music on FM back then in the 1950's and 60's. Then there were countless other DVD players from Sony, Denon, Panasonic, and Theta/c added Cinematrix scaler. There was also a 32" CRT HDTV from Princeton Graphics with its own DVDO scaler.. Then there were also Acoustic Research AR-3a speakers, Revox 10" tape recorder, Bose reflecting speakers, an Aquastar IIIc Data grade CRT projector, Da-Lite in ceiling mounted 100" 4X3 screen, followed by later a JVC D-ILA G-15 calibrated projector (also from AVS), and a Panamorph anamorphic lens. Then there were thousands of dollars of cables and wiring, and DVD's, LD's, Blu-ray discs, and D VHS tapes. And there were the other McIntosh amps and preamps for the whole house audio that I installed myself. It was all DIY.

This has been an incredible hobby or ride, and my family and my wife have been wonderful to put up with it all these years. On another subject I'm not sure I have the will or the where with all to upgrade to 7.1 surround or Dolby Atmos. What I have now sounds pretty good to my ears. We live in an old house built in 1928, and it took me about a year and a half to wire the whole house for audio (and that included video originally). Now my wife wants to downsize and move into a condo. UGH.

I guess I have spent well north of 100,000 dollars on video and audio since I was 14 years old and it has always been DIY installations. I guess if I hadn't done that I could have had a couple of 911 Porsches. I would rather have had this wonderful hobby.
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I'm a bit below $13k, including wall construction and electrical (I added qty(3) new circuits to my fuse box for the equipment room). If there was more granularity in the $10k-$50k range, I think we'd probably see the results skew heavily around $20k compared to $50k.

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My slow-cooking 11.4 channel Theater Room quest

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Craigslist saved my budget 2 3678's and 6 8330 for 300 bucks.....can't beat that
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While the dollars spent in my room is higher than my wife will ever know and more than I thought I would ever spend, the number I like to focus on is the money I didn't spend thanks to DIY, bargain shopping and this forum. My theater may fall into the very low end of the $10,000-$50,000 range (which seems pretty broad), but I think the performance far surpasses some specialty shop installs that I've seen that cost over $50,000.

Thanks to this forum, the help of it's members, the savings in labor (DIY) and deals I was able to work out with my favorite stereo shop, most of my money is spent on things that truly impact performance and thus, my happiness.

Emotiva XMC-1
Emotiva XPR-2 (front mains)
Sherbourn C12 (keeping it cool)
Emotiva XPA-5 (center + 4 surrounds)
Apple TV
Marantz CD-6004
Oppo 103D
Mede8er 600X 3D HD Player (Blu-ray Streaming)
4 TB NAS (HD and Blu-Ray storage)
DIY 4T Dynamic speakers by Clearwave Design - Left, Center, Right
Paradigm Millenia - side and rear surrounds
iRule remote control system
JVC DLA-RS4910 projector
100" PureGray Zero Edge from Screen Innovations w/ LED kit

The Other Theater (most recent build)
Old Woods Remodel
Old Wood Theater (first build)
Marantz 8805 (Emotiva RMC in a box) | JVC X790R | Emotiva XPA-5 | Emotiva XPA 4-3s | Oppo 203 | DIYSG 1099 | DIYSG Volt 8 | DIYSG Volt 6 | SVS PC-4000 | Seymour UF 132"
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Originally Posted by DeadEd View Post
More than I want to think about and three times as much as my wife thinks.
I take it she doesn't know about this forum
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"Espresso is like tequila, when in doubt apply more shots."
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