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notarysojac 01-01-2014 09:15 AM

We have 2 Philips DVD players - a DVP 3680 and a DVP 5982.
We would like to be able to control the newer 3680 with our Verizon Philips rc1445302 universal remote. The problem is that none of the Philips DVD codes provided in the remote's manual work with the 3680. Many work with the older 5982 but none with the 3680.
I tried the "What if none of the codes worked?" procedure using the "9-2-2 code >>" and stepped through over all 300 codes until the remote reset itself but the 3680 responded to none of them.

So my question is - does anyone know what 4-digit code on the Verizon remote will get it to work with the DVP 3680?

It seems odd that the two Philips DVD players seem to use the same codes - the tiny remote that came with each controls both - but the Verizon Philips universal remote can only control one.

We have a Harmony 880 that we also use for some activities but the buttons have become much less responsive over the years much to my wife's frustration, so the Verizon remote is used for everyday activities.. We programmed the Harmony 880 separately for the 5982 and the 3680 though both respond to the 880's buttons when pressed. The fact that the 3680 is not powered on by the Verizon remote gives me some hope that I can somehow set up our Harmony 880 to control each player individually.

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