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2muchspl 07-29-2016 11:01 AM

recommendation request Bluetooth,IR & RF?
Hey guys Ive done some light searching but figured the members here can help faster. Is there a remote that can do RF as well as bluetooth & IR?

My equipment:

DirecTV Genie client (RF I believe)
Sony BDP-S6500 (IR)
HK AVR-525 (IR)
Epson 3020 (IR)
Firestick (BT)
5557 HDMI Switchbox* (IR)
zero automation or light control

Im more if a hard button type of guy,but wanna keep it under $200.
* = Im not sure if remotes will have pre programmed codes for this but hopefully any recommendations will have learning ability.

rekbones 07-29-2016 02:46 PM

I believe the Harmony Hub can control the Amazon fire stick with Blue tooth. The Direct TV RF I believe is proprietary but I think it has an IR option but don't quote me. So any of the newer harmony's that can use the Hub should work for you.

2muchspl 07-29-2016 06:08 PM

Ok I went and picked up a Harmony Companion with hopes this can get the job done. I will put it through its paces before my 15 day return is up. It looks promising, thanks for the nudge :D

mdavej 07-29-2016 09:18 PM

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FYI, BT isn't necessary for Fire stick. Works fine via IR to TV, then TV to stick via HDMI-CEC. DirecTV also works fine via IR. I use a $16 Nevo C2 in a similar setup. While not RF, it has the same activity capabilities as Harmony.

2muchspl 07-30-2016 04:41 PM

@mdavej thank you for that info,unfortunately when using the 5557 switchbox Im unable to control the Firestick through the Epson remote. When the stick is plugged directly to the Epson it does control it. Here is where things get interesting, the Sony has no issues being controlled through HDMI-CEC through the 5557 or direct to the projector. The 5557 is needed to give me 5.1 audio out with firestick and provide the Mrs. with and easier task on switching sources since receiver & projector would never need inputs changed. I really appreciate the response!

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