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Simply Stunning. Edit
by steve1971 Combined Rating: 5.0
Ok I am re-doing my review of the Sony KDL46HX850 since I have now owned it for 4 month's now and I am going to give an honest, unbiased review. My HX850 replaced an excellent tv in the HX750. The...
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Ok I am re-doing my review of the Sony KDL46HX850 since I have now owned it for 4 month's now and I am going to give an honest, unbiased review. My HX850 replaced an excellent tv in the HX750. The 750 was just missing something and I cant put my finger on what it was but I just wasn't happy with it so I went out and got the step up HX850. I am going to break down each feature of the tv the best I can so here it goes.

Features: The HX850 has pretty much every feature you could ever want or need. Built in WIFI, Apps such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant, You Tube, Cinema Now plus Sony's own apps. Some app's are nice but other's leave much to be desired and could be left off all together if you ask me. The HX850 features Motionflow XR 960 technology which produces less blurr and judder which is huge when watching sports and fast action movies. It also features Sony's X-Reality Pro picture engine which makes the picture look life like and beautiful. It also has Dynamic Edge LED Backlighting with local dimming which produces the deepest black levels that I have seen on an LED tv and the colors just pop. This was one feature the HX750 lacked and it showed. On the 3D side of things the HX850 also has X-reality Pboard ro 3D Super Resolution which to me makes you feel part of the movie itself. This was yet another feature the 750 lacked and again it showed. Other features of the HX850 are built in Skype, Track ID, Eco Drive Technology, WI FI Direct, Onboard Manual and so much more. I could go on with the features but there's too much to name and might be confusing to some so I will stop there.

Performance: The HX850 is a solid performer in all area's. From streaming movies, 3D to watching Blu ray movies and dvd's it's got you covered in every area. I noticed while watching tv the 850 never throws any heat which surprised me at first but that may be all down to its energy saving features which I use. But with the HX850 you wont have to worry about your energy bill.

Color Accuracy: Right out of the box the colors are simply beautiful but with a few tweaks they can be even better. But this is a tv that I feel don't need a professional calibration because as I said right out of the box the colors are almost spot on. If you want to make a few tweeks to the color use the settings Tom Norton uses over at Sound And For the HX850 they are excellent and highly recommended.

Black Levels: Outstanding thanks to the local dimming feature. Blacks and shadow detail on the HX850 rival those of the best Plasma TV's on the market.

Design: A beautiful design and one of Sony's best. The HX850 has the Gorilla Glass which makes it durable and tough and paired with the OptiContrast panel you get a beautiful tv on or off. I also noticed when I got it that the back has a metal covering which is a nice touch from Sony. It double's in looks with Sony's XBR TV's if you ask me. I just wish Sony would have stuck with the Monolithic design because its what set their TV's apart in my book from the competition. This was one other thing the HX750 lacked!

Value: The HX850 when it came out was expensive but you got what you paid for which was and still is a beautiful tv with excellent PQ and black levels, features galore, killer 3D and a whole lot more. I read that it stood toe to toe with some of the best TV's made at the Tv Shoot Out in 2012 and also won the prestigious EISA Award and for me that says a lot. For it to nearly beat out Sony's own HX929 and 950 is nothing to sneeze at either along with matching Panasonic's then top of the line VT50 says something about the HX850 as well. I love this tv and I don't regret replacing my HX750 with it in the least and it will be LONG time before I replace my HX850 with any other tv and that includes the over hyped new 4K sets as well.

So there is my review of the HX850 and I hope it helps and all makes sense. smile.gif
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Perpendicular 10-23-2013, 11:08 AM

Nice! I always liked Sony televisions but have leaned towards Samsung over the past year. At the present time, I still own a Sony that's in the bedroom, while the main tv (Samsung) is in the living room. Enjoy!

steve1971 10-23-2013, 07:58 AM

The review has been re-done Perp and much better.

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