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This section contains official AVS Forum® articles written by staff members.
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This section contains community articles written by AVS Forum® members.
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Contest Terms & Conditions

Contest Terms & Conditions
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Forum Rules

Forum Rules
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News Forum

Latest Industry News

Up-to-the-minute news from the audio/video industry, brought to you by AVS Forum's® team of Newsbreakers.
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Community News & Polls

Current news, articles, and happenings for the AVS Forum® Community. Brought to you by AVS Forum®.
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AVS Forum® Podcasts

Links to the AVS Forum® Radio Show by The HT Guys and Home Theater Geeks by Scott Wilkinson.
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Great Found Deals

For great deals you may have found that other members may like. As always, members are NOT allowed to self-promote.
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Display Devices No street price talk or retail links please.

Digital Projectors - Under $3,000 USD MSRP

Digital projector questions and answers. These are projectors with price tags generally LESS THAN $3,000 MSRP.
972K 137M
  • 972K
  • 137M

LCD Flat Panel Displays

For the discussion of LCD displays. It is used to chat about the display type and not to attack it as compared to other displays.
2M 358M
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  • 358M

Plasma Flat Panel Displays

For the discussion of plasma flat panel displays. It is used to chat about the display type and not to attack it as compared to other displays.
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  • 187M

Digital Hi-End Projectors - $3,000+ USD MSRP

Hi-end digital projector questions and answers. These are projectors with price tags generally GREATER THAN $3,000 MSRP.
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  • 109M

Rear Projection Units

Rear Projection CRT and Digital sets (DLP, LCD, etc) questions and answers. (RPTV)
932K 122M
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  • 122M

OLED Technology and Flat Panels General

Flat panel general chat for the topic of one over another. Please post in the other for areas for support questions on the type of display.
978K 121M
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  • 121M

Ultra Hi-End HT Gear ($20,000+)

When only the very best will do. Discussion on ultra hi-end home theater gear
300K 30.5M
  • 300K
  • 30.5M

High Dynamic Range (HDR) & Wide Color Gamut (WCG)

A place to discuss the important new picture-quality parameters, which improve video images more than merely increasing the number of pixels.
45.4K 5.1M
  • 45.4K
  • 5.1M


Screen questions and answers area for both manufactured and DIY screens.
288K 46.7M
  • 288K
  • 46.7M

CRT Projectors

Front or rear mounted CRT projectors questions and answers. Note...Not Rear Projection all in one units.
481K 29.9M
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  • 29.9M

Direct View (single tube) CRT Displays

Direct View Displays questions and answers of CRT based sets. (HDTV, traditional, or standard tube based sets.)
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  • 21.7M

Display Calibration

This area is for the chat on display calibration. The use, setup, and techniques used to get achieve the best image you can out of your display.
234K 45.6M
  • 234K
  • 45.6M

2.35:1 Constant Image Height Chat

This area is for the chat on setting up and using a theater with a fixed 2.35:1 ratio screen with digital projectors.
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  • 12.1M

Local HDTV Info and Reception

This area is for the chat about the local HDTV stations. Also includes talk on antenna type and reception including HD Cable.
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  • 120M

HDTV Technical

For the talk about HDTV hardware for reception and other technical chat. For OTA receivers, Sat receivers and HD Cable.
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  • 80.1M

HDTV Programming

For talk about programming. Satellite, OTA and Cable. This also includes legal issues pertaining to signals vs. programming & copyrights.
1.6M 116M
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  • 116M

HDTV Recorders

For the talk about HDTV Recording and playback hardware devices such as D-VHS, Windows Media, and other HDTV recorders.
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Audio No street price talk or retail links please.


This is the place to ask about speakers and speaker setup. No street price talk or retail links please.
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  • 251M

Receivers, Amps, and Processors

For your chat and questions on amps, receivers, and audio processors. No street price talk or retail links please.
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  • 356M

Subwoofers, Bass, and Transducers

Subwoofers, bass and bass transducers. This should cover theory, install, use, etc. No street price talk or retail links please.
1M 123M
  • 1M
  • 123M

DIY Speakers and Subs

This area is for people that like to build your own speakers and subs. Share ideas and get the most out of what you do.
698K 78.4M
  • 698K
  • 78.4M


For the chat on soundbars used under flat panel displays. Be it 5.1 or stereo, this is the place to talk about it.
82.3K 27.8M
  • 82.3K
  • 27.8M

CD Players & Dedicated Music Transports

This area is for the chat on player hardware that is devoted to the playback of music. Not for digital audio servers or computers.
48.7K 9.1M
  • 48.7K
  • 9.1M

Home Theater In A Box

These units are all-in-one devices that are a Receiver, DVD Player, Amp, and speakers all in one unit.
93.3K 23.8M
  • 93.3K
  • 23.8M

Surround Music Formats

For multi-channel music audio discs. From DVD-A to SACD, this is the place to chat about the formats and content.
77.3K 10.3M
  • 77.3K
  • 10.3M

2-Channel Audio

For chat on 2-channel stereo audio. Setups, concepts, likes, needs, etc.
243K 25.4M
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  • 25.4M

Audio Theory, Setup, and Chat

Have questions on audio and/or the setup of an audio system? This then just may be the place to seek some help.
350K 47.7M
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  • 47.7M


A dedicated area to discuss all aspects of headphones.
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Blu-ray & HD DVD No street price talk or retail links please.

Official AVS Forum® Blu-ray Disc Reviews

AVS Forum® has selected long time member Ralph Potts for reviews. Please do not attack reviewer. Only staff can start a thread.
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  • 16.6M

Blu-ray Players

This area covers Blu-ray & UHD Blu-ray players. Please note this is not the area for software chat.
865K 121M
  • 865K
  • 121M

Blu-ray Software

This area covers Blu-ray & UHD Blu-ray software. Please note this is not the area for hardware chat.
589K 70.5M
  • 589K
  • 70.5M

Dual Format Players

HD DVD or Blu-ray. This is the place to talk about these units.
48.5K 7.9M
  • 48.5K
  • 7.9M

HDTV Software Media Discussion

For the general chat on Hi-Def software media. Please keep HTPC chat on hardware in the HTPC section.
396K 33.2M
  • 396K
  • 33.2M

HD DVD Players

This area covers HD DVD players. Please note this is not the area for software chat.
334K 35.5M
  • 334K
  • 35.5M

HD DVD Software

This area covers HD DVD software. Please note this is not the area for hardware chat.
317K 31M
  • 317K
  • 31M
Gaming & Content Streaming

Networking, Media Servers & Content Streaming

A forum dedicated to devices that are digital media servers and content streamers and the networking that goes with it.
471K 79.7M
  • 471K
  • 79.7M

Home Theater Gaming

For talk about using your Home Theater for video games! From connections to make to the tips you may have on hot games.
1.3M 126M
  • 1.3M
  • 126M

Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)

This is the place to discuss these immersive technologies, which literally put you in the middle of the action.
3.5K 259K
  • 3.5K
  • 259K

Digital Recorders (PVRs) General

This is for chat on digital recorders for items like Cable boxes with a PVR built in. Chat on hacking of service will not be allowed.
11.3K 5.6M
  • 11.3K
  • 5.6M

XM and Sirius Satellite Radio

This area is to chat about the satellite radio services from XM and Sirius. It is not just for cars anymore.
21.8K 5.3M
  • 21.8K
  • 5.3M

HD Radio

For chat on HD Radio its reception, hardware and over all impressions.
13.8K 3.7M
  • 13.8K
  • 3.7M

Portable A/V

Need to take the audio and video with you? Here is the place to talk about audio and video players that are portable.
5.2K 3M
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  • 3M

ReplayTV & Showstopper PVRs

For chat about RePlayTV & ShowStopper Recorders. Your likes, dislikes, thoughts, wants, needs and support.
317K 22.1M
  • 317K
  • 22.1M
Video Components

Video Download Services & Hardware

For chat on streaming services & devices.
52.7K 9.7M
  • 52.7K
  • 9.7M

DVD Players (Standard Def)

Legacy DVD (and LD) equipment. Please post software info and questions in the software area.
431K 50M
  • 431K
  • 50M

DVD Recorders (Standard Def)

Legacy DVD Recorders. Please post software info and questions in the software area.
235K 34M
  • 235K
  • 34M

Cable, Digital Cable - Non-HDTV

For cable, and digital cable - Non-HDTV general chat. Discuss hardware, software and programming.
66.2K 12.9M
  • 66.2K
  • 12.9M

Video Processors

For talk about video processors. Any type of display device - this is the place for video processor questions and answers.
194K 21.4M
  • 194K
  • 21.4M

Home Theater Computers

Computers as video processor, HDTV tuner, music jukebox, automation controller, internet/game machine, and more.
1.6M 237M
  • 1.6M
  • 237M
Home Entertainment & Theater Builder

Dedicated Theater Design & Construction

Dedicated Theater construction ideas and design talk. From start to finish of your dedicated theater.
726K 113M
  • 726K
  • 113M

General Home Theater & Media/Game Rooms

General media room discussion from existing room installations to complete design & build of home theater systems/game rooms.
206K 34.9M
  • 206K
  • 34.9M

Theater Room Items & Accessories

Discussion of accessories needed to complete your theater. Lighting, Curtains, Seating, Posters & other theater related items & decor.
114K 22.4M
  • 114K
  • 22.4M

Game Room Equipment & Accessories

Pinball, arcade, darts, billiards, ping pong, foosball, vending machines, bars, popcorn machines, soda, beer, neon signs, etc.
8.8K 4M
  • 8.8K
  • 4M

Outdoor Theaters

For chat about outdoor movie setups. "Movies under the stars" are becoming a way for neighbors to get together.
5.3K 2.1M
  • 5.3K
  • 2.1M
3D Central

3D Tech Talk

For the chat on the tech of 3D & discussion of 3D topics. Separate areas for displays and source components have been set up.
42.1K 9.7M
  • 42.1K
  • 9.7M

3D Displays

For the topic of 3D displays. It is a place for 3D displays to be talked about in the emerging area of 3D.
47.5K 12.2M
  • 47.5K
  • 12.2M

3D Source Components

For 3D source components. From 3D capable players to 3D processors, this is the place for source units to be discussed.
25.8K 4.7M
  • 25.8K
  • 4.7M

3D Content

For the discussion of 3D content. Blu-ray, broadcast TV via Satellite, Cable, Over The Air, etc, this is the place.
52.5K 8.9M
  • 52.5K
  • 8.9M
A/V Control & Automation

Remote Control Area

This area is for general talk on Remote Controls and the use and programming of them.
152K 32.8M
  • 152K
  • 32.8M

Home A/V Distribution

Need to know how you can send audio and video throughout your home? This is the place to ask!
127K 25.4M
  • 127K
  • 25.4M

Home Automation

This is the place talk about controlling your home via modules and software running everything from your lights to your heating and A/C.
45.9K 11.9M
  • 45.9K
  • 11.9M

Tweaks and Do-It-Yourself

For talk about things that improve the performance of your home theater, including interconnects, speaker cables, power cords, isolation, etc.
59.5K 11.3M
  • 59.5K
  • 11.3M
Industry Area

HDMI Q&A - The One Connector World

HDMI talk monitored by and responded to by the makers of HDMI. What, where, how, why, issues, etc about HDMI & the format are here.
39.1K 12M
  • 39.1K
  • 12M

Firewire 1394 Trade Association Q&A

For the chat on the 1394 Firewire standard and it is monitored by and responded to by the 1394 Trade Association.
1.3K 970K
  • 1.3K
  • 970K

This and That

For items that don't fit into other categories.
2.8K 818K
  • 2.8K
  • 818K

Dealer Specials

The ONLY forum for sales by dealers, resellers, or anyone that is not an end user selling their own hardware & is limited to one item per calendar month.
969 610K
  • 969
  • 610K

Help Wanted/Seeking

Looking for an installer, designer, or other type of contractor? Place your requests for employment or job offers here.
1.2K 456K
  • 1.2K
  • 456K

Video Source Items

All video source items for sale by end users.
8.5K 1.7M
  • 8.5K
  • 1.7M

Audio Gear

All audio gear for sale by end users.
75.6K 16.9M
  • 75.6K
  • 16.9M

Physical Media Items (Movies etc)

Blu-ray, DVD, LaserDisc, even that rare VHS or Beta item might be found here.
4.8K 1M
  • 4.8K
  • 1M

Media Codes

For digital media codes only. One thread per seller. Keep your first post up to date as needed.
9.9K 1.6M
  • 9.9K
  • 1.6M

HTPC Computer Items

For all items related to HTPC setups.
1.4K 547K
  • 1.4K
  • 547K


Cables, remotes, mounts, seating, and other home theater related accessories can be found here.
3.7K 843K
  • 3.7K
  • 843K
Other Areas of Interest

Movies, Concerts, and Music Discussion

Chat on movies, concerts and the like. This is not the area for chat on DVD players or recorders or multi-channel formats.
558K 35.7M
  • 558K
  • 35.7M


This section is for the chat on video camcorders & digital recording.
132K 23.7M
  • 132K
  • 23.7M

Car Audio, Video, and Nav

This section is to talk about, seek support, or just share ideas about car audio, video, and navigation.
11.4K 4.9M
  • 11.4K
  • 4.9M

Area Home Theater Meets

A place to post information about locally organized Home Theater meets. You may post upcoming events or try to set one up.
75.1K 2.9M
  • 75.1K
  • 2.9M

What's Your System Configuration

Let others know your setup! List your components first and a small history. Be sure to come back and keep it updated!
44.9K 12.9M
  • 44.9K
  • 12.9M

CE Pro & Electronic House Articles

6.4K 10.9M
  • 6.4K
  • 10.9M
AVS Forum® Vendors A designated section for our sponsoring members.

AVS Forum® Vendor Rules

1 9.1K
  • 1
  • 9.1K
  • 3
  • 1.7K

KEF Music Lounge

The KEF Story is one rich in inspirational thinking, meticulous attention-to-detail and above all, a passionate advocacy of the Art Of Music.
277 130K
  • 277
  • 130K

Panamorph 4K UltraWide Cinema

Bringing the full performance cinema format into high end home theaters everywhere
65 8.2K
  • 65
  • 8.2K

Power Sound Audio

Feel the power!
493 96.9K
  • 493
  • 96.9K

SVS Community on AVS Forum®

The Sound R/evolution is alive and well in the SVS community on AVS Forum®. Discuss and learn about the world’s finest subwoofers and speakers.
138 61.7K
  • 138
  • 61.7K
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  1. SAMSUNG Q70R QLED Smart 4K UHD TV Main Specifications Backlighting: Direct Full Array 4x Color: SLATE BLACK Dimming Technology: Ultimate UHD Dimming (Local) Motion Rate: 240 Color: 100% Color Volume with Quantum Dot HDR (High-Dynamic Range): Quantum HDR 8x Picture Engine: Quantum Processor...
  2. Since this is the "Next Big Thing" I thought I would start a new thread. 3-2-1-GO!
  3. One of the two 4K Samsung FALDs for 2020 that's available in 49", 55", 65", 75" and 85". Quick Specs: Color: Titan Black Stand Type: Floating Plate (no clown feet, yay!) Dimming Technology: Supreme UHD Dimming (Direct Full Array 12X - 50 Zones in 55" model (5x10 according to the Service Menu)...
  4. Hey folks. I've gotten several requests for information about the Chane (formerly "Arx") loudspeaker line, and specifically the project I was involved in, the A5 Towers. Chane is designed by Jon Lane over at Chane Music & Cinema and the forums are here. This is the official AVS thread for all...
  5. Guys, pardon me if there is a thread of this nature already created, but I thought it would be benificial to guys/gals who may be on the fence or unsure about using pro drivers to build their subwoofers. Many of us have taken the pro driver plunge and couldn't be happier for doing so, but I...
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