Best TV for Moms: Hisense 55H8F 55″ 4K ULED Android TV

With Mother’s Day approaching, you need to prepare yourself for the inevitable: No matter how old you are, if you are into gadgets, your mom is going to lean on you for tech advice. If she knows you are an AVS Forum member, you are in deep trouble as you will likely have to offer your opinion on the most dreaded question of all: What TV should I buy? One great answer is the Hisense 55H8F 55″ 4K ULED Android TV ($499).

With the 55H8F, moms get a TV that’s perfect for catching up on Netflix series, streaming music with Spotify, checking out recipes on YouTube, and watching TV shows with the convenience of voice control—a voice remote is included in the box.

Mosts moms I know are not too interested in all the acronyms found on TV boxes. Nevertheless, this TV’s support for HDR (including Dolby Vision) and its use of a FALD backlight are features she’ll notice when she watches her favorite shows or movies. Add in a 60 Hz panel that includes BFI capability for clear motion, and you got a TV that will look good whatever you play on it.

Considering the $499 price, there’s much to like about this Hisense 55H8F. It’s got good looks and as well put together, while providing picture quality that delivers on the promise of 4K UHD HDR: Crisp and clean imagery that pops off the screen.

I recently received a review unit of the 55H8F, so I can say that from personal experience, this TV is a smart buy for a 55-inch TV at the $500 price point. Just make sure, if your mom does buy one, that you tell her to switch it to Movie mode, and that it’s okay to call you to ask how to do it. If, like most moms, she doesn’t buy a new TV every couple of years, this 55H8F will likely represent a huge leap forward in terms of picture quality, that she’ll appreciate every time she watches a show presented in HDR on Amazon or Netflix or Vudu, including through the built in apps.

Please stay tuned for a more in-depth review of the Hisense 55H8F. However, because Mother’s Day is upon us, I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight its suitability—as a gift if you’re feeling generous, or as a recommendation if you simply want to be prepared for the Sunday brunch Mother’s Day tech advice interrogation.