AVRs and Pre/Pros

AV receivers and pre/pros from Denon and Marantz feature a dedicated IMAX Enhanced audio mode that envelops you in superior fidelity 3D immersive sound and support the latest 4K video formats including HDR with 18 Gbps HDMI and HDCP 2.2.Super sound is what you’ll get with any of these options; IMAX Enhanced audio uses a special version of DTS:X that’s optimized to deliver high-impact sound in your home. Here are some fantastic AVR and pre/pro options that are IMAX Enhanced, all are ready to take your home viewing experience to the next level.

Denon AVR-X6500H

The Denon AVR-X6500H in an 11.2-channel AVR that has what it takes to deliver an incredible IMAX Enhanced audio experience. With up to 140 W per channel, it’s got the power needed to push a system to its limits. This AVR offers 8 HDMI input and 3 outputs with HDCP 2.2 and 18 Gbps HDR bandwidth, for pristine 4K video including 60 Hz. Full support for HDR on all HDMI ports with HDCP 2.2. The dedicated IMAX Enhanced mode uses DTS:X technology for up to a 7.2.4-channel 3D immersive sound. And with HEOS, you’ll enjoy wireless streaming, multi-room audio and more.

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IMAX enhanced

Denon AVR-8500H

For the ultimate IMAX Enhanced experience, Denon’s flagship AVR-X8500H offers 13.2 channels of refined power and state-of-the-art processing. With 150 W of power per channel it can put you right in the middle of the action without breaking a sweat. The AVR-X8500H has it all when it comes to handling the latest audio and video formats including 4K/60 Hz support and HDR with HDCP 2.2 on all HDMI ports. And with 13 amplifiers on board, it’s a one-box solution without compromise—it can process up to 7.1.6 or 9.1.4 sound. HEOS brings networked audio and wireless capabilities. This AV receiver has IP control built in and is ready for integration into a home automation system. And with eARC you can enjoy uncompressed 3D immersive sound with a single cable connection to your TV.

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Marantz AV7705

With 11.2 channels of processing and balanced XLR connections, the powerful AV7705 pre/pro from Marantz is ready to take charge of your home entertainment. It’s positively packed with the latest features, including a dedicated IMAX Enhanced mode that locks in the best settings for sound. Eight HDMI inputs plus three outputs are all compatible with the latest HDR video formats, including 60 Hz 4K. With this full-featured pre/pro, you get HEOS networked and wireless audio plus support for the three most popular voice assistants: Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant.

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Marantz AV8805

Take your IMAX Enhanced AV experience to the outer limit of what’s possible with the Marantz AV8805 pre/pro. This is a flagship-class processor that gives you complete control over your home theater or advanced entertainment system. You’ll find 13.2-channel processing and 15.2-channel XLR outputs onboard, for maximum speaker configuration flexibility: You get support for advanced speaker configurations like 7.2.6 and 9.2.4. This preamp/processor is positively packed with powerful features for exceptional performance. Consider Audyssey MultEQ XT32 room correction, Sub EQ, ultra-high-quality 192 kHz/32-bit DACS, and 4K HDR support including 60 Hz. What’s more, this is a networked processor that includes HEOS for multi-room audio with wireless networking built-in.

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Marantz SR6013

The most affordable IMAX Enhanced AVR is the SR6013 from Marantz, featuring 9.2 channels and 110 W of power per channel. This AV receiver puts you in the action with 5.1.4 channels of 3D immersive sound. Plus, it supports all the latest 4K HDR video formats, including 60 Hz and BT.2020 color, for a stunning visual adventure. Control your new AV receiver using the voice assistant of your choice: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri are all supported. Plus, you can use HEOS to add the SR6013 to a networked whole home audio system, as well as take advantage of its numerous wireless capabilities.

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Marantz ASR7013

The 9.2-channel SR7013 from Marantz is a 125 W per channel AVR with IMAX Enhanced built in. It is packed with the latest audio and video technologies for stunning visuals and enveloping 3D immersive sound. With this model, you can add an external amplifier to expand its capability up to 11.2 channels, which lets you take full advantage of its 7.1.4 channel 3D immersive sound processing. With this AV receiver, you will get full support for the latest video formats, including 4K Ultra HD at 60 Hz with BT.2020 color. You get three HDMI outputs, so you can have an extra zone, and a TV plus a projector connected concurrently. Moreover, HEOS lets you add the SR7013 to a networked audio system, for multiroom sound. This is an extremely capable AVR for discerning AV enthusiasts.

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Sony’s 2018 4K projectors are an excellent way to experience IMAX Enhanced. Start with the fact they are all true 4K, so you will see every detail when you watch the latest Ultra HD Blu-rays and UHD streams. When it comes to visuals and IMAX, size matters and Sony’s projectors get bright while maintaining full color fidelity, so you can fill your screen with a striking image. Put a cinema in your home with Sony’s 4K SXRD projectors and prepare to be blown away by IMAX Enhanced.


Enjoy true 4K picture quality for movies, games and TV with the VPL-VP295ES. This projector is a Top Choice for transforming your home theater or AV room into a 4K wonderland. This projector provides 1500 lm of output and has 4K reality creation thanks to a new, next-generation 4K processor. With full 18 Gbps HDMI 2.0, it easily handles 60 Hz 4K HDR, making it great for streaming and sports and gaming. And Sony Triluminos color means that vibrant hues such as rich reds and bold blues are accurately expressed on screen. The VPL-VW295ES is even gamer-friendly thanks to a 4K/60 Hz input lag reduction mode.

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Upgrade your home theater experience to Sony’s VPL-VW695ES and you’ll enjoy amazing picture quality. This model builds on the foundation of Sony’s 4K SXRD projection technology and delivers many desirable features. This is an 1800 lm projector, it has an automated iris and is capable of 350,000:1 dynamic contrast. You’ll find niceties such as lens memory and a 4K processor that offers superior upscaling, as well as compatibility with anamorphic lenses. Sporting the latest in HDMI connectivity with 18 Gbps bandwidth, this projector can handle 4K HDR with a 60 Hz refresh rate.

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The ultimate projector for small and medium home theaters, the VPL-VW995ES packs a lot of power into its chassis. This projector features Sony’s Z-Phosphor laser light source that provides 2200 lm of brightness and lasts for 20,000 hours. Dynamic laser control combines with an advanced iris to give this projector a virtually infinite dynamic contrast ratio. This projector has Sony’s ARC-F lens, which provides crisp focus across the screen, from edge to edge, and is the same lens technology used in Sony’s flagship VW5000ES projector. And uniquely among Sony’s consumer projectors, it features Digital Focus Optimizer, which squeezes every last bit of quality out of the lens. Of course, the VPL-VW995ES lens is motorized and has lens memory. And this projector is equipped with the next-generation 4K processor, so it has 4K reality creation, 4K 60 Hz HDR, and like other 2018 Sony 4K projectors, it has an input lag reduction mode that makes it great for gaming.

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The Sony VPL-VW285ES is the first true 4K projector to break the $5000 price barrier. It’s got what it takes to upgrade your home theater viewing experience including support for 4K and HDR with 1500 lumens of brightness. This IMAX Enhanced projector is highly flexible. The motorized lens offers lots of room for adjustment, the lamp is rated at 6000 hours of life, and you get a 3-year warranty.

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Here is a home theater projector from Sony that is packed with features. The VPL-VW385ES is a 1500 lm model that includes a dynamic iris, which allows it to achieve a 200,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. It has a 6000-hour bulb and is whisper quiet. This is a true 4K projector that offers HDR with Sony Triluminos color, so you’ll see rich and vibrant color tones expressed on screen. You get a motorized lens (with lens memory settings) that is highly adjustable, and nine picture calibration modes choose from.

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The IMAX Enhanced Sony VPL-VW675ES is a high-end lamp-based projector that offers serious performance for your home theater. This 1800 lm model can achieve up to 350,000:1 dynamic contrast thanks to its built-in lens iris. The motorized lens offers plenty of shift and zoom (for installation flexibility) as well as lens memory functionality. You get top-notch image processing with Sony Reality Creation, it uses a pattern-matching database for superior upscaling performance. This is a premium projector that will upgrade your at-home viewing experience and make the most of IMAX Enhanced content.

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Sony’s VPL-VW885ES is an IMAX Enhanced projector that brings home Z-Phosphor laser light source technology and true 4K projection in a compact package. This is a 2000 lm projector that features a motorized lens with lens memory. It sports the latest 4K processing from Sony, including Reality Creation upscaling and Motion Flow processing. The VPL-VW885ES has 18 Gbps HDMI and is compatible with 4K HDR at 60 Hz. Thanks to Sony Triluminos color, this projector puts vibrant hues up on screen. Dynamic laser control means it is capable of virtually infinite dynamic contrast while gamers will love the 4K 60 Hz input lag reduction mode. This is a full-featured projector capable of stunning picture quality.

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Enjoy IMAX Enhanced in the living room with this ultra-short-throw 4K projection system from Sony. With ultra-short throw, you don’t have to worry about walking in front of the projector and casting a shadow since the projector sits just inches away from the screen. It’s like having an impossibly large TV in your living room, and the ambient light-rejecting screen means you can use it with the lights on and still enjoy that awesomeness of SXRD 4K projection. This projector features a 2500-lumen Z-phosphor laser light source that lasts for 20,000 hours. Sony Triluminos color means that you’ll see vibrant hues expressed accurately on screen, and the 4K processor means that you’ll get Sony’s premium Reality Creation upscaling and Motion Flow processing, for the ultimate in picture quality. With the Sony VPL-VZ1000ES, you get to enjoy the huge picture that only a projector can provide—in your living room.

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Sony’s flagship VPL-VW5000ES is the ultimate solution for 4K projection at home. With its 5000 lm Z-Phosphor laser light source, it can handle large screens and make HDR content really pop. This projector has Sony Triluminos color, and with an optional filter can achieve 139% of the BT.709 color space. This projector utilizes dynamic laser control to achieve a virtually infinite dynamic contrast ratio. This projector uses Sony’s ARC-F lens, which provides crisp focus across the screen؅ so you can see all the detail contained in 4K content. 4K processing including Reality Creation upscaling and Motion Flow are built-in, and as you would expect this projector has full 18 Gbps HDMI, allowing it to handle 4K 60 Hz HDR.

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IMAX Enhanced TVs from Sony bring the ultimate 4K viewing experience to your home. Whether you choose OLED for its ultra-deep blacks or FALD-LED for its stunning HDR highlights, you can’t go wrong with a Sony TV.


Revel in rich color, stunning detail and striking contrast. Sony’s IMAX Enhanced A8F OLED series TVs will blow you away. Enjoy picture quality that looks just like reality in 4K HDR. And with Sony’s Acoustic Surface, you can even experience sound coming right from the screen. Available in 55” and 65” sizes, you’ll marvel at the depth of the deep shadows and blacks that are the hallmark of emissive OLED technology. Sony’s X1 Extreme processor ensures that video processing is to the highest standards and features Reality Creation upscaling as well as Motion Flow. Sony’s A8F OLEDs support HDR with Triluminos color that allows for the expression of vibrant hues including rich reds, bold blues and glorious greens.

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The A9F Master Series is Sony’s flagship OLED series. It’s a superb choice to experience the fidelity brought home by IMAX Enhanced. This series has Sony’s best processor inside, the X1 Ultimate, for state-of-the-art image quality. With the A9F series, you’ll see every detail in IMAX Enhanced content. Plus, everything you watch will look better on this amazing smart TV, thanks to Triluminos color. It’s lifestyle-friendly with support for Amazon Alexa, and there’s even a Netflix Calibrated mode. Sony’s Acoustic Surface Audio+ includes dual built-in subwoofers for full-range sound, and now you can use the TV in Center Speaker Mode as part of a true surround-sound system, so that dialog comes from the screen.

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Sony X900F

Sony’s X900F brings home IMAX Enhanced. These FALD-LCD TVs deliver a tremendous price/performance ratio at sizes that fit every need. For the ultimate in 4K TV immersion, the 85” option can’t be beat and is attractively priced at $5000. Big screens and IMAX are practically synonymous, the X900F series makes it easy to experience it at home. The X900F series consists of five screen sizes that are all 4K and support the latest HDR formats. Dynamic Backlight Control ensures deep blacks and brilliant highlights and the X1 Extreme processor is there to provide Sony’s superb image processing. These are Smart TVs that run Android TV and have Google Assistant built-in. Plus, they even work with Alexa, for easy voice control with the assistant of your choice.

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Sony Z9F

See HDR in a new light with Sony’s stunning Z9F Master Series TVs. Get immersed in 4K HDR with IMAX Enhanced on a 65” or 75” Z9F and your living room will never be the same. These displays come factory calibrated for superior uniformity and feature ultra-wide viewing angles. With the Z9F, you get the Sony X1 Ultimate, the company’s most powerful processor. This is a TV that provides a studio-quality viewing experience, so you’ll see exactly what the director intended to show you, in 4K HDR. Plus, you get a Smart TV experience featuring Google Assistant and Android TV, plus Alexa voice control. The 75” Z9F is especially noteworthy, it brings home unprecedented performance at this screen size when considering its price.

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