Lexicon RV-6, RV-9 AVRs & MC-10 Pre/Pro at CEDIA 2017

Harman is serious about reviving the Lexicon brand, and to prove it at CEDIA 2017 the company showed off three new devices: The RV-6 and RV-9 AV receivers and the MC-10 AV preamp/processor. These are notable for being Arcam designs, but with Harman’s secret audio processing sauce added to the mix. For example, the inclusion of Logic 7 Immersion upmixing.

According to Lexicon, the RV-6 AVR is slated to sell for $3900 while the cost of the RV-9 AVR will be $6500. Meanwhile, the expected MSRP of the MC-10 AV pre/pro is $6000. Not cheap, but at least still four-figures and not five.

Here are a few details about these new models: The expected ship date of January 2018, and all three units will feature Dirac Live room correction, in addition to Harman’s own processing.

The RV-6 and RV-9 will feature 24-bi/192 kHz Cirrus CS42528 DACs that offer 114 dB of dynamic range. These HDMI 2.0a-equipped units have HDCP 2.2 and are compatible with 4K UHD video including HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

“Lexicon has a rich history in professional digital audio processing, and is found in the vast majority of world class recording studios,” said Jim Garrett, Senior Director, Product Strategy and Planning, Harman Luxury Audio. “This Grammy winning pedigree is evident in the RV-6, RV-9 and MC-10 with proprietary Logic7 Immersion upmixer, which allows stereo and multi-channel source material to envelop the listener with a rich and natural three-dimensional sound taking full advantage of height speakers.”

For Harman, CEDIA—although important—is not the main event. That’s CES, where the company puts on one of the biggest exhibits around. So, I suspect we’ll have to wait a few more months before finding out what these now offerings from Lexicon are all about. At CEDIA Harman said the expected ship date for these new models is January 2018, which of course coincides perfectly with CES.

Front and rear view of the Lexicon RV-9 AV receiver