LG Begins Sales of 88Z9 8K OLED TV

The 8K era for OLED TVs has arrived with the LG 88Z9. This dream TV of home theater enthusiast offers superb contrast and blacks in a larger screen size.

The 8K OLED era is here. LG has announced the start of sales for its 88Z9, the world’s first 8K OLED TV. With a resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels, It’s able to resolve the very finest of details and thanks to OLED technology, it has the ultradeep blacks and crisp contrast that have earned universal praise from AV enthusiasts.

“Being the first to market with the world’s first and largest 8K OLED TV shows our commitment to leading the ultra-premium TV segment and delivering the ultimate viewing experience,” said Brian Kwon, president of the Mobile Communications and Home Entertainment companies at LG. “LG was a pioneer in bringing OLED to market and we will continue to introduce state-of-art TV technologies that push the boundaries of what’s possible in home entertainment.”

Since most of today’s content is not 8K, sophisticated upscaling and six-step noise reduction (upgraded from four-step noise reduction) ensure you get a pristine image from a TV that makes the most out of whatever content you feed it.

This is, in effect, the dream TV for home cinema love lovers. It provides a projection-sized screen that goes way beyond the performance that any projector can actually provide. Since Hollywood directors make movies with the thought that you’ll watch them on a big screen, the overall effect of an 88-inch OLED Is awe-inspiring (I know because I saw it at CES 2019). Thanks to the inclusion of HDMI 2.1, this TV will be capable of displaying 8K 60P video.

Unfortunately, the press release did not include a price. Or perhaps, fortunately. John Archer over at Forbes has done the math and it appears the preorders are costing South Koreans approximately $34,000 and that’s expected to go up to approximately $42,000—according to Forbes.

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