Master & Dynamic MW50+ On-Ear & Over-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Debut

Master & Dynamic has just announced the MW50+ Wireless On-Ear + Over-Ear headphones. At first, you might think that describes two different models, but that is the full name of this new $399 offering from Master & Dynamic. The MW50+ features a novel design that allows you to change out the magnetically attacked earpads, thus converting the pair from over-ear to on-ear and back again.

2018 is Master & Dynamic’s fourth year in the headphone business, and it has quickly solidified its reputation as a go-to brand for headphone lovers that appreciate great design that delivers high fidelity in a durable and attractive package. In this case, you get two sets of lambskin plus memory-foam ear pads with the MW50+, with the on-ear option offering compactness while the over-ear configuration delivers a fuller sound.

While the $399 price point is a bit high for cans that lack active noise cancellation, the MW50+ ensures buyers get their money’s worth by packing this model with the latest wireless technology including aptX Bluetooth with a range to about 100 feet, thanks to a patented, milled-aluminum external antenna. You get 16 hour battery life and charging through USB C.

Check out this video for more info on this news about the MW50+…

“We build sound tools for creative minds, and we understand just how wide-ranging that spectrum can be. From Day One we’ve been obsessed with designing the perfect headphones for the creative community. We understand how these professionals live, work, play, and relax, and wanted to develop a product that could move with them throughout their day. Now, for the first time, the decision is not about on-ear versus over-ear, but simply which color.” – Master & Dynamic’s Founder and CEO, Jonathan Levine.