Mobile Dirac Live App to Debut at CEDIA 2017

Mobile Dirac Live App

Dirac Live is one of the most sophisticated room correction solutions available, but using it can be complicated for typical consumer. At CEDIA 2017, Dirac Research plans to address that issue by releasing Mobile Dirac Live, and easy-to-use implementation that relies on an app that’s compatible with iOS and Android devices to guide consumers through the setup process.

Mobile Dirac Live is aimed at manufacturers of “lite” AVRs, devices that are typically purchased and set up by end-users as opposed to custom installers. The idea is to simplify the process of correcting room related audio anomalies.

“Mobile Dirac Live is our response to the growing demand from our partners who manufacture both high-end, integrator-installed AVR products and more entry-level products purchased and installed directly by end-users,” said Niklas Thorin, Dirac’s general manager of high-performance audio. “Mobile Dirac Live now provides our manufacturer partners with the ability to offer all of their customers, regardless of their system’s sophistication or complexity, a way to optimize their home theater set-up by correcting for acoustical abnormalities and colorations.”

According to the press release, Mobile Dirac Live will work with the majority of AVRs that have embedded Dirac Live audio filters and algorithms. Dirac Research notes that its room correction technology doesn’t just fix frequency response, it also works to improve speaker impulse response throughout the listening area. It does this using multiple measurements and mixed phase correction, but the idea behind the app is to make achieving good results as simple as possible.

A wizard interface guides users through the step-by-step process of measuring the test tones Dirac Live uses to calculate an appropriate correction. The app supports multiple devices and crucially, it preserves the filter design feature that allows you to tweak the resulting room correction to personal taste.

Mobile Dirac Live InterfaceYou can tweak the target response curve in the Mobile Dirac Live app.

The new app is slated to debut at the Dirac booth (#5708) during CEDIA 2017 in San Diego, which takes weeks next week from September 7-9. I definitely plan to stop by and catch the demo. Dirac Research says the Mobile Dirac Live app will be available to consumers this fall.