Monoprice Introduces Monolith Cassette Series Products

Make no mistake, tape is the hippest music medium of all. Monoprice knows this and that’s why the company has deftly moved to make its mark in the burgeoning cassette playback category of audiophile sound. Three new cassette products make up the Cassette Series line: Handheld Tape Player, Smart Tape Player, and Boom Box. Nostalgists take note! These are not just aesthetic throwbacks to the pinnacle era of personal sound (before MP3 took over)… since it’s already the future now, all three players are also “smart.”

The Monolith Cassette Series Personal Portable Tape Player is priced at $199.99 and offers Dolby A,B,C, S NR, HX Pro, an integrated 24bit/192Khz DAC, Bluetooth with aptX HD, and uses Type I, II, III, IV Tape plus is DCC compatible. It even accepts AA batteries, for convenient on-the-go power.

The Monolith Cassette Series Smart Tape Player knows exactly when to stop and when to rewind. It’ll even fast forward and rewind based on voice commands. It will be upgraded to “artificially intelligent” status with future firmware. This player features a wireless antenna that captures pristine FM and AM signals and is approachably priced at $699.99. Did I mention it has a headphone jack? Imagine that.

You’ll be the envy of your neighborhood when you next take a stroll with the Monolith Cassette Series Smart Boombox with EQ, 24bit/192Khz DAC, AM/FM, Dual Speakers, 1000 Watts Stereophonic Power, Dolby NR, HX Pro, DCC, and optional 5G. This is the Monolith Tape Playback Flagship and the most authentic way to enjoy cassette at home or on the go. Easy to justify at only $1299.99 and it even works with Roon.

What are you waiting for? Delve into the almost-forgotten world of cassette fidelity with the new Monoprice tape players. To find out more, follow this link.