Poll: How Many TVs Do You Own?

TVs have long been a fixture of American households, with about 40% of households having more than one*. In this poll, I want to find out how many TVs AVS Forum members have in their homes.

Given that TVs tend to last a long time—aside from accidental damage all the TVs I’ve owned over the last decade still work—it’s natural to expect that they will accumulate. Beyond the usual living room TV, which remains a popular choice for placement, some folks like having TVs in multiple rooms:Bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, basements, bar/game rooms, pools, perhaps showing stock tickers or serving as a giant monitor in a home office. Even in a world where people smart phones and tablets are just about ubiquitous TVs remain a popular way to consume content.

Of course there are the dedicated media rooms and home theaters that sometimes contain TVs along with projection gear, or even in lieu of projection gear.

A few weeks back I ran a poll asking how often members replace their primary TV. The results were interesting, about 27% of respondents said that they wait until it breaks before buying a replacement. Around 24% of respondents indicated that they purchase new TV every 3 to 5 years plus an additional 5% stated that they purchase a new TV every two years. There is even a group of a dozen members (constituting 1% of respondents) who purchase a new TV once per year! 44% stated that their replacement cycle was 5-10 years. This alone hints at TVs accumulating in some people’s homes.

There is no precondition as to what kind of TV qualifies for the poll. Whether you have a CRT, plasma, rear projection, LCD, or OLED TV, it counts toward your vote. So please vote in the poll, and if you feel so inclined leave a comment describing your TV collection. Did they accumulate over time or did you buy them all at once? I’m as interested in anecdotes as I am in the raw numbers the poll generates.

Click this link to go to the forum and vote in the poll: How many TVs do you own?

* Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration