Poll: What’s Causing the Laurel vs. Yanni Phenomenon?

Laurel vs. Yanni. At first I did not want to believe it: Here was a new “blue dress” type illusion meme and it was about audio: Laurel vs. Yanni. People were talking, writers were writing, scientists were theorizing, and countless millions listened to a sample of the pronunciation of the word “laurel” and heard “Yanni.”

If you want to take poll here on AVS Forum regarding what you here, follow this link: Poll: NEW 2018 Audio illusion Yanny or Laurel? In this poll, I’m not explicitly asking what you heard. Rather, I want to know what people think is happening here.

Given that the provenance of the disputed clip is known (it’s from vocabulary.com – check it out here) the only question is why anyone is hearing something other than the word being pronounced. Scanning the Internet for plausible explanations yielded no insights aside from theories about how a terrible recording, terrible speakers, mutant ears, and “it’s all inside your head.” And in the process I discovered that the real Yanni is now on tour and even got a full PR spread in the New York Times… which is not at all suspicious!

Anyhow, I thought this was going to be a blip… no way it had the staying power of the the dress. But due to the shock value of realizing someone else (says) they hear a completely different thing than you has not worn off quite yet, and so this poll was born.

Click here to vote on what you think is causing the Laurel vs. Yanni phenomenon.