Samsung 8K QLED TVs at CES 2019

2019 is a big year for Samsung Electronics, it’s the company’s 50th anniversary. It’s no surprise the world’s top TV maker had awesome 8K QLED TVs to show.

It’s time to talk QLED. 2019 is the 50th anniversary of Samsung Electronics and the company made a big splash at CES 2019 by unveiling its 8K QLED TVs that are already available to preorder: Preorder pricing is $4999.99 for the 65″ QN65Q900, $6999.99 for the 75″ QN75Q900, $9999.99 for the 82″ QN82Q900 and $14,999.99 for the 85″ QN85Q900.

These are real 8K TVs that utilize Samsung’s Quantum Processor 8K that powers the upscaling using AI. And of course these Samsung 8K QLEDs are very smart TVs, with the ability to follow complex voice commands. Plus, they now support Apple iTunes.

While 8K it is the attention grabbing headline feature of these TVs, As a longtime watcher of the evolution of television technology, the feature that excites me the most is how Samsung has tackled the viewing angle issue that has bedeviled VA LCD panels up until now. Simply put, 8K QLED has off-axis performance that is so good, it may set the standard. Why? Because even mighty OLED suffers from color shift off axis, while these QLEDs do not. Meanwhile, off-axis contrast on these screens is far higher than anything seen from a VA panel before.

The really cool thing about the screens is that Samsung has paid attention to the anti-reflective and ambient light-absorbing qualities of the screen and hugely improved on the already-impressive performance of its TVs in that regard. These 2019 screens practically look like square black holes in the wall, while other TVs look like mirrors when they are turned off. No wonder Samsung came up with ambient mode!

Anyhow, the coolest effect of this new anti-reflective screen is that even when the lights are on, the screen looks truly black. Combine that with a QLED TV that gets really bright—with highlights approaching 4000 nits—and the reality is you can enjoy HDR movies in a room with the lights on, and have a truly “reference” quality viewing experience. Imagine watching your favorite flicks on an 85 inch screen on a Sunday afternoon, and still being able to enjoy picture quality that beats just about any movie theater—that’s what’s now possible. And soon 98″ too, which is truly home theater territory.

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