Samsung Set to Announce 8K Q900R QLED TV at IFA 2018

8K for the home is truly here with Samsung set to announce its new Q900R QLED at IFA 2018 in Germany. More details will be available soon, but what is known is that Samsung is set to unveil four sizes of the Q900F ranging from 65″ to 85″,  and at least the 85″ is slated to make it stateside this year.

Because the TV has not been unveiled yet, we don’t have all the details as to what it will offer. However, Samsung is highlighting a number of this TV’s most exceptional features, not all of which are related to resolution. One item of greatest interest to videophiles is the ability to reach 4000 nit peak brightness, which is the level used to master many HDR movies these days.

Direct Full Array Elite technology hints that this model is a FALD (as opposed to edgelit) design, and it is able to reproduce 100% color volume in the DCI/P3 color space used by Hollywood studios to master UHD HDR movies.

The Q900R will possess design features that you see available in the current 2018 top-of-the-line QLEDs, such as the One Remote, Ambient Mode and One Invisible Connection cable.

Initially, the vast majority of content available for 8K TVs will be either HD or 4K, so Samsung is highlighting the prowess of its 8K AI upscaling tech.

As soon as the TV is unveiled, and there’s more news, I’ll update this post. Furthermore, you can expect full coverage of AK TVs as they roll out, and in September I will get hands-on time with a Q900R, and with any luck even get it into my studio for a day.